Do you pay attention to your thoughts?

A deep understanding of the concept of Creative Thinking can be very essential in Spiritual Psychology. It is this understanding that allows the Conscious Breathing process to be fully constructive and revealing. It can lead someone to take responsibility rather than feel guilty, to act rather than react, to go beyond the restricted universe of a limiting mind. We become what we think about, nothing more, nothing less.

To think, and to think well is an art. To let our thoughts take control of our mental universe is to accept the self-hypnotism that these thoughts operate in our own free will. We have the choice to control our mind rather than being controlled by it. The mind is the instrument and we are the master. Remember, we become what we think about! The mind is our instrument and the consciousness of our essence. If we accept the invasion of the mind as a fatality, it means that we consider ourselves victims of ourselves. However, if we recognize that we create, choose and nurture our beliefs, then we have power over them: we can change them. Only if we accept to recognize that we can give preference to our consciousness and that we can change our thoughts and beliefs,

The concept that thinking can be creative is based on the basic principle that our thought can create our reality. In the way we perceive the world, we experience our reality. And not the reverse!

Our thoughts create our reality – Do we become what we think about?

Most people will state that if they have positive thoughts, then their reality will become positive as well. They see a cause-and-effect relationship there. But they believe that their beliefs are forged from their experiences. They trust that if their beliefs color future experiences, then they themselves come from past experiences, such as the conclusions drawn from these experiences. This is contradictory. It’s generally the opposite that happens. Do we become what we think about?

Most people believe that our experiences shape our belief systems and build our thoughts because we have a habit of drawing conclusions from them. Instead of observing the thoughts that lead them to experience a reality, people prefer to blame life for their thoughts about what they think! Thus, most people believe that their reality is what it is and that they can not change it. They live in the belief that they are victims of reality and that their reality should change in order to change their beliefs instead of the other way around. They live in dependence. It may not be free and sometimes this miracle can actually happen. In fact, the person gives up just the right amount of control to allow himself to experiment with new realities. But this only happens rarely, randomly, and not necessarily in the areas of predilection.

The real miracle exists. The key is in us: we have this fantastic opportunity to change our beliefs. We can dissolve the beliefs that limit us and those that make us suffer.

we become what we think about - creative thinking

Don’t forget, we become what we think about.

To change a belief is to first recognize that belief and to identify it as being limited. By identifying a belief, we recognize it, looking at it in the face. We get to know all the beliefs that drive us. This is the famous: “Know yourself”. Some of these beliefs can keep us in stuck in a situation, experienced too often, and we want to be able to live. Then, by identifying a thought, or a belief, which can keep us, for example, in a behavioral pattern that makes us suffer, we recognize the narrowness and the limits. Instead of turning a blind eye, assuming that it will be better tomorrow, without believing really in either in depth, we can observe this thought that limits us. Even better, we can feel how such thought prevents us from evolving, moving forward, and finally transforming ourselves. We can learn, quite simply, how to feel the very thought that limits us. To feel our limits is to accept that we have these limits. By feeling this way about our limits, we go to the heart of ourselves. We avoid our minds to play a new scenario, carry out sterile analysis, and therefore run around in circles.

Focusing on what we feel, rather than trying to analyze what we think we might be feeling, can be very liberating. By contacting our deepest feelings, we recognize each other, we take care of ourselves. We can then observe what are our true needs and values are. We are focused inside of ourselves and this non-mental introspection does some sort of cleansing, along with some clarification. Things become clearer to us, so much simpler than before. The elements of our feelings, resuming their natural place, lose all of their negative power. It’s as if in a messy office, where everything became complicated and inaccessible, we put all of the outstanding files back where they belonged. Getting in touch with our own feelings can clarify this space, and relieve you of his negative charge. One can not escape perpetually to oneself. And by feeling, we avoid playing games that make us waste time, or add an extra mask to our panoply.

We are constantly changing and denying it would condemn us. This is also a belief, of course, but it goes in the direction of life. To accept this evolution is simply natural. Feeling, at one time or another in our life, that we are cramped, and wanting more space is in the natural order of things. We are not condemned to live always in the same limits, to keep repeating the same patterns, or to live the same experiences. However, if after reading these words you still believe that, it’s time to change your belief. We become what we think about.

We are what we constantly repeat that we are and thus we become what we think about.

You are free to change your beliefs, and it’s safe. This does not mean that you do not take risks, but the risk you take is to stop being a victim: the victim of your own thoughts.

Is it easy to change beliefs?

If you think it is very difficult, then your experiences are going to be very difficult, and you will be able to continue building your old belief systems to better secure yourself. If you think it’s easy, then it will be easy, and life will become a game.

The secret is that you have a choice. You always have had the choice to think about what you want to think. Nobody forces you, now, to think anything, or to think at all. It may have happened in the past, but it is no longer in the present. Your freedom lies in the ever-changing choice and the decision is up to you.

we become what we think about

The essence of Creative Thought

  • is to know oneself better
  • to know and recognize one’s limits
  • respect oneself
  • to love oneself
  • to develop real self-esteem

Creative Thinking is very different from positive thinking. I would go as far to say that they do not relate at all. I would gladly add, for all too often, that positive thinking is the greatest obstacle to Creative Thought. It is also very often the cause of the failure of Creative Thought.

The goal of Creative Thinking is not to think more positively. It is only to remove the negative charge of your limited beliefs. Transforming the negative thoughts into positive thoughts is elusive. How would you believe, spontaneously and consciously, a positive thought on the pretext that it is positive, whereas for years you have nourished the opposite thought? If it were as easy to exchange those negative thoughts for positive thoughts, like a switch is pressed, it would be a long time before anyone would experience depression or pain. In fact, we do not change negative thoughts into positive thoughts, but rather, cover up first with the second.

Thought, or belief, is only the visible surface of something deeper. This something deeper is a feeling, an experience, a thought-form, an energy in the broad sense of the term. This is what is interesting to unveil. And not to cover!

Through Creative Thinking, we can access this hidden part of the iceberg. We reach our subconscious and the very nature of our being. The subconscious is the background, and it is much denser than what is on the surface. And not by hiding, covering, masking, or even repainting, or varnishing what is apparent, can we let our worth shine through. The work on Creative Thought makes it possible, not to transform the negative into positive, but to make our limitations resonate, in order to be able to know our Personal Law, the set of thoughts that form to constitute our being. And that color our personality. When, in our Personal Law, these thought-forms limit us, maintaining our fear, suffering, inertia, etc., we can access them by learning to contact our deepest feelings. When a feeling of security settles in these spaces, our subconscious will liberate towards the conscious mind’s energies, the necessary understandings. This security can be easily established through self-knowledge and acceptance. It is nourished and anchored thanks to the energy that you release just by breathing.

Using positive thinking can put a varnish on a surface instead of stripping it to see what is underneath. It’s hiding the symptoms instead of observing the terrain. It is to deny the existence and the power of our unconscious and to show that we do not trust our subconscious.

To understand and to tame the work which is difficult because very delicate – with Creative Thought, you plunge into the sensitive universe of your deep feelings and let these changes occur naturally. To accept practicing this work on the feelings, it is to show the confidence that we have in us, in our being, more than in our actions. It is manifesting our being rather than trying to prove something by doing it.

At the root of a thought lies a deep feeling. And it is not through analysis of thoughts that we can contact these feelings. Because they lie below the language. Nor is it through the analysis of feelings that we can hope for a true understanding of our inner being. Why? Because when we analyze the feelings, we are in the analysis, and not in the feelings. It is only by feeling very deeply that true understanding can be born. So, at this moment, energies are integrating, energies linked to feeling. The feeling is the present manifestation of a memory whose energies have not been integrated. It’s as if some pieces of a puzzle had not received sufficient attention or energy, to put themselves in their place,

We become what we think about. The power of thoughts is immense so, do not underestimate it. This is reason enough not to give too much attention to this power. If we attribute too much importance to this power, we move away from our deepest feelings.

We become a thinking machine and we become our own product.

To understand that thought is creative you must understand that if we think something is important, then it becomes important. The most important thing is what we feel. And why not what we think? We can think what we want. From day to day our thoughts change. From one season to another, they can oppose. From one year to another, they can contradict each other. We are here, and we have the ability to go from one thought to another. But it is different from our feelings: he is there, stable, present, faithful. It can transform itself, change itself. But unlike the world of thought, it is he who has something to say to us. We make our thoughts do or say what we want, but our deepest feelings have their message to deliver to us. The mind brings us to an “outside”, who is ourselves of course, or a part of us. It’s a creation. The feeling brings us “home”, inward. It’s a real personal achievement.

From victims, we then become creators of our own lives. We then realize how everything is just a perception. We can all the better appreciate what is given to us. Our gratitude for life is even greater. As the proverb tells us:

Beauty is not in the object but in the eye that is looking

The work on Creative Thinking is really accessible only through an understanding of what deep feeling is. This understanding requires a lot of practice because the pitfalls of the mind are subtle and multiple. Often people think “feel”, but they just think about how they feel. So it is best to practice. Aim high, be creative think positive think of the best version you can be – We Become What We Think About!

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