Judging from the outside, one might think that star actress Dove Cameron is living an accomplished life. At only 22 years old, the ex- Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie star, is enjoying the sweet smell of success. In addition to her gorgeous looks, the impressive, multi-talented and versatile actress has been wowing fans with her singing, dancing, and acting capabilities.

Her resume is proof of her talent and hard work. Showing a variety of acting roles and musical endeavors. And with a lot of projects outside of the Disney Channel lining up, it would appear that Cameron’s life is all rainbows and sunshine.

But as is the case with many celebrities, looks can be deceiving. Behind her accomplishments and all of her heartwarming smiles, actress Dove Cameron has led a challenging past full of dark moments of depression and struggled with anxiety.

From insecurities about her looks to a heartbreaking loss in her family, the multi-talented star had dealt with her fair share of suffering, and all before she entered her 20s. Cameron revealed she had to make it through periods of darkness before she got to where she is now; below is her tragic real-life story, and the lessons you can learn from it.

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She Struggled With Teen Trauma

As a teenager, she struggled to get through high school because she felt that nobody understands her and it was hard for her to make friends. In an interview with Seventeen magazine, Cameron talked about a couple of traumatizing moments she had faced during her formative years. The actress said she was teased throughout high school, and other girls were very cruel to her.

She was bullied continuously during that four year period and sometimes felt isolated and alone because of it. However, Cameron never let a rude person pull her down to their level; she had goals and knew she would be successful. She was determined to make it through with a smile on her face, and so she kept her head held high and powered through those difficult four years. So don’t lose hope— problems which seem huge now will pass quickly, and the future is brighter than whatever you’re going through today!

She Had Moments When She Felt Insecure

All of us know what feelings of insecurities can do to your psyche. We know how it feels because we were in exactly that spot at least once in our lives. Even if you ask the most confident and outspoken people they still have some things about themselves which they are not completely satisfied with, and it is common to feel like we are not pretty enough. Studies show that among ten girls there are 7 that believe they are not good enough or do not equal up in some way to their peers, whether physically or skill-wise.

Dove Cameron is no different — the actress once admitted in an interview to continuously feeling down about her appearance in the past. In an interview, she said that as a teenager she used to wear makeup all the time because ‘’I felt like I wasn’t beautiful underneath it.” In time things changed and she has made peace with her insecurity and learned to “appreciate” her face as she grew older. Now she feels as if this is a natural part of growing up. “It’s really maturing and understanding that there is more to life than looking good,” she explained.

She Lost A Parent

Family hardship is difficult in any situation, but its effects can be amplified when they occur as a child. Cameron faced an incredibly difficult hardship growing up by losing her Dad when she was only 15 years old. Her father, Philip Alan Hosterman, took his own life. Little is known about relationship Cameron had with her father, but in 2016 she posted a tribute to him on her Instagram account. Losing a parent at any point in life can be truly devastating, and can have particularly devastating effects on kids of a young age during such a delicate period of their lives. We admire Cameron for handling her grief with such grace.

She Struggled With Anxiety

In a recent interview, Dove Cameron stated that she does feel down sometimes, and admitted she struggles with anxiety quite a lot. Although she noted that at times she suffers, she said, “Anxiety is fleeting, it comes and goes. So I don’t ever really feel full days of that. And when I do, I keep going, like I know it’s going to pass, so I just power through.” Anxiety is an incredibly common struggle, and to anyone dealing with any form of mental issue, there’s no reason to feel shame. If you feel like you need help, reach out to friends, family, and even professionals, and know that you’re certainly not alone; even stars with lives as accomplished as Cameron battle with conditions such as anxiety.

At the end of the day, Dove Cameron is very similar to many of us in that she has dealt with a fair amount of strife in her life. However, one thing we can certainly learn from Cameron is her ceaseless positive outlook despite her situation and the events which have inflicted her in the past. She continues to move forward and look towards the positive things in life.

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