Planning for a date night can be a tough job. Anxiousness to bring out the perfect plan makes it even harder. We have thus come out with some of the simplest date night ideas to help you turn you date night into something like never before. Read on to know more.

1. Long drive by the countryside

If you are looking to spend some alone time together, a long drive can be a great option to consider. You can consider going by the countryside for a long drive and enjoying the nice night sky. It is even better if it is after midnight. The silence can significantly add on to making your date night even special.

It can not only be fun but also allow you to spend some great quality time as you entwine yourselves in each other. You think it is romantic? It is. With no one to disturb your peace, you can just stop around a nice spot to talk to each other and sink in each other’s depths even better.

2. Spooky tour

Well, it can be subjective, and an uncalculated plan can swing both ways. If she is really up for the adventure, it is a great plan to consider. If she is not, you can just surprise him. It will surely force her to cling closer to you as you slowly caress his hair and hug him tight.

If he is frightened of ghosts, a tour to a local cemetery can be bit risky but a lot of fun. The fun can even be enhanced if you can organize someone to help you with increasing the spookiness to pull her even closer. Some ghostly music or a few staged up ghosts may be? But please avoid it if he is terrified of ghosts. He might just scream I kick his way out of there.

3. Maybe a picnic together?

This is yet another idea to think of if you can go out to someplace. Just travel to a new place together and carry the simplest things. If the place allows rental cutleries, ovens and buy some goods, you can cook together. It will have a twofold benefit – allow you to grow closer together by spending some time and develop your bond as you work together. It will even work to develop your compatibility. If you got a mall around, participate in a five-minute race to find the best item for each other.

If you know each other’s choice, it is not only going to be fun but thrilling as well. You can even try to sneak from each other and when you bump in, make sure you hide the items before you start the picnic.

4. A childhood memory recreation

Have you been together for a long time now? Then you must be having a lot of good memories since your childhood. Or have you just shared your childhood? Even if that is the case, you can try to simulate the situations and bring out the laughter on her/his face. It can be anything from a funny school event to a romantic incident you enjoyed together during your initial days of a relationship. If you have been to high school together, you surely have a lot of memories that you can tap on. Take some time out and dive deeper down the memory lanes. You will surely find a lot of cases that you can bring up again. It will surely bring a broad smile to her/his face.

5. Something restricted

Restricted things are always more fun. It can be a closed water park or the exploration of a deserted building. You can even search up a list of the most restricted things in your area. If you have contacts, it is time to really contact them. Can you sneak him into a mall after it is closed for the day? He can try out all the dresses he dreamt of, and with no one around, you can just enjoy yourselves to the best. Another idea to consider is to sneak into your school or college campus to rejuvenate your memories or just share more of what was missed during the days.

6. How about a dinner date?

Dinner dates are obviously great. It is not necessary to be a restaurant. It is not expected that you do not know his favorite cuisine by now. You can even cook something special or just order his favorite dish from his favorite restaurant and enjoy the fun in your own home. Want to add a candlelight? That is even better. Can you make the arrangements in the rooftop? The night sky stars can do a lot more to add on to the ambiance. If you can sneak into some top tower or high rise building with a couple of use and throw plates, a bottle of water and the packed food, you can just make the best out of the simplest idea.

By now, you most probably know that you do not need a huge budget to have fun. If you are close to each other, time is enough to help you enjoy. Do you really need things to help you enjoy each other’s company? The next time you are planning to go out on a night date, just think of some creative ideas together – not over materials.

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