We want the best for our daughters. From the moment they enter the world, we are determined to protect our children from harm while simultaneously raising them for the amazing life which lies ahead. However, in our current social-economic climate, it is imperative that we prepare our daughters appropriately. Here are the primary ways to make sure that our daughters grow up to be wonder-women.


The idea of equality implies that men and women are the same; in fact, we are NOT. By focusing on teaching our daughters equity, instead of equality, we are instilling in them the importance it is for them to have the same access to opportunities as men— instead of just being treated in the same way. Equity means we are giving girls the same opportunities to explore their talents and their hobbies just as we do boys in our society.

We are encouraging the daughters we love to become mathematicians, scientists, and leaders, and we are making an active effort to show them female role models which standard media doesn’t show them. It is important to give our daughters the empowerment not to feel inferior, and ultimately providing opportunities for our women to have equity is beneficial to all people.


It can incredibly difficult and frustrating to drop your ego, swallow your pride and say sorry. However, it is a vital skill to teach our children. It is critical to teach your daughter to take accountability for her actions, by admitting when she is wrong and by apologizing.

Having these skills will not only be paramount in your daughter’s personal lives but will also help her in professional situations. By being able to express herself and apologize genuinely, your daughter can go an extremely long way towards mending and building trust in her human interactions and relationships.


Forgiveness frees the mind from past bondage, difficulties, and damaging experiences while allowing us to move on with a sense of peace and dignity. While difficult, forgiveness ultimately leaves us (and the daughters we love) in a more positive state of mind, and gives them the opportunity to learn and grow. Forgiveness is something we do not only for others but for ourselves, whether the other party apologizes for or not.

The most important thing to demonstrate your daughters id the importance to forgive themselves. Teach them to openly and honestly accept their past mistakes, and then how to move on and learn from them. We instill innate kindness in our daughters when we teach them how to forgive themselves and others.


In life, we are often too quick in making decisions at the moment, full of impatience or anger, and often regret our choices later on. It is in these moments where having patience is of the essence; otherwise, our rushed decisions can have serious repercussions. Restraint and self-control can transform relationships, and they play a very important role when making all sorts of decisions.

From small issues, such as wanting to learn to play an instrument, to larger dilemmas, such as waiting to hear back from college applications, your daughter will encounter many different scenarios in which she will need to exercise patience.

There are many things which can be changed if we have the patience to think past a situation. All things which have come will pass, be them good or bad, and time will heal all wounds; having the patience to overcome hardship and wait out the storm is a key to the daughter you love living a fulfilling life.

Stand For Yourself, Always

In this very moment, women around the world are going through various types of abuse. Many are still holding themselves from speaking up the truth for many reasons, ranging from physical safety to mental and psychological abuse which makes them feel as if they cannot.

Many women have been told from childhood that their opinions don’t matter—they have been told that their primary duty is to be beautiful, agreeable, and quiet in the face of adversity. It is for this reason that they don’t how to stand up and voice out their displeasure when they are abused. They feel either that they cannot, that such behavior is normal, or that no one will care or listen to them if they do speak out.

Overcoming fear and feeling the freedom to say what you truly feel and think, especially in a society that does not support the voices of women, is incredibly difficult.

However, it is critical to instill in your daughter the power of her voice as soon as she is able to speak. When we teach the daughters we love to stand up for themselves, their beliefs and their truths, we are giving freedom not only to them but to others who will be empowered by them.

Teach your daughter to know what she really wants because, at some point, people will try to sway and pressure her into thinking or doing something against her beliefs. By giving your daughter a voice, you give her the strength and courage she needs to grow into a proud and resilient woman.

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