Ask yourself, what is the right way to treat your hair to make it healthy, smooth and shiny? How do you clean your hair and especially the scalp? Even if you have a lifeless hair you have to regularly take care of it especially the scalp. It is still part of your body and will greatly affect your overall looks, your mood, and even your self-esteem. Well, it’s pretty sure that you, may not be all of the time, is conscious of how you look. And if you’re conscious of your looks, you might think about how your hair brings your personality, especially in the public. The tendency of having a bad-looking hair is you are either out of the mood or your confidence will drop.

However, why does hair have such an extraordinary effect on our state of mind and trust? According to some specialists, hair is the reason behind the best number of compliments that anyone gets next to eyes and grin.

Having a dry, flaky or even itchy scalp can be a result of mistreated scalp and hair care. For an instance, shampooing without making sure that it was clearly washed out, will surely make your hair and scalp bad. It will result to dandruff that falls out to your clothes.

Cleaning or washing your hair will depend on what activities have you gone through all the day. However it is recommended to wash it more often especially for those who have straight hairs. Straight hairs get too oily in a short period of time, and therefore needs to be washed more often. Unlike curly hairs which rarely gets oily may not be washed as often as the straight hairs. However, recommended to use scalp and hair conditioners to make it shiney, smooth and not dry and frizzy.

Moreover, you have to be more cautious because there are multiple factors that can greatly damage your hair. Like prolonged exposure to the sun and overused strong hair product chemicals for treatments and styling.

Here are the basic process of taking care of your hair, simple yet safe and effective:

  1. Make sure that your hair is well-wett
  2. Use enough volume of shampoo depending on your hair volume (Recommended to use organic shampoo)
  3. Massage your scalp up to the tip of your hair (Be cautious, do not scrub too much)
  4. Rinse your hair very well, make sure no trace of shampoo remains
  5. You may apply a conditioner to treat the damages the shampoo might have done (Optional step)
  6. Rinse your hair again, this time you should make sure that no conditioner cream left on your scalp or hair
  7. Dry with a soft-cottony towel, gently and slowly (Do not force dry the hair)
  8. You may comb your hair, should be gentle and slowly (Recommended comb are those with wide-spaced tooth)

(NOTE: Use products that are not too strong to avoid scalp and hair issues. Electric hair dryers can also be tough for your hair.)

The Benefits of Having a Your Hair Cared Well

So what will you get if your hair is treated well and is respected like any other parts of your body? Here are some of the top-listed things that you will benefit from having it healthy and great!


  • Clean Scalp Equals Healthy Hair

  • Breakage And Split Ends are Prevented

  • When Healthy, It’s Smooth and Shiney

  • Great Look, Great Mood and High Self-Esteem

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