If your baby suffers from colic, you may be dreading the moment when he will ask for his bottle, a moment often followed by crying, crying and more crying.

Colic is defined as crying that occurs for at least three hours a day, at least three days a week. Colicky crying looks terribly uncomfortable and does not tend to respond very well to a lot of things that parents try. It usually starts around 2 weeks of age can last up to 3 months of age in most cases.

How to Reduce Baby colic?

anti colic bottles - colicking baby

Let’s be clear: there are no magic solutions to reduce baby colic. On the other hand, several tips show their effectiveness.

When you prepare the meal, place the baby in an upright position to take the bottle without swallowing air. Use anti-colic bottles. Help baby burp, while ensuring that the baby’s head is supported, by placing him on your shoulder to evacuate any additional trapped air.

We already know that bubbles and babies are a bad mix! You will want to select a bottle which minimizes bubbles. These will be bottles which have a vent which lets air in without the air going through the milk.

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How to Choose the Best Anti-Colic Bottles for Your Baby

BPA Free

Bisphenol A (BPA) is needed to produce plastic polycarbonate. This plastic has long been used to make, among other things, food packaging, plastic tableware, and baby bottles.

Definitive scientific studies are still being developed, but some researchers believe that traces of BPA gradually break off from the plastic and enter the body which could be detrimental to health. So parents are worried and a number of countries are already talking about BPA prohibitions.

Some brands of baby bottles have been free of BPA for several years. Instead, they use polypropylene because no BPA is needed for their manufacture. This plastic has been rigorously tested: all studies show that the material is harmless and safe. It is also possible to buy anti-colic bottles made of glass.

Plastic or Glass?

Glass, silicone, plastic and stainless steel are the most common materials that are used in baby bottles. Plastic is lightweight, ubiquitous, shatterproof and inexpensive, but parents worry about chemicals, even in plastic without bisphenol A (for more on BPA, see the important safety notes above). Plastic bottles also deteriorate faster and they need to be replaced regularly.

The glass is heavy and can sometimes break, even if the glass bottle is covered by silicone sleeves. Glass bottles are sold on a large scale and last longer than plastic bottles, but they are more expensive.

Silicone bottles are lightweight, unbreakable, BPA-free and often soft but more expensive than plastic and glass. Be careful, silicone bottles are only rarely sold in pharmacies or grocery stores, which can be unpleasant if nipple cracks or breaks and you need a quick replacement.

Stainless steel is lightweight, shatterproof, BPA-free and lasts a long time, but like silicone, these bottles can be expensive and hard to find. In the end, we advise you to look into BPA-free plastic bottles that have the best quality/price ratio.


There are several sizes of bottles, especially 160mL and 260mL. Anti-colic baby bottles of 160mL are perfect for infants while the large size can be used from 1 month or more.

Likewise, consider buying several baby bottles to make your life easier. Ideally, 4 bottles are more than enough for a baby (you will quickly see that it is difficult to alternate with only 2 bottles).

Anti-Colic Nipples

The vast majority of nipples on the market are silicone, and the main differences are that some nipples are relatively narrow in shape and others are larger and more mound-like to mimic the shape of a breast.

You can often find smaller nipples on narrow-necked bottles, which makes the bottle itself difficult to clean. These nipples may be more difficult to put in place for the baby. Larger nipples are usually supplied with a bottle with a larger opening which is a plus for cleaning.

Why Buy Anti-Colic Bottles?

Anti-colic bottles have a mechanism to reduce the amount of air that the baby can swallow during a meal. Ingesting air can create uncomfortable pressure and gas in a baby’s belly and is considered a common cause of diarrhea.

Anti-colic bottles are equipped with a ventilation system that forces the air out of the bottle so that it does not enter the mouth of the baby. These models are designed to reduce the amount of air that goes through the bottle and to reduce the hassle and pain after a meal.

Anti-Colic Bottles: Until What Age?

It is common for toddlers to stick to their bottles because they spend so much time using them. In addition to providing food, baby bottles can provide a sense of security or comfort to the child, making it more difficult to remove these bottles.

Studies indicate that families should not wait too long to take this important step, as it can increase the difficulty of these efforts. It is also important to know the tips for transitioning from bottle to glass.

Research has shown that babies should not be using baby bottles by the age of one and at the latest by the age of 18 months. Yet about 20% of children would still use a bottle regularly around 24 months.

If your baby is born prematurely or if he has health problems such as stunting or digestive distress, you should discuss with your doctor the appropriate age to start withdrawing the bottle.

How to Use Anti-Colic Bottles?

