Newborn Baby Hacks: Making Babysitting Easier and Enjoyable

Newborn Baby Hacks: Making Babysitting Easier and Enjoyable

A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside. A tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone. But when this adorable squished up little thing, comes out, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Good thing Emily Norris, a Youtuber, shares her newborn tips and hacks to make babysitting an exciting journey.



This stuff is seriously amazing. Before taking this the most I could get out of one side was 1 oz. Now it’s only the second day of me taking this product and I just was able to pump 3 ounces out of one side! And I haven’t noticed any side effects.

Hannah McGivern

Customer, Amazon

My son has only had 2 diaper rashes and is 14 months old. Those two diaper rashes were caused from severe diarrhea…. this is the best diaper wipe because it does not have harsh chemicals that will burn the babies skin causing rashes. My friends used other brands and their children were always red, every time I helped change a diaper the OTHER diaper wipes would burn my own skin, so I can’t imagine having to use other brands on a very delicate baby butt!

Cassandra Rodriguez

Customer, Amazon

It is healthy as a mom to have a habit of checking or changing their nappy every time that you feed.  This helps avoid nappy rash on baby’s sensitive skin. An easier way to check if the diaper is wet is to look at the yellow stripe on the outside and if it turned blue, it is wet. One Diaper Brand which has this feature and the Amazon’s best selling disposable diaper is Pampers. Pampers diapers are the number 1 choice of the US hospitals. It has this Extra Absorbent channels which help distribute wetness evenly.

I’ve never been a huge Wadler’s fan, but these were on an amazing deal so I grabbed a box. I got the size 5 and they start at 27 pounds, and my son is 21 pounds. Since I sized up they last him all night. I use cloth during the day so these are just a nighttime back up when my good night time diapers have not been washed yet. The reason I wasn’t a huge fan of swaddlers is because when I had newborns I always felt like their butts were sweaty, but I finally figured out that the pee will go straight through. Lesson learned by sniff test! I do like that they are soft.

Mom Life

Customer, Amazon

To help settle your baby, hold their head and bum and rock and sway. This will make them feel secure feels just like they were back in the womb. Some baby’s also like to be swaddled to mimic the feeling of being in the womb and the best way to do it is use a swaddle blanket and wraps them up like a little fajita. For maximum comfort, you can also order Ely’s & Co.’s Adjustable Swaddle Blanket on Amazon. This swaddle blanket is made up of 100% High-Quality Cotton to help baby sleep safe and sound while they feel that they were in the womb.

I’m obsessed with these! My daughter wiggles her way out of All swaddle blankets except for these. I would have gotten a bigger size though. I have a preemie and she fits pretty good in the 0-3 months.

Michelle Aguirre

Customer, Amazon

Having a newborn is exhausting. But time flies so fast and you won’t notice how fast your baby grows. One moment you were cuddling him, the other moment he started running and exploring the world and how it goes. So, although babysitting your own baby is like having a boss which doesn’t reward you, just hold them or kiss them and enjoy everything before they start running around.

The Best Way To Discipline Kids by Wine Mom

Watch Hannah Williams, best known as the wine mom, talking about the best ways to discipline kids … over a glass of wine.

Leading by example

It helps discipline kids if you lead by example. Trying to act the way you want your children to act is a good example. If you want them to use manners, then use manners when you’re interacting with them.

Do you agree? What’s your style of discipline? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

How To Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy: A Weight Loss Journey

Here are Ashley’s Green Tip on Getting Your Body Back

A video from Ashley’s Green Life entitled, “How I Got My Body Back After Baby”  where she talked about her journey towards her postpartum recovery and weight loss. Ashley, a sexy and energetic Vlogger, commenced her course towards her recovery weighing 155 and lost 44 pounds on the process.

Her fail-proof weight loss suggestions


Just a few days after pregnancy, Ashley started off walking gently on the treadmill. She then worked her way up to her harder pre-pregnancy workout. Furthermore, she recommended planking and cardio by hitting the treadmill so that you can workout avoiding going too far.

