Figs are known to have therapeutic virtues. Among other things, they make it possible to treat respiratory diseases and prevent breast cancer. In addition, this emblematic fruit of the Mediterranean is rich in vitamins and minerals. The drying of figs is an ideal option to enjoy the benefits of this fruit all year long. Discover in this article how to dehydrate figs.

how to dehydrate figs

The Preparation of Figs

Figs begin to mature in June and can be picked until the end of August.

For best results, choose only ripe fruit. Palpate the fig to recognize its state of ripening. When is tender and soft, then it can be stored for drying.

Whichever method you choose to dehydrate figs, it is essential to wash the fruits with clear water to remove impurities. Remember to gently handle the figs when cleaning. You do not risk to alter the flesh of the fruits.

Do not hesitate to dry the figs with a tissue, you will eliminate the excess water on the skin of the fruits.

To optimize the drying time, cut the figs vertically in half with a knife. Your fruits are ready! You can now proceed to the dehydration stage itself.

dehydrated figs

How to Dehydrate Figs

There are three methods for drying figs (dehydrate figs)

Sun drying

It is quite possible to let the figs dry (dehydrate figs) in the sun. For this, simply place the fruit on a rack or in a basket. If you choose this method, allow between 24 to 72 hours for the figs to be completely dehydrated.

Of course, there is a risk that your fruit will be washed away by an animal! And this technique also requires that the sun is optimal for the duration of preparation.

Baked Drying

When using the oven for drying figs (dehydrate figs), make sure that the heater does not heat up to 60 ° C. For this method, the duration of dehydration is fixed on average at 36 hours. You must also return the figs so that both sides are completely dried. Dehydration requires an oven that can be set in low-temperature mode.

Drying with a Food Dehydrator

Nowadays, it is becoming easier to dry fruits and vegetables thanks to the dehydrator. This equipment is handy and practical for dehydrating figs.

Buying a food dryer is the best way to dehydrate figs yourself.

Dehydrator, an Indispensable Device for Drying Figs

Surely you wonder how to dry fresh figs in a timely manner? The use of a dehydrator is recommended to accelerate the drying time of this fruit.



The Operating Mode of the Dehydrator

The dehydrator has several components facilitating the process of drying figs:

Equipped with a resistor and a fan, the equipment blows warm air on the trays to place the fruit to be dehydrated. The purpose of this process is to eliminate the water content present in the flesh of the fruit.

The thermostat, it allows maintaining a constant temperature throughout the duration of dehydration. It also aims to promote the drying of figs at low temperatures. This feature is essential for preserving the nutrients found in fruits.
The timer is used to program the time needed to dry the fruit. Know that the duration of dehydration depends on the moisture content in fruits and vegetables.

How to Dry Figs in the Dehydrator?

To dry the figs in the dehydrator, set the temperature of the appliance to 60 ° C. This temperature is ideal for removing moisture while preserving the nutritional quality of the fruit.

Then store the cut figs on the trays. Make sure there is a space between each fruit so that warm air can reach all the pieces.

Allow 20 to 35 hours for the figs to be fully dehydrated. The drying time depends entirely on the sizing of the fruits.

When the figs are dried, it is essential to let them cool before storing them in food boxes or jars. Dried figs can be eaten at any time. Thanks to their nutrient content, they are ideal for small and large snacks.

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