Not enough time, overworked, exhausted, children … What if they were only false reasons? Indeed, if it is the motivation that you lack, then we propose you to look into HIIT workout: a type of training based on short intervals of intense cardio workout, with a more effective circuit training for burning calorie, weight loss, and gain muscle mass.

You can get yourself into a HIIT workout (HIIT = interval-training high intensity) that usually offer 2 sessions of HIIT per week. 45-minute sessions are very effective to gain tone, burn more calories and lose weight. Space out the sessions to make room for good recovery and be even more effective.

The HIIT workout has the wind under its sails, because honestly when we have little time, we want that our gym sessions to be fully optimized. By alternating the time of intense effort with periods of active recovery, weight loss is promoted and at the same time acts on the firmness of your body.

What is HIIT Workout in Detail?

Why bother with 3 or 4 difficult series when 12 repetitions of the same series may be enough? Sports scientists have long considered this question: time of effort versus intensity, endurance or explosiveness? HIIT workout fits perfectly into a session of intelligent bodybuilding.

Instead of doing several series and finally moderately soliciting the muscles, you get a similar or even greater effect in building muscle when you follow a circuit.

But how come two workouts a week are enough to melt the fat? Training is very intense and a lot of energy is burned during exercise; the metabolism continues to be active even after exercise and the body consumes calories. This is how HIIT boosts your metabolism.

The Course and Benefits of a HIIT workout

Only two days of training per week? Yes, and you can do it!

Here are ten basic exercises for your HIIT workout that you can do comfortably at home. You need nothing more than a chair and dumbbells (or two full 2-liter water bottles, of course!).

Before HIIT training, it is advisable to warm up quickly for five to ten minutes. Go for a short jog, run on the spot, ride an exercise bike, then the number of repetitions of your exercises that follow, do not exceed 15 repetitions, but if it seems easy, increase the difficulty of each exercise.

Important: Do not stop if muscles burn a little. Is it indicated another repetition? Go for it! Get out of your comfort zone, push a little more effort capacity each time. Exceed your limits (which are sometimes very short!). The HIT sessions are also that: to push your limits!

Make sure the exercises are done properly and slowly, you need to take your time, choose your training days so that there is always at least a two-day rest between each session for the muscles to regenerate.

HIIT Home Workout for Women Exercises That You Can Do!

Exercise 1: The Pumps

  • Sit on all fours, resting on the knees to start, and cross your feet.
  • The support on the arms should allow positioning of the upper body so that the thigh and the back are aligned. Do not lower the pelvis, take care not to arch, tighten the stomach with this sensation to bask the navel to the spine.
  • The wrists are placed under the shoulders.
  • Bend your arms to lower the upper body to the ground for four seconds.
  • Stay on the ground in support of your bent arms for two seconds, then push back on your arms to return to the starting position in two to three seconds of effort.
  • Do as many reps as possible.

Exercise 2: Squats

Simple but very effective exercise of HIIT-workout: squats that will mobilize the gluteus and all the muscles of the legs.

  • Stand up, your legs are slightly wider than the width of your pelvis, your feet are flat and parallel. Lower your shoulders well, do not clench your upper body, lift the sternum, look straight ahead.
  • Bend your knees pushing your buttocks back as if you were going to sit on a chair behind you. While going down, stretch out your arms. The back remains straight throughout the exercise, the shoulder blades are pulled back. The upper body leans very slightly forward.
  • Do as many reps as possible.

Exercise Level 2: If you manage to do more than 15 without much effort, then work out your squats. Take a dumbbell in each hand and hold them firmly at the waist.

Exercise 3: Butterflies with Weights

By using dumbbells or large bottles full of water, you can effectively tone your arms, shoulders, and bust. This exercise of opening and closing, said the “butterfly”, particularly solicits the large pectoral (the maintenance of the breasts, does it speak to you?) and the biceps.

  • Stand upright with your legs open to the width of the pelvis, the parallel feet firmly anchored to the floor, and the pelvis tilted slightly to avoid arching and stabilizing the posture.
  • Take a dumbbell in each hand. The weight of the dumbbell should not be too light.
  • Pull the shoulder blades backward, so that the sternum lifts slightly, the knees are slightly bent. Raise your arms at a right angle while holding your dumbbells to form a cactus (forearms bent and arms and shoulders aligned). The dumbbells (palms of the hands) turned inwards. As if you wanted to show that you are strong!
  • Slowly turn your elbows inward until your forearms or dumbbells touch each other, but keeping the bent position at right angles. Like a butterfly that opens and closes its wings, then return the arms to the starting position.
  • Do as many reps as possible.

