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Hi! I’m so happy to have you here. I am always looking forward to collaborating with people with the same interest. Just like Mom Bureau’s tagline, “Helping Moms Be Moms”,  any form of healthy collaboration is welcome. Mom Bureau strives to publish content that further help mothers be more knowledgeable and efficient moms. If you have quality content that you are willing to share, contribute it to Mom Bureau. Below are ways you can collaborate with us:

  • Product Reviews
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Giveaways
  • Sidebar Ads
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Website Feature
  • Guest Posts

If you are looking to do guest posting on mom bureau as a means of link building, check out below Mom Bureau’s guest posting guidelines.

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Guest Posting Guidelines

  • Minimum of 1500 words.
  • Cover:  beauty, fashion, lifestyle, kids/babies, motherhood or parenting.
  • The post titles should be provided and target keywords can be optional.
  • Send us something that is worth reading.
  • The post you are submitting must be your own creation, 100% original content, exclusive to us. It should not be posted elsewhere (including on your own blog/website) before or after it appears on our site.
  • Double-check it. We only accept guest posts that use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation (it makes publishing faster).
  • Your article must be presented in a non-advertorial, non-promotional fashion.
  • You are welcome to make mention of and link (3 do-follow links) to your company/website, but no product/affiliate links.
  • Include your name, website URL, and short bio for the author profile.
  • We charge a small amount for the publication of guest posts, but it’s FREE if you can give us also links to your existing posts, allow us to do guest posting, and/or feature our site on your sidebar.
  • We reserved the right to edit and even decline post if the post doesn’t meet Mom Bureau’s standards.
  • Publishing takes place as soon as the post is clear to be published, ranges from a day or a week.


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Don’t be shy to poke me up at [email protected] or contact us if you have questions, ideas, send your guest post or just say hi!

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