Solvaderm’s Eyevage Review: Is It For You?

Solvaderm’s Eyevage Review: Is It For You?

How do you find the ideal eye cream? Do you want it to smooth out wrinkles? Rejuvenate skin? Reduce dark circles? Eye creams come in hundreds of tiny pots with big promises—and typically even larger price tags. However, the trick to finding the right eye cream is discovering the ones which really deliver on the particular issues you want to deal with.

Today, we’re going to discuss Solvaderm’s Eyevage anti-aging eye cream. We will provide a complete summary of the product and do a careful examination of the ingredients list. This evaluation will provide you with a much better understanding of this particular product, and help you to understand if it’s an eye cream suited to your own personal needs.  Eyevage reviews online are inconsistent, some find it effective and reasonable for its price others said it did not work for them, I hope this article will help you decide and learn more about Solvaderm’s Eyevage.

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What is Solvaderm’s Eyevage?

Solvaderm’s Eyevage Eye Cream is a controversial eye cream targeted at dealing with the myriad of issues affecting the mature skin. This product works to improve circulation, tighten under eye skin and protect the location from further environmental damage.

Eyevage Eye Cream is an expert-strength formula that’s both paraben and fragrance-free. It features a combination of nutrients like vitamin K, dark circle-busting arnica, squalane and hyaluronic acid for a hydrating effect.

What are the ingredients of Eyevage?

Eyevage Eye Cream consists