Exercise Level 2: Over 12 repetitions, increase the weight of your dumbbells or bottles (you can ballast them with rice).

Exercise 4: Raising Arms with Weights

With this arm exercise that reproduces a weighted draw movement of dumbbells, you tone the whole back. The muscles of the arms are also solicited.

  • Take support on a chair with armrest or the back of the sofa, for example, to help you maintain the back in a correct posture.
  • Stand next to your chair, bend the left knee forward, knee above the foot no more, which will be your supporting leg with the weight of the body.
  • Take the dumbbell in your right hand, your left hand is supported on the armrest of the armchair (the wrist is just under the shoulder). The upper body is tilted forward and aligns with the right leg stretched back.
  • The right arm hangs down firmly holding the dumbbell.
  • Slowly raise the elbow backward, and bring the dumbbell back to your bust until the arm is fully bent, without moving your shoulder or bust. Hold the position for one second, then lower the arm again, controlling the movement so as not to hurt the joint.
  • Repeat as often as possible. Do the same on the other side.

Level 2 Exercise: If you are doing more than 12 repetitions, do not hesitate to light up the weight of your dumbbells or bottles.

Exercise 5: Sharpened Calves

To draw your calves by toning them, this exercise of your HIIT workout is just perfect! In addition, you perform a stretch on your Achilles’ tendons.

  • Stand on tiptoe at the edge of a step and stand at the rail with one hand. Otherwise, you can use a step, that you put in front of a window and you will stand at the handle of the window to not lose your balance.
  • Raise the heels gently over 4 seconds to gradually contract the muscle located at the top of the calf. Hold for one or two seconds, actively straining the calf muscles. Return to the starting position for 4 seconds until the heel is empty.
  • Repeat as often as possible.

Level 2 Exercise: Try this exercise without keeping up, to work the balance through the tonicity of your body.

Exercise 6: Forearm Surveys with Weights

Strengthen your biceps and forearms with this simple exercise.

  • Take a dumbbell in each hand, the inside facing up.
  • Stand with your feet wide apart from the pelvis well anchored to the ground, your legs are slightly bent and your pelvis is tilted slightly forward.
  • Be careful to lower your shoulders so as not to cringe.
  • Pull the shoulder blades down so that the sternum lifts.
  • Slightly bend the arms of the body (holding your dumbbells), the elbows are firmly glued to the sides of the waist. Slowly lift the dumbbells for three seconds by folding the forearms. Make sure the upper arm does not move, neither the shoulders nor the bust.
  • Lower the forearms by returning to the starting position by controlling the descent at the same time as the climb.
  • Repeat as often as possible.

Exercise 7: The back of the thighs

For a nice gluteus, a tonic abdomen and the back of the thighs without cellulite, this HIIT workout exercise is perfect!

  • Stand on all fours in support of your forearms, elbows under the shoulders. The knees are spread out at the width of the pelvis, on the ground under the hips. To keep the back from arching or bending too much, contract the abs and keep your shoulders away from the ears and tightening the shoulder blades. The buttocks should not move during this exercise.
  • Lift your right bent leg keeping this right angle as if an imaginary thread was pulling your foot up. Slowly, the back of the thigh is pushed towards the buttocks. Hold in the air for a second before lowering the leg again, controlling the descent. Make sure you do not move your hips.
  • Do as many reps as possible, then run the exercise on the other side.

Level 2 Exercise: Beyond 15 repetitions, twist the tip of your foot slightly outward. This complicates the exercise.

Exercise 8: Crunches and Side Crunches

Thin waist, firm abdomen: with the famous exercise of the crunch, you mobilize the abdominal muscles. By doing lateral crunches, you mobilize the transverse abs.

  • Lie on your back, your feet are spread about the width of the hips, knees slightly folded.
  • Tighten the abdominal muscles as if you want your belly button to touch the spine. Also remember to contract the perineum, so as not to push your organs down with the effort!
  • The arms are either folded by putting their hands behind their ears (without crossing, because they must not push the head), or along the body.
  • With abdominal muscle strength (so not with the momentum or support of your hands), lift the head and shoulders off the ground for four seconds. Do not break your neck, it must stay on the axis of the column.
  • Go back down slowly for four seconds as well.
  • To mobilize the transverse abdominals, go touching the outside of the right knee with your left hand while going up and do the same on the other side.
  • Return to the starting position. Repeat as often as possible.

