Many parents have noticed that there are a lot of babies wearing sunglasses these days. Babies are adorable in their cute little frames as they rock their summer look. Many eye doctors have stated that it is important to protect your babies’ eyes from UV rays to protect their vision. The best baby sunglasses can provide your baby with excellent UV protection at an affordable price while complimenting their look and adding an additional cuteness factor to any outfit.

How Do I Find the Best Baby Sunglasses?

Finding the best baby sunglasses do not have to be a challenge. In fact, selecting sunglasses for your baby is a lot like selecting some for you to wear. The only major difference is that babies pull them off their face and will probably attempt to break their new glasses rather quickly. It is important to remember that just because the lenses are dark doesn’t mean that your baby is getting the UV protection they need. The tint is there to reduce the glare. The coating is what matters when looking at protecting your babies’ eyes. Here are some things to consider when purchasing your babies’ sunglasses.

The first thing you want to do is look at the amount of protection that is provided. UV light has two major types. You want to try to find a pair that will protect your child from both UVA and UVB. You also want to pay attention to the percentage that is blocked. 95% or more is a good option. You should also consider the tint when trying to purchase the best baby sunglasses. While the tint is not what provides protection from UV radiation, it is still important to consider. It does provide glare protection and can help keep them on your baby’s face. Just make sure that they also have the coating that protects from UV rays.

There are numerous different colors when it comes to sunglass lenses, and experts can agree on which is best. Some say that it is best to go with shades that are yellow or amber in color because they protect the child from blue light. Others say that gray is the best option because it provides better results. You want to look at the material that the sunglasses are made of as well. Shatter-resistant lenses are now required by the FDA. Polycarbonate is said to be the best type of material for baby sunglasses because of its durability.

It is also a good idea to look for polarized lenses. These help to prevent glare. This can help keep your baby’s sunglasses on their face while you are at your next beach trip or outside gathering. An unwanted glare can quickly upset your baby. Finally, you want to look at the design of the frames. While you want your child’s sunglasses to be adorable, you also want them to be practical. Wrap around options is the best for keeping the shades on your babies safe and keeping them protected. You should also see if the hinges are tough and if there is anything to keep them in place. You need to make sure the sunglasses are FDA approved. Toy sunglasses do not provide protection and are not FDA approved. If your babies’ sunglasses have not been approved by the FDA they are not providing your baby with the protection that they need. Finally, look and see if there is a return policy for the product. Many individuals purchase ‘baby sunglasses’ without looking at the sizing information. This leads to the sunglasses not actually fitting their baby. You might want to make sure there is a return policy just in case.

The Best Baby Sunglasses

There are many options available and finding a good fit can be challenging. Here are some of the best baby sunglasses you can choose from.

1. Roshambo Baby Shades


The Roshambo Baby Shades have a 4.5-star user rating on Amazon. They created the shades when they noticed a friend of theirs’s had no protection for their baby’s eyes during a ball game. They researched until they found that there was a need for babies to have better protection for their eyes. They provide a free replacement for lenses that have been scratched. You do have to pay for shipping. The frames are created so that they are compatible with prescription lenses, and you can simply visit their website to have them filled. They support many non-profit organizations as well. These funky glasses come in a large variety, each named after an 80s icon. These shades do not include a strap, but you can buy one separately to hold them in place. These glasses are adorable, durable and effective.


Roshambo Baby Shades provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation. There are three child sizes to choose from, and even options for adults so you and your baby can match. The lenses are made using triacetate cellulose and come in standard, mirrored, or polarized version. The frames are made using polypropylene, meaning that your baby can bend them, and they won’t break. If your baby does manage to break the frames within a year of purchasing them, they will be replaced by the company. The company offers lens replacement. You can buy a strap separately to ensure that they remain on your baby’s face. The strap is chewed friendly because it is made of food-grade silicone. They are light-weight. They are safe. They do not contain latex, lead, or any other substance that can be harmful. They even come in non-toxic packaging because we all know how much babies love the box! Roshambo baby shades include a warranty. If your child has a prescription, these glasses can be fitted so your baby can enjoy them too.


Roshambo Baby shades can get pricey, especially when being accessories. You must purchase the strap separately. They are not wrapped around, so light can creep into the sides. Some users have complained that the lenses pop out easily. However, other users stated they were easy to put back in.

