Who has not heard of diaper rash? This skin condition affects babies in general for up to 15 months. The diaper rash is a common infection, but scary for the mother and especially painful for the baby. Find out what home remedies for diaper rash can soothe your baby’s bottom.

How to Identify Diaper Rash

Diaper rash occurs as redness on the baby’s bottom, accompanied by small pimples and plaques. It is caused by prolonged contact with a used diaper. The baby’s skin is thinner and therefore more vulnerable. But it can also be caused by an irritation caused by a detergent if you use washable diapers.

Even if diaper rash is not contagious or serious, it is still important to treat it quickly and prevent the irritation from gaining momentum. In this article, we’ll share with you a few home remedies for diaper rash that will definitely put the smile back on your baby’s face.

Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

First, if you are a fan of washable diapers, it is essential to perform a good “scrub” by washing at high temperature with the addition of white vinegar. When possible, leave your baby walk around without a diaper. When changing, don’t use wipes or other scented lotions that might aggravate the skin.

  • Olive oil (1 tablespoon added to 5 drops of water) is the best-known remedy and by far the most effective.
  • Sprinkling cornstarch on the damaged area also relieves and helps with healing.
  • The application of cod liver oil provides immediate relief to the baby.
  • Lanolin oil or wool wax (also used by lactating moms) makes a protective barrier.
  • Pure petroleum jelly has the same action.

In general, home remedies for diaper rash prove to be effective. However, consult your doctor if the irritation does not go away or spreads.

More Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Diaper Rash On This Video

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