What are some of the most simple things in life that we can all enjoy? Do you enjoy the simple things in life? You might consider some simple things in life to be the beautiful shining stars on a bright night, the blue sky on a sunny day, the grass, the flowers, the warm touch of the sun, your lover’s eyes, the laughs of your kids, etc. All these things are always there, constantly surrounding us, offering us their subtle magic.

enjoy the simple things in life sunny day

enjoy the simple things in life – Photo by Alvin Balemesa on Unsplash

However, it’s not every day that we stop to watch and enjoy them, and sometimes we seem to forget that they even exist.

Only when you miss out on those beautiful things or when we find ourselves having maybe not the best upbringing do we suddenly appreciate what constitutes our heart and all these internal strings that make the music of our existence and which give it meaning.

Now, everyone is free to complicate their lives as much as they want, we all have the right to take risks, to have dreams and a social circle as wide and varied as we want.

What really matters is not to lead a simple life, but to try and simplify your thoughts and to be able to determine what is really important to us, what truly makes our heart happy.

From there, we are all free to inspect our own micro-universes. We invite you to reflect on this topic; enjoy the simple things in life.

Simple Things are the Greatest Things in Life

We can all think of at least something that we would never give up, even in exchange for the most incredible wealth: the lives of our children, our companion, our brothers and sisters … even our animal’s company because they give us so much and what they are offering is an emotional exchange that is priceless.

Now, sometimes, life does not make it easy for us; for example, sometimes you know that it is your children who matter the most to you but, you have no choice but to work all day, which prevents you from spending as much time as you would like close to them.

You would like, no doubt, for everything to be easier, that’s why occasionally you feel as if you’re lost amongst the pressures and obligations that day after day are moving away from what is true and essential to your being.

That is why it would be interesting to take the time to think about these different aspects.


Live Fully and Consciously

To live fully and consciously is to know what time of your life you are living in, to live inside the present moment, here and now.

We must take into account what our heart and our needs tell us. It may be, for example, that working more gives you the opportunity to have more things, but you are aware that despite everything, you prefer to spend this time with your family.

To live fully is also to understand that every effort is worth it because every single thing you do makes you happy and offers happiness to others closest to you.

If there is no reciprocity, there is no fullness. Look at your life as if it were a cycle: if you are not in harmony with yourself and what is going on around you, then it will be very hard for you to be happy.

Enjoy Simple Pleasures; it’s a Way of Life

Not everyone knows how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life; some are simply unable to see them when others do not know how to appreciate them or they just lean towards material things or the immediate satisfaction, the one that does not endure …

To appreciate simple pleasures is a way of life that many cultivate because they already have adequate interior peace without artifice.

We’ll leave you with, some simple pleasures that lead us to discover the small pleasures of which we had then never expected:

  • The pleasure of beautiful friendships
  • The pleasure of a hello and an unexpected caress
  • The pleasure of contagious laughter of a child
  • The pleasure of this intoxicating wind after a storm
  • The pleasure of a sun drowning in the ocean in absolute silence
  • The pleasure of getting up on a Sunday without any worry

How to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life & be happy?

Enjoy life. Enjoy the simple things in life.

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