When using it for the first time, carefully read the instructions, make sure you understand them and you have all the answers to your questions. Each model has special features.  Follow these simple rules before you start:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • Never give your baby an outdated formula
  • If ready-to-use preparations are used, shake the preparation containers before opening
  • If the preparation is in a box, clean the lid of any dust and make sure the can opener is clean

Are you a future mother and your first concern is breastfeeding? You wonder regularly how to choose the right baby bottle for your little one. Most of the time, you have to test several bottles or pacifiers before finding the best. Only, in addition to increasing the stress, it will cause a waste of time for you.

For your convenience, we give you following aspects to consider in order to offer your baby the ideal bottle.

A Bottle With a Natural Teat

When you go out to buy the bottle or make your purchase on the net, make sure it has a pacifier enough wide. In general, rubber or silicone, it must imitate the shape of the breast to provide comfort to the newborn. This type of nipple facilitates breastfeeding since it allows a more natural suckling as with the breast. The mother will be able to alternate the breast and the bottle at the same time.

Always at the level of the pacifier, check the quality of the cells is very useful since they are responsible for the softness of the pacifier.

To prevent colic, order an anti-colic bottle with a double valve. This modern system allows air to enter the bottle which in this way reduces the risk of colic. Once the essential is detected, you will be able to choose the material of which one made the bottle.

Our TOP 9 anti-colic bottles

1. Comotomo Baby Bottle

Comotomo Baby Bottle

Comotomo Baby Bottles have a simple design that mimics the natural breastfeeding process. It has a beautiful shape, soft silicone nipples perfectly suited for babies who are transitioning from nursing to bottle feeding. Your precious baby will absolutely love this bottle.

I love this company ! I bought my first Comotomo 5oz. bottle before I gave birth and I love them. Now my baby is 3 months and decided to buy him this one. He truly loves these bottles. He loves them so much that he’s learned to hold them at such a small age. They’re super soft to the touch and he’s never had a problem latching on. With some of his other bottles, the nipple tends to sink in as he’s sucking, but these nipples have never done that. I also have to mention that he’s never suffered from any colic produced by these bottles. Happy consumer !
Yessica Espinosa

Customer, Amazon

2. Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottles

Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottles

Philips Avent Anti-colic baby bottles are designed to limit colic, but also gas and gastric reflux. The AirFree valve keeps a teat full of milk and not air, even when the bottle is horizontal. The grooved texture promotes proper suction. This anti-colic polypropylene bottle is free of BPA. It is microwaveable and dishwasher safe. It is used from birth.

My newborn was having trouble with gas, and was guzzling her bottles. One day, she aspirated on her formula, she started coughing and choking so bad, I took her to the emergency room. She was ok, but I got these bottles the same day, and they are worth every penny. There is a big difference with my daughter. She doesn’t have colic anymore, is less gassy, and doesn’t guzzle her milk, so no more choking. Definitely worth the money, I would pay more even with how much better my baby is doing.

Customer, Amazon

3. Tinukim Hands-Free Baby Bottle – Anti-Colic Nursing System

This anti-colic baby bottle has been designed to facilitate continuous feeding, to ensure an optimal sitting position for baby and to ensure a comfortable grip. A bit like a natural feeding! The nipple is perfectly designed to help baby have a smooth and natural transition to bottle feeding. Leak free venting technology is clinically proven to reduce air build up associated with colic. Also proven to reduce gassiness and ear infections. Approved for babies 3+ months with double vent nipple.

I love love love. I bring my 8 wk old to work everyday and saw my friend with twins use so i decided to try, we have tried every ANTI SPIT, COLIC bottle out there. we have been using for 2 days and he has never been calmer. Now his spit up is like a normal baby and he has very smooth burps I highly recommend. I am so far only using while at work so i can feed him at home but I may only start using these bottles if he continues to throw up with the others.
Matt Coulthard

Customer, Amazon

4. MAM Anti-Colic Baby Feeding Bottles with Orthodontic BPA-Free

If you want your baby to enjoy the feeding experience, look no more. In collaboration with doctors, MAM has developed a bottle with a large ventilated base. It compensates for pressure differences and ensures a steady, natural flow without air absorption for baby. This bottle provides comfort during feeding and reduces 80% of colic after a few days of use. It’s ergonomic and easy to clean.

