Got a colicky baby? Do you want to know how long does colic last? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Colicky babies are often an extra challenge, not only during the day but especially during the night time. In the top 10 of the worst tests in the life of young parents, the one related to baby colic is in a good position, alongside the GERD. Many babies suffer from the first days and their cries of pain often leave deep traces in many poor parents.

Baby colic: What is it, When Does Colic Start and How Long Does Colic Last?

Baby colic refers to intense crying, accompanied by bloating and gas, from which some infants, otherwise healthy, suffer. If baby squirms in all directions, screaming, stretching, and if he folds his legs and then unfolds them, he is likely to suffer from what is called colic. It usually starts when the baby is about 3 weeks old and the wailing peaks when they reach 6 weeks old. Hold on, mama!

OK, but how long does a colic last, you might ask. Good news, most babies colic stops by the time they hit 3 months old.

If you have any doubts, talk to your pediatrician or read more on Colic – Symptoms and Causes.

What Causes Colic in a Baby?

how long does colic last

Concerning the causes, the answer is simple: we do not know. Some tracks have been explored, but none of them have won the unanimous support from health professionals for the moment.

Among the hypotheses, scientists wonder about the level of maturity of the intestine, the air swallowed by babies while sucking, possible food intolerances … without certainty.

Tips for Colicky Baby

If your baby has already suffered from colic, you know what I’m talking about: no parent worthy of the name can remain insensitive to the pain that seems to live in his offspring. At the same time, in these moments, the strident and continuous cries of a baby can quickly overcome well-formed parents. For all these reasons, many parents are looking for solutions. Honestly, none of them is 100% proven. But by combining them, we still managed to soothe the baby as much as possible. We put together 14 tips on how to comfort a colicky baby.

Infographic for the list of tips for colicky baby

1. Establish a Soothing Atmosphere

Colic makes baby scream. His tears annoy you. Your stress results in anxiety. And it’s the hellish spiral. But your baby is counting on you to reassure and soothe him. Choose skin to skin contact, wear it in a sling, bathe it, sing lullabies, talk to him softly … in short, create a soothing atmosphere, try to recreate the womb environment the best that you can and keep calm as much as possible!

2. Walk Baby on Your Forearm

The best thing parents can do to help a colicky baby go to sleep is motion. The colicky baby wants the warmth, the comfort, the cosines and the motion that they experienced when in the womb. Walk around the house calmly, swaying gently. Help your baby feel secure and snuggled up. With a stroke of luck, he will fall asleep.

3. Massage Baby

This solution is often mentioned by health professionals. Nevertheless, its efficiency seemed random. With two fingers, make circular movements on the baby’s tummy to soothe the pain. You can also try essentials oils.

4. Buy an Anti-Colic bottle

Bottle manufacturers have developed anti-colic bottles for colic, regurgitation, reflux and hiccups. Some bottles have a specific design like the Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottle, others such as Nuk or Advent, are equipped with nipples adapted to mimic natural breastfeeding. You will find a selection of the best anti-colic baby bottles here.

5. Place a Hot Water Bottle on the Baby’s Tummy

This is one of those rare solutions most parents don’t try. Putting a warm bottle on baby’s stomach would apparently help to calm bloating and reduce pain. You can also try the heat cushion with cherry stones. If you have tested, feel free to share your opinion in a comment!

6. Place it Upright During Feeding

To prevent the baby from swallowing too much air during feeding, some specialists advise to hold him in a position as vertical as possible at the time of the meal. Also, try to opt for a smaller bottle to prevent it from filling with air unnecessarily.

7. Give it Sweet Water

The sweet water is also said to have soothing properties against baby colic. It would be enough to boil half a spoon of powdered sugar in 20 ml of water before allowing to cool. To be served to the baby in a pipette, without exceeding two doses a day!

8. Avoid Cow’s Milk

The colic of a breastfed baby may be due to a food that the mom consumed. A diet based on cow’s milk and dairy products (butter, yogurts, cheeses …) could upset the baby’s tummy. Stop them for a few days and watch your baby. If you notice a difference, you will need to eliminate dairy products from your diet and switch to almond milk or coconut milk.

9. Choose the Right Milk Powder

Some milk powders can reduce the pain caused by colic. Talk to your doctor and he will help you find the right one. However, avoid changing the infant milk too often. Also, read Practical Guide In Choosing The Best Formula For Babies.

A Video From CNN on How to Treat Colic

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