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10 Best and Must Have Gifts on Love Holiday!

Shopping for the holiday is not stress-free. With mad dashes and all the last minute running around the city to different shops, you can take a toll when you just want to enjoy the season. Let’s do the shopping a little differently this year: relax and work...

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13 Ways to Encourage Your Big Kids to Read

Big Kids are Different Readers Before my kids hit their pre-teen years and dived headfirst into the world of technology, they loved to read. I thought I'd successfully checked off "raise a reader" in the parenting handbook. Then along came electronics, phones, middle...

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7 Must Know Natural Remedies for Headaches

Roughly three-quarters of Americans suffer from occasional headaches. But women are the most affected due to the unstable passage of hormones during different stages of life. Headache is a real torment that can lead to disabling headaches. Let's see together which are...

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Keep Your Kids Busy with These Fun Activities

Everyone needs a little time to themselves, especially when you’re a mom. But getting some time alone isn’t always easy when you have kids. If you’re looking for a little extra “mom time” to have a break and take care of yourself, it’s best to keep your kids busy...

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