For centuries, womankind has been plagued with one critical and highly frustrating question. OK, make that two critical and frustrating questions. Will men EVER learn to ask for directions on road trips? And, just as important, do prenatal vitamins make you fat?

Any way you look at it, prenatal vitamins pretty much rock. These precious pills and supplements offer a whole host of benefits for the expectant mom; supplying her with needed strength and energy at the stage in her life when she needs it the most. Yet despite its many holistic benefits, a nagging rumor seems to persist about the possible side effects of taking these vitamins. Many people believe, as a matter of fact, that these important supplements will expand the stomach and waistline of the mom to be; morphing a baby bump into a baby beach ball!

In this article, you will learn more about prenatal vitamins and their many uses and benefits. You will become more informed about the ingredients that make up these vitamins, and how each of them works both together and individually to build the body and enhance the health and stamina of a woman about to bring a whole new life into the world; in the process undergoing the all-consuming and physically demanding process of childbirth (Are we scaring the bejesus out of you yet, Ladies? OK, we’ll stop).

And you will learn the answer to the question of the day—not to mention the nine months. Do prenatal vitamins make you fat?

do prenatal vitamins make you gain weight

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins, Young lady

Your mom always told you to take your vitamins, correct? Well as annoying as she may have sounded in issuing this piece of advice approximately umpteen times during your childhood, she was correct.

The Mayo Clinic goes so far as to say that a human being needs vitamins and minerals to grow properly, function in a normal and productive manner, and build and sustain good health in general; especially if you are not deriving sufficient nutrition from the foods you eat. The clinic specifies that this is particularly true of prenatal vitamins, as moms to be need certain specific nutrients to protect and develop their health—and, of course, the health of their growing baby.

These ‘vital vitamins’ include calcium, iron and folic acid; the very building blocks of good health, especially for expectant moms and their extremely little ones.

Prenatal vitamins are particularly rich in the needed nutritional elements of folic acid, calcium, iodine, and iron.

  • Folic acid can prevent neural tube birth defects in an infant, which can impair the brain and spinal cord. It also boosts one’s red blood count, thus preventing anemia in pregnant women ().
  • Calcium builds bone and bone density in both mothers and babies.
  • Iodine promotes healthy thyroid production in an expectant mom and helps prevent miscarriages.
  • Iron transports oxygen in the blood of both mother and child. In addition, iron deficiencies in babies have been known to cause stunted growth, severe mental challenges, and hearing impairments.
  • Prenatal vitamins also include other essential health boosters that include vitamin D, vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin E, and zinc.
  • Prenatal vitamins also are credited with maintaining maternal nutrition during pregnancy, and even with strengthening the fetal placenta.

So it’s obvious that prenatal vitamins afford endless benefits for mother and child alike. Why is it, then, that the March of Dimes reports that fewer than half of expectant moms take their recommended dosage of prenatal vitamins? Well, unfortunately, the answer just might lie in a single pivotal question: Do prenatal vitamins make you fat?

Our culture and society pressure women to maintain a state of constant, almost impossible thinness—even while they are pregnant. Ladies strive continually to gain as little weight as possible during their terms and may be wary of any food or vitamin that promotes weight gain.

From a more reasonable outlook, some moms to be may worry about the effects of excessive weight gain on their babies; wanting their children to start off life in a strong state of robust good health.

So with these considerations in mind, it is finally time to answer the question:

Do Prenatal Vitamins Make you Fat?

Well before answering the question, Do prenatal vitamins make you fat? it is important to remind everyone of a single pivotal piece of solid and well-verified information:

Pregnant ladies gain weight.

“REALLY?” you might be thinking at this point. “Well thank you for revealing this piece of rare and highly technical medical information!”

Seriously though, Folks: a woman of average weight should and will gain 25-35 pounds during her pregnancy. Underweight ladies should gain 28-40 pounds, while overweight women should gain 15-25 pounds. And it is actually considered a good idea for the average woman to consume 300 more healthy calories per day than she did before her term. No, really. WebMD says so.

So while pregnancy does indeed cause a considerable amount of weight gain, prenatal vitamins most definitely do not. Indeed, a prenatal vitamin supplies the body of a pregnant woman with added nutrients, not additional calories.

When one thinks about it, this concept really makes sense. Vitamins, in general, do not cause weight gain, and in fact, are prescribed as part and parcel of many weight loss programs.

So why do many people ask the question, “Do prenatal vitamins make you fat?” Well this myth may be attributed to the fact that a good number of prenatal vitamins do contain an omega-3 fatty acid known as DHA or docosahexaenoic acid—actually a healthful and beneficial fat needed for the development of your child’s brain and nervous system.

Some fat is good (no, really). So while prenatal vitamins are indeed possessing of some healthy and indeed mandatory fats—elements that help support and enhance the health of mother and child alike—the answer to the question, “Do prenatal vitamins make you fat?” remains true, completely and unequivocally, “Nope.”

Feel better now? Good. Now let’s find you some beneficial prenatal vitamins that will add vital nutrients to your diet, without adding unwanted pounds.

Which Prenatal Vitamins Should I Take?

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Do prenatal vitamins make you fat?”, then your next question may very well be, “What are the very best prenatal vitamins?” Here are some suggestions regarding the healthiest, most fortifying and sustaining, and ultimately beneficial vitamins on today’s market.

Recommended Prenatal Vitamins

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5.Garden of Life Kind Organics Prenatal MultivitaminCheck Price on Amazon

The question “Do prenatal vitamins make you fat?” is a critical one in the minds of the vast majority of expectant moms; especially those particularly conscious of their health and wellness, as well as the successful growth and development of their babies. And, truth be told, few women count the accumulation of unwanted pounds to be a good thing. The fact is, however, that—in lieu of unwanted pounds—prenatal vitamins add needed health, strength and vitality to the lives of mother and child. So what are you waiting for, Ma? Order your prenatal vitamins today. Also don’t forget to workout and keep your physique in good shape even you are carrying your precious little one. Just be easy.

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