We all mothers realize that accommodating parenthood with our work life can be a convoluted test, loaded with disorganized days, filled calendars, unanticipated events… In some cases, we feel that there are just 24 hours that the day needs to give us.

The reality demonstrates that we frequently touch base by the day’s end depleted, both myself and the kids, with all that we need to do, spots to walk. It appears that there is an absence of reality (on the plan, obviously!). Contemplating another pregnancy, I ask myself now and then how it will be?

I realize that I ought to be used to these wanderings, however reckoning that it isn’t simple in every case, it is unavoidable not to consider the difficulties that another pregnancy will bring me, particularly in this connection of motherhood and profession.

Two universes that fill me entirely and that walk one next to the other, and even overlapping at some point.

I trust that this topic and these questions are not just mine but are a piece of us all, moms. Therefore, I would love to hear accounts of moms and expectant moms who need to discuss this subject and hear my testimony. Notably, on weighing the balance of maternity and career.

Maternity and Career: Can They Go Together?

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