Did you know that soap bubbles are used to teach children self-control?

In several English sites, you find articles for ‘self-control bubbles,‘ soap bubbles for self-control/restraint.

It is a game that is offered to children, especially in the classroom, to help them gain self-control and inner calm.

What are self-control bubbles

As it is specified in all the sites/schools that offer them, it is a matter of simple soap bubbles to which the “self-control bubbles” strategy is applied. They have no added perfumes or anything else. This is one of the labels you can find on the net.

How do they work

The teacher explains to the children that they will try together to reach the concentration necessary to start the day of study with the help of the bubbles.

Children must remain seated and control the natural desire to burst the bubbles that the teacher will blow near them. They should not touch or burst them even if they come close to the face. It is an actual self-control exercise.

Why is it important to teach self-control to children?

The ability to control oneself is very linked to concentration, essential ability to isolate oneself from noise and to pay attention to what the teacher says without being distracted. Less distraction more focus, the more focus they are on what they are doing, the better the outcome they get on studying, listening and on everything that they do.

Learning to restrain oneself is a useful step in social life, which teaches one to slow down one’s pace, to accept moments of pause and to seek silence and reflection. Enables kids to think first before doing an action, encourage assessment of the current situation. This skill lets them not to give in on temptations and better manage anxiety.

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