Belly Bandit

Because you started working out, she recommended using belly wraps to make results faster. One good choice available on Amazon is from Belly Bandit. This product is 75 percent polyester and 25 percent lycra. The Belly Bandit helps tighten and shrink your belly, waist, and hips faster. It is easy to adjust to fit around the belly waist to lose inches and look slimmer eventually. Moreover, it provides comfort to the C-sections moms. Plus the price ranges from 49 USD to 160 USD which is cheaper than the others. Shaping up as a way to cheat the tiring weight loss activities has never been this sneaky.

This worked great! I will be ordering again if I get pregnant again. I wish I ordered in a smaller size. Been going back and forth between a medium and a small. I got a medium. I’m 5’5 and weighed 160 at the end of my pregnancy. The band was too big after a week postpartum and I switched to the Bellefit gurdle. The product is well made and as described.

Angie Schweers

Customer, Amazon


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For Ashley, breastfeeding helped a lot in her weight loss process. Moreover, she thought that the fat stores she had, are pass on to her baby through milk. She did breastfeeding for a while, and it did significantly help her lose weight.

Getting More Sleep

Sleep has undoubtedly helped Ashley make her recovery fast. After working out, an ample amount of rest perfectly conditions her body. Hence, renews her strength to have enough energy to accomplish her mom duties for the day. Moreover, a good quality sleep enables her to give time to her weight loss activities as well.

Drink more Water

Ashley started drinking about 12 glasses of water a day and found out that the result is surprising. It may be more than the usual, but water helps cleanse the body, and her weight loss was evident too.


Because Ashley is a Vegan herself, she recommended Vegan Diet and proved that it has been contributory to her recovery and weight loss journey. Further, for her it is noteworthy that vegetables are low in fat and therefore helped her lose the unwanted weight.

Stretch Mark Creams

As stretch marks become visible, Ashley recommended using creams to erase them. However, she reiterated that stretch mark creams don’t work like magic. It takes time, and the efficacy may differ from person to person.

Love love love this stuff. I am currently training for a bikini competition and developed some loose skin from fat reduction around my mid-section and a ton of stretchmarks from two pregnancies. The cream increased skin firmness and decreased the appearance of my stretchmarks. Along with this product I used bio oil and a derma roller. This cream makes my skin so soft its a great addition to my beauty regimine! I added a photo of myself these are my results after 3 weeks of use. They did not prompt this review!!!

Michaela George

Customer, Amazon


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DIY Activated Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask by BeautyByJosieK

DIY Activated Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask by BeautyByJosieK

According to American Academy of Dermatology, Acne affects nearly 50 million Americans and is the most common disorder in the United States. With this overwhelming statistics, good thing a peel-off mask challenge becomes a trend, not just in the US but all over the world as people from different countries would film themselves trying-out peel off masks.

Josiek from the youtube channel Beuatybyjosielk, gained almost 42 million views as she filmed herself, as what she calls, “Easy DIY Blackhead remover peel off masks.”  She was caught using Good Natural’s Activated Charcoal face mask which is one of the best in the business.

Activated Charcoal Powder mixed with non-toxic glue and peppermint makes up what seemed to be in the video, the most satisfying black mask ever done. The activated charcoal costs 6.99 USD which is actually 50% lesser than other products. It also gained 4.5 stars customer review from Amazon which only shows how effective the product is.

After peeling the charcoal face mask off, Josiek showed how effective the result is by showing how his face looked clearer and smoother. The product is to be tried to see how great the result can be.

I’ve used Kerasilk for many years now. I went through a literal rough patch with my hair recently. I used a clarifying shampoo prior to using this deep conditioner and WOW!!!…my hair came out feeling SO SOFT and shiny! I couldn’t be happier. I’ll always recommend Kerasilk to anyone but especially this product if you’re experiencing rough dry hair.


Customer, Amazon


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