For those of us who have great mother figures in our life, we know and think often of everything they have done for us. But how often do we show it? Does your mom know how much you appreciate her? While many people rely on flowers and jewelry to express our appreciation for our Mom, it really doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to show your mother how much she means to you. Spending a little time with her, or simply saying out loud how much she means to her will go a long way in appreciating her and making her feel loved and special. Below are some simple ways to thank your mom for everything she has done.

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Say Thank You By Spending More Time With Her

spend more time with your mother

Have you ever thought how much time are you spending with your mom? Take a little bit from your own sweet time and take your mom out to a restaurant, have a hart to hart conversation and give her a hug. The best ways to show love and appreciation to anyone in your life is by spending time with them, and your mom is no exception. It doesn’t have to be a grand event; even just stopping by to cook her dinner is enough to make her feel loved. If you live far away from your mother, set up a time to video chat her and fill her in on the details of your life.

Rather than planning a huge moment, it is more impactful to check in with your mom regularly and remind her every so often how grateful you are for having her in your life. She enjoys hearing from you and will delight in seeing and talking to you regardless of what you do together. Setting aside some quality time and spend with her doing things she finds fun and engaging will surely be remembered fondly and appreciated.

Say Thank You By Helping Her Without Being Asked To

Say Thank You By Doing Something Special

Enter the habit of helping out with groceries shopping or cleaning the house. From a certain age, simple things like that become pretty difficult. Offer your mom a helping hand before she asks for it. Regardless of her age, everyone appreciated a helping hand, and it will be especially meaningful coming from you, their child.

It’s very probable that her car needs a minor repair, or there is a creaky door that needs to be oiled. Fixing things around the house which haven’t been attended to yet (to the best of your ability—remember, you have Youtube!), or making minor home improvements will also be appreciated by her. Just remember to ask permission before doing it, so she doesn’t feel like you are going behind her back. Offer to come to assist her and she will surely be grateful.

Say Thank You By Doing Something Special

Say Thank You By Doing Something Special

Remember how many special things she has done for you while growing up? Just like you devote specific time to your significant other, it is equally important to create memorable occasions for all of your loved ones, including your mother. Making a reservation just for just the two of you is a great way to show her how much you appreciate her, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

It could be a neighborhood restaurant, a picnic with a beautiful view, or someplace tied to special memories the two of you have together. Get two tickets to a show she has been longing to see so the two of you can go together. These are great ideas for things to give her for her birthday or for Mothers Day, yet they become even more extraordinary when they are done on a normal day of the week; it really shows how much you appreciate her in your life.

Say Thank You By Sending Her Gifts

Say Thank You By Sending Her Gifts

Figure out what she likes and if you can, get it for her. When you give her the gift

make sure you specify why you got it for her. For example, you got her a key hanger shaped like a mountainscape, because when you saw it you thought of how much she liked going camping in the mountains with you growing up. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Lower cost options include sending her a thank you note, picking her some flowers or even giving her a self-made piece of artwork. The key is to give her something meaningful, and which really shows how much you care.

Sending A Heartfelt Thank You Note

thank you mom via letter

If there has been a particularly rough moment in either of your lives recently if it’s been a while since the two of you spoke, or even if you’re simply feeling extra appreciative, a thank you note to your mom is something that she is sure to appreciate and treasure for years. Take the time to spell out and explain how all of her dedication as your mother has changed your life, and how it has helped to make you the person that you are today. A special thank you note is best in handwritten form since it feels more personalized.

And the end of the day, you love your mom, and she probably knows it. But all of us need reminders every once in a while of how we are appreciated, and your mom is no exception. Any act of reaching out to the mother figure in your life is very important to them, and even if it feels like a small gesture to you, it can mean the world to them.

Regardless of how far away you are or how much money you have, speaking out loud how much your mother means to you will make her feel loved and strengthen the bond between the two of you. So go tell your mother how much you appreciate her, and make her day!

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