Level 2 Exercise: For extra exercise, bend your legs 90 degrees so your calves are parallel to the floor. For the lateral ones, you can also take a dumbbell in each hand.

Best HIIT Home Equipment for Women

When you want to buy sports equipment at home, you are sure to find many articles on the Internet.

There is no need to invest thousands of dollars on gym equipment that will just clutter your house. Choose the minimum equipment to reach maximum results.

Let’s start with what you do might need.

1. Bodylastics The Combat Ready Warrior Resistance Band

Bodylastics The Combat Ready Warrior Resistance Band

The kits Bodylastics and  Combat Warrior are especially suitable for beginners, women or men. Like the rest of the range, the bands are made of ultra-durable natural latex and benefit from the patented Anti Snap system for safe training.


Our Rating

Expensive, compared to other choices? Yes.

Worth it? YES!

Comes in a nice camo gear bag, with excellent instructions, good choice of bands, and door anchor and grips and hand wraps.

The bands themselves are super well made. I’ve gained confidence they won’t come loose, snap apart and pluck my eye out (knock on wood).

They gotta be good to instill that level of confidence in you, but they appear so well made, you start to be comfortable.

The book and accompanying website are excellent and you get a free trial to their video instruction workouts site.

I find these bands very useful for regenerating nerves and muscles for my C6 nerve impingement from bone spurs compressing the nerve and causing some muscle strength loss and atrophy. It’s working well to isolate and let me focus on recruiting the muscles in question.

Home Deep Peaux

Costumer, Amazon

2. TRX Training BASIC Suspension Trainer Kit

TRX Training BASIC Suspension Trainer KitAmong the perfect equipment for playing sports at home, TRX straps are great for getting back on the line and toning. They present almost only advantages. Today, they are considered as an essential element in fitness rooms.

The TRX Suspension straps are easily transportable while allowing to perform at least 150 different exercises. You can work for any muscle group under optimal safety conditions.

It is an excellent material to start in good conditions without breaking the bank. If you sweat a lot during the workout, it’s better to buy a gym mat than to practice on the tile floor.

Otherwise, you risk having a figure skating session ?


Our Rating

I love this! It really challenges you and engages your core more than any plank I could do or HIIT workout alone. The TRX is a great alternative for weights, at least for me. The only thing I would caution is to make sure you hang this on a door that closes the same direction as your pulling. Meaning if you’re pulling the TRX toward you with a workout, that door should be a door that also pulls closed. It works okay on doors that open toward you, but I have better piece of mind that I’m not just relying on a thin lock bar

Costumer, Amazon

3. Merax Deluxe Foldable Utility Weight Bench Adjustable Sit Up

Merax Deluxe Foldable Utility Weight Bench Adjustable Sit Up

For a workout at home, a bench is a true ally for many exercises if you use dumbbells. A good reclining bench is a must. This bench with multiple inclinations, rather than a flat bench.

Otherwise, there are a lot of exercises that you will not be able to perform, such as inclined or some biceps curls. For the price, it will be difficult to find better. Unlike elastic bands that are sufficient on their own, dumbbells require more equipment.

The dumbbell weights should match your abilities. We recommend AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells


Our Rating

Good weight bench for home use and the assembly took about 30-45 minutes. You will need a socket kit with varying sizes and also a crescent wrench or an open ended wrench set in order to tighten down all the different sized bolts. I’m 6’2″, 180 pounds and it works great for me and is not too small or too big. I’m glad I bought this bench instead of another one because it adjusts very easily on the fly for different workout types. The only thing I wish the instructions would have listed is torque specs (I’m used to it from working on my car) for the different bolts because I was hesitant of over tightening them, sometimes don’t know my own strength and stuff breaks, but this did not happen with this bench. Everything was packaged well and simple enough for a quick assembly. 5 stars and can’t complain. Customer service is also prompt.
James Swearengin

Costumer, Amazon

4. ProSource Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat 

ProSource Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat

You will need a mat to facilitate your floor exercises. In addition, an exercise mat will protect your tile or your floor if you use dumbbells. Fitness or yoga mats come in different thicknesses corresponding to different degrees of comfort. Choose wisely.


Our Rating

Quite pleased with the thickness of these tiles. These are pretty light weight and are likely best used for lighter activities such as yoga and stretching. If you’re doing heavy lifting, go for the rubber tiles. Easy to cut if installing wall to wall or around vents. They fit together nicely and shouldn’t slide as I have them cut in on both sides of the room.

Costumer, Amazon

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