And no matter how painful and difficult to accept we must accept it.

We all do our best, but very often this is not enough.

We cannot protect them from the wickedness of the world. From the bullies and the people who hurt them.

From the difficulties, they will encounter on their way. From the obstacles, they will have to overcome with their legs.

We do everything we can do. We do all we can and desperately try to do the impossible. And sometimes we succeed. But very often not.

And it is the sense of powerlessness of certain situations that is most damaging to us.

It is difficult from an early age to entrust them to the care of another person because not being present to protect them is the thing that most worries and pains us. If it were only a skinned knee, not being able to console them crying hurts us.

We cannot protect our children from everything

Then they grow, and there are small and large pains.

The disappointments for a finite friendship, a poignant love, or just merely for a bad grade at school.

A wrong phrase or a missed smile

There are so many things in life that we can’t protect them from, and this is the most challenging part of being a parent.

It is difficult to let a part of one’s heart face his life. And accept that that life that we believe is partly ours does not belong to us.
And we must learn to stand aside.

To observe in silence and to be able to advise and speak our mind only when necessary and not as often as we would like.

We must learn to bear the pain of children because in life pain is inevitable, it’s life’s most real thing and we cannot keep them under a bell jar to live an aseptic life from the points of view.

And we must learn to accept life for what it gives them and us.

Without asking too many questions and reminding us to smile more often.

Because we can’t protect them from everything. But we can teach them the value of a smile. And love for life.

Without looking too much at tomorrow but focusing only on today.

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