Is coffee a vital part of your day?

Like you can’t function without having it first thing in the morning?

It feels like heaven, sipping your cup of coffee whenever you feel the need for it, right?

Do you make your own espresso on your own machine at home, but have you ever thought of descaling your device?

Is it possible to do it with a few home remedy tricks or just the traditional descaler solutions? Is using vinegar ‘really’ proven to descale your machine effectively? Let’s find out!

Descaling Your Coffee Machine Like A Pro: Home Remedy For Moms

Descaling Your Coffee Machine Like A Pro: Home Remedy For Moms

We all want to keep our home looking nice and all home appliances functioning correctly, especially our espresso machine that costs a fortune. Luckily, you don’t need any professional help or technicians to do the job right. You surely can in the comfort of your home.

I personally want everything done correctly and nicely, from a spotless home to healthy meals cooked every time our loved ones come home feeling famish. And descaling an espresso machine is just a piece of cake that will never hold you back from doing it today.

Have you felt like your coffee is not that hot, or something is just not right? Or perhaps the flow of coffee is clogging the machine?

You’re in the right place as I’ll teach you how to descale your brewing machine with a few home remedies solutions every mom uses in their brewers. These tips have been handed over, and their efficacy is proven.

First, you will need to prepare a few cleaning solutions. The truth is, you have a few options when descaling a brewing machine to remove any limescale buildup. It happens with most brewers, so worry not as you are not the first to experience that. What’s interesting is that you can try a couple or more solutions and see which one suits your preference the most.

You can descale your brewer with

You can descale your brewer with:

  • A descaler solution that you can purchase at a shop nearby. Or if you do most of your shopping online, check a highly recommended descaler solution. Some brands are highly recommended for your machine.
  • Using a vinegar solution that we’ll teach you how to make. Using vinegar to clean your espresso machine is known to be effective, safe, and affordable (thankfully). It would be best if you had a 3-part vinegar mix to 1-part water. Then run into your espresso machine. If you’re in doubt of a robust solution, you can cut it into 1:1.
  • Using lemon juice and citric acid solution. The concentrated power of citric acid can help descale your machine. For this one, combine one teaspoon citric acid (powder) with 1 cup of water before running into your device. You can use the same mixture with lemon juice and let it run into the brewing machine.

Whether you opt for a descaler solution, using vinegar or citric acid, the process is almost the same. What you will do is mix your solution and place it into the coffee machine’s water tank and run it like you are brewing a deliciously aroma-filled cup of java.

You can do the process twice before running the machine clean with plain water. The final step is to sniff the device after rinsing. Smell the water and see how it is. If you find a little bit of vinegar or other solutions’ still’ present in the water, do another round of rinsing.

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Flushing out all the solutions removes all residue.  See? It’s easy-peasy! 

Now you don’t need to worry about a clogged water system. Try brewing a fresh cup for a reward. Besides, you deserve to have the best cup of java after that tiring machine cleaning and maintenance.

Tips On How To Maintain Your Brewing Machine Like Brand New

Tips On How To Maintain Your Brewing Machine Like Brand New

The daily chores and corporate career can be time-consuming, and we sometimes feel guilty skipping the routines of cleaning our beloved espresso machines. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Here’s how you can bounce back and maintain an excellent machine with a few simple steps to consider.

  • Have proper tools, cleaning solutions, and materials ready. A well-maintained espresso machine is a happy machine.
  • Backflush your espresso machine daily. Regular cleaning can prolong the espresso machine’s life.
  • Flushing water removes any residue from getting stuck into the machine. Several machines come with flushing systems. Always check the manual for it.
  • Clean the machine’s steam wand. You don’t want any milk stale stuck from previous brewing to affect the taste of your freshly brewed cup.
  • Microfiber cloths are great. They won’t leave any mark after wiping the machine exterior. It will maintain the aesthetic beauty of your machine, making it always look brand new.


Descaling your brewer seems a tough and time-consuming work until you follow these easy steps. We’ve simplified all steps for you. Do you think you can do it now? We bet! You don’t need to spend hours figuring out how to descale your machine, you follow out easy tips, and your device will surely be happy. Let us know how it ends!

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