2. Julbo Looping Baby Sunglasses

The Julbo Looping Baby Sunglasses have a 4-star user rating on Amazon and literally cannot be put on the wrong way. If you purchase a pair for your toddler, you don’t have to worry about them putting the sunglasses on upside down. These sunglasses are designed so they fit either way you turn them. Julbo products include a limited lifetime warranty, so many of those that buy them take advantage and send them in for repair if they break. These are easily some of the best baby sunglasses you can find!


The Julbo Looping Baby Sunglasses protects your baby’s eyes from UVA and UVB radiation. Light cannot sneak into the wraparound style. The lenses are made using polycarbonate and are shatterproof and resistant to scratches. They come with specific sizing options and are designed to fit babies at specific ages. These glasses come with an adjustable strap to ensure they fit your baby. The strap can be removed because they have earpieces. Julbo provides a lifetime warranty and will make minimal repairs. However, the warranty doesn’t cover wear and tear that is considered normal. Most users have said that Julbo Baby Sunglasses are extremely durable.


Julbo Looping Baby Sunglasses do not have a prescription lens option available. This means that your child can’t wear them if they need a prescription. Some users have stated that the sizing tends to be small. They are high in price.

3. Babiators Aviator Sunglasses

Babiators Original Aviator


One of the most well-known baby sunglasses, Babiators Aviator sunglasses receive a 4-star user rating on Amazon. These baby sunglasses were made by two mothers who happened to notice that babies were squinting and becoming irritable in the sun while moms had protection from the harmful and annoying UV rays. Babiators support an aviator style and there are models available that sport mirrored or polarized lenses.


With UV400 lenses, Babiators 100% protects your baby’s eyes from UVA and UVB radiation. There are three kid sizes available to choose from and rubber is used to make the frames. Your baby can bend and chew them all day long. They do not contain harmful materials, such as lead. You can purchase a case to protect the sunglasses in, or, if you choose one of the more expensive options, it comes with a case. You can also purchase a strap so that your baby can’t pull them off. There is an accessory pack that you can purchase that comes with a canvas case, a strap, and a cloth that is perfect for cleaning without scratching the lenses. There is a guarantee. If your baby manages to break the glasses within the first year, you can have them replaced. They are also compatible with some prescription lens options.


Babiators are not wraparound sunglasses. Light can sneak into the sides of the sunglasses. Some users complained about the lenses falling out easily. Other users had complaints that the sunglasses were easily broken. Babiators are expensive. When you start adding on accessories, the price climbs rather quickly.

4. Real Shades Explorer Sunglasses


The Real Shades Explorer Sunglasses are an excellent option that many parents love. These sunglasses have a 3.5 rating on Amazon. These wraparound frames are difficult to break. Complete with shatterproof lenses, they provide complete protection from UV Rays. There are numerous styles and colors available, meaning that you can choose something everyone will find adorable. There are three different lines available from which you can choose from. These lenses are big and are perfect for protecting your babies’ eyes. They are polarized and designed to fit children from their baby stages all the way up to older kids. The adjustable strap ensures that the frames stay in place. As your little one grows accustomed to the glasses, you can remove the strap if needed.


There are five different sizing options, ensuring you can find a size for your baby. The sunglasses provide complete protection from UVA and UVB rays. The wraparound style will help keep the sunglasses on your babies’ face. The lenses are made from Polycarbonate. This means the lenses are lightweight, clear, and shatterproof. The frames are created using a rubber-type material, that makes them bend without breaking. This means they are perfect for younger children and are highly durable. These polarized shades prevent glare 99% of the time. They are FDA certified and come with a one-year guarantee for Manufacturer’s defects. When you register your product, you can even replace them if they get lost or they get broken. If your child needs prescription glasses, these frames are compatible to be fitted. These glasses are affordable.


Some parents found the shades to be too small for their infants. Other parents complained that the earpieces were way too long. They stated that the legs of the frames protruded in the back and it caused the sunglasses to slide off when the baby laid their head down.


Finding the best baby sunglasses is important to protect your baby’s eyes from harmful UV rays. When trying to find the best option, it is important to consider UV protection, tint, material, frame design, safety, and sizing. You also might want to check for a return policy just in case the sunglasses don’t fit. There are many excellent options available. Baby sunglasses can be the perfect addition to any outfit. They can keep your baby safe and protected while making them look additionally adorable. Knowing your baby and what style their most likely to keep on their face can help ensure you provide them with the best baby sunglasses available!

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