We love these bottles! After buying them, our daughter started eating regularly, and around the same number of ounces during each feeding. It’s harder to get a burp out of her with this product than with other bottles. Also, she likes them more because the shape of the nipple make it fit better in her mouth then the oddly-shaped nipples of other bottles. I believe them when they say they’ve done research to find a bottle that will reduce colic and eating problems. Just a warning, they can leak a little bit from time to time, but it’s not consistent, so it’s possible it was just me not screwing the bottles together correctly.
Marianne Clayburn

Customer, Amazon

5. Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottle with AirFree Vent

Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottle with AirFree VentThe Philips Avent anti-colic baby bottle includes a valve that allows baby to consume less air when he drinks his bottle. The feeding is thus uninterrupted and more comfortable for the baby and yourself. This bottle is designed so that even when sitting, the pacifier remains full of milk, blocked by the valve. As a result, baby swallows less air, and the usual problems like colic, reflux and gas are limited. The shape of the nipple also allows a good suction and does not crash thanks to its grooved texture.

Anyone who has fed a baby can tell you that you must keep a rag under the bottle to catch the leaks. Not this bottle! This set includes four 9 oz. bottles with an air free vent, and number 2 sized nipples. The nipples might be a tad fast for newborns, but you can easily just change it out for a number 1 nipple. I found the bottles very easy to clean and I had no difficulty sterilizing.

Just a final note, your baby may not burp after this bottle as the anti-colic works so well that they do not have much extra air to get out.

Eustacia Vye

Customer, Amazon

6. NUK 62048 Disney Baby Bottle with Perfect Fit Nipple

NUK 62048 Disney Baby Bottle with Perfect Fit NippleNuk also offers his silicone nipple supposed to offer a feed as natural as possible, as in the maternal breast. It is thus provided with small holes which reproduce the channels of the breast by ensuring a regular flow. An anti-colic valve limits the absorption of air. The bottle is made of polypropylene, BPA free.  This Nuk baby bottle can be used from birth.

Love these NUK bottles. Perfect for any baby who has colic/gas issues. I love that I can see the air escaping. And Mickey is his favorite!
Katherine Michelle Gurtin

Customer, Amazon

7. Flipsi Natural Silicone Baby Bottle

Flipsi Natural Silicone Baby Bottle

Flipsi Natural Silicone Baby Bottle comes with a wide, natural nipple shape. Air can be completely squeezed out prior to feeding, helping reduce nipple confusion and ease the breast-to-bottle transition. It is suitable for a baby from birth. A simple model nevertheless recommended for a gentle weaning.

This is a very cool new baby bottle. My wife and I love that it is both anti-colic and easy to clean. All other anti-colic bottles I’ve seen have extra parts that are very difficult and time-consuming to clean. This bottle has a such an intuitive solution. Because it is flexible it just compresses as our baby feeds, which means he is not getting any air mixed in at all. By avoiding the extra parts and because you can flip it completely inside out it’s very easy to clean. Clearly a lot of care has been put into designing this bottle as every aspect seems really well thought-through for ease of use. Really like the look as well. Definitely recommend.
Geoffrey A. Mayers

Customer, Amazon

8. VivoBebé Anti Colic Baby Bottles

For the bottle feeding experience to be closer to mom’s breast, this bestseller not only prevents leaks but also reduces the baby’s discomfort by removing air from the baby’s bottle rather than through the baby’s belly. VivoBebé Anti Colic Baby became very popular among moms on the internet. Wide and super soft, they deliver a skin-like feel your infant won’t reject, so you can both nurse and bottle feed!

I love these bottles! The design is very similar to the Comotomo bottles, with the nipples being interchangeable. My granddaughter loves the nipples, and she is mostly breastfed. The bottles are extremely easy to clean, not needing a bottle brush. The one complaint I have is that the measurement readings on the side are literally impossible to read. They are embossed on the silicone. It would have been helpful if they had painted them somehow. Otherwise, these get an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

Customer, Amazon

9. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle

Made from BPA free, polypropylene plastic, the pacifier allows a natural feeding, close to breastfeeding, while ensuring the proper positioning of the tongue and the palate thanks to its shape. The silicone nipple has a broader base which some breastfeeding moms prefer. Finally, the parents’ opinions are overall very positive which is not a surprise for this quality mark.

As a first-time mom I have done a lot of research and by far these bottles won each time. So I gave it a try. My baby is now 10 months old and (knock on wood) never ever had any colic or gas. Idk if these bottles are the reason but I do not believe in coincidence. Love the fact that it removes the air for baby. I did start with the 4oz bottles but if I had known I would have bought the 8oz right away to save me money. Had to buy a bigger bottle as baby’s needs grew. So save yourself a headache and go ahead and buy the 8 oz right away even if you only use half of it. Plus don’t forget the nipples. To change as baby grows
Isphana H.

Customer, Amazon

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