Mom, do you talk to kids about how they should utilize social networks? This is a constant concern at home. We realize that just as there are fun and smart things, there is also inappropriate content for the little ones (even on YouTube Kids!). In any case, we usually can’t filter what arrives for our children, since we are not always around, watching what they are seeing.

So, it’s up to us to take some precautions, so this does not affect our little ones. Mainly, to keep them from consuming inappropriate content – there are many out there.

Tips to make YouTube safer for kids

Use Playlist

When your children sign in to YouTube, they’ll see the playlists you’ve created and watched them, rather than watching what shows up randomly. Playlists also reformat the section upwards so that your children see only the next video in the list and not an unpredictably chosen related video.

Enable Restricted Mode

In the settings of your Youtube account (the small gear symbol), allow restricted mode at the bottom of the page. This should reduce some of the things that are inappropriate for the age.

Disable Auto-Play

Videos related to the side of the main video you’re watching will play automatically unless you turn off AutoPlay. Turning off this prevents a potentially age-inappropriate video from playing.

Use a Video Blocker

Downloadable video blockers are made by third parties. You can add them to your browser and configure them to block videos by channel, subject, or keywords.

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