You may be quite adept and experienced on date nights but it can never harm to read out a few ideas that you may not have thought of yet. Most of them are quite common and inexpensive, yet promising some excellent quality time with each other. It will also come in handy in case you have run out of ideas or just want to try something uncommon that you have not thought of yet.

1. Stargazing at the observatory

date night ideas star gazing

Does he have an affinity for the stars?

If he does, then planning a show at the observatory can be one of the most unrivaled ideas to look for. A clear night sky and both of you together – what more do you want? Can you figure out a few constellations?

There is nothing to worry about in case you do not. You can quickly get a guidebook to help you out or just download some app that can guide you to the most familiar constellations from your area. Help him figure out a few and just get close to him with the excuse of relating them to them. If he is seriously into stargazing and knows a lot, ask him to guide you instead.

2. Cozy date night at home

date night ideas cozy date at home

You do not necessarily need to go out to have a great date night. Make an erotic space in the solace of your home, either in your room or for instance before the chimney.

Consider making use of some soothing sounds, scents and decent carpets or towels to lie on and get close to each other. If you are planning for surprising him, approach your partner to go out for two or three hours as you take the time to prepare everything.

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Delicious fruits can be a nice option to add on, for instance, bananas, dates, passion fruits, apricots or any other seasonal item available during the time. Cut the pieces small so that it can fit into his mouth in one go.

You can even blindfold him and lead them into the exotic space as he returns. Give him a chance to sit and relax as you start feeding him the small pieces. Let him or her think about what they are appreciating. This will be an extremely intriguing and sexy experience.  The blindfold eating even puts him to a spot where he can just enjoy an experience like never before.


3. Book tickets and go for a concert or a festival

date night ideas music festival concert

There a lot of local concerts going on all around the year. It may even be possible that his favorite band is booked for a performance near your place.

A film festival, jazz festival, a DJ night out or anything sensual can be a great option to consider. If you are up for clubbing into a pub, drink responsibly. It will just turn on the heat and convert your date night into something more exciting. It is not a mandate that you need to booze. It is even better if you can just avoid it.

Get up close and dance together to the rhythm of the night in each other’s arms.

If you have a clear understanding of his choice in music, it can be one of the best options to consider.

4. Go for a spa treatment or a massage session

date night ideas couple spa massage

Who does not like massages? It is not only a great idea to relax but also a great option to take care of your health. It is possible to jointly take part in the activity. Just look up for a spa center in your locality that provides services of couple massages and two therapists would be simultaneously working their magic on both of you at the same time. And the outcome is you both come out relaxed with all your stresses and muscle cramps taken care of for good.

You may even consider aromatherapies or acupuncture therapies put up an offer by the various spa centers of the present day. If you want to take it to a more personal level, just offer him an oil massage all by yourself. There is a doubt that he can hardly resist it. Is it bold? He will surely like it.

5. Long drive by the seashore

date night ideas road trip by the beach

This is obviously an idea that you can look into if the geography of your place suits it. You cannot possibly consider driving a thousand miles just to reach the place full of exhaustion. What can be more fun than the silent sea line, the stars and the waves silently crashing against the shore? Remove your shoes and take a step closer to the sea by walking down the beach. The wind is undoubtedly going to be romantic. Or you can just drive parallel to the beach as you spend some time together. A late night drive can be even more fun. If you are ready for a long night, go out for a dinner first before stepping on the gas.

Simple activities can even bring a lot of fun if planned and executed correctly. It will not only help to reconnect to each other but also suck out all the stress both of you had accumulated over the monotonous schedule of your daily work. It is essential to rejuvenate yourself overtime to regain lost interest in life.

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