Apart from the safety issue, the baby’s sleep in the crib provides more quality than when semi-lying or semi-sitting, so daring the baby to figure out how to sleep in the crib is a great deal. Here are some safety guidelines you can follow when babies when Sleeping in Pushchairs, Slings and the like:

Never put your baby to sleep in uncertain places overnight

Do not let the baby sleep at night in a baby comfort, in the vibrating chair, swing or in a sling. At night you will be sleeping and won’t be able to supervise your baby’s sleep.

Use the sling safely

We realize that the sling has many advantages, for example, increasing the mother-baby bond and encouraging breastfeeding however avoid wearing it around evening time when you are sleeping, and you may not see when your baby’s face is in a position that won’t enable you to relax.

Whenever you position the baby in the sling, ensure you can see his or her face, and after that attempt to utilize it only during the day, when you can supervise the baby while he rests.

Never leave the baby in baby comfort/car seat without a seat belt

When bringing baby comfort into your home, some parents let their safety belts all the freer or utilize just in the little tits or the base, which can cause a relaxing, enabling the baby’s body to plunge and his neck remain attached to the top of the belt. If you let your baby sleep there in the car seat during the day, supervise all the time and do not forget to put baby’s comfort belt as if in the car.

Additionally, never place baby comfort on a soft surface, for example, on the bed or couch. The baby’s solace can turn over if it is on a delicate surface and the baby is left with the little face on the mattress/couch with no space to breathe.

Do you often let your baby sleep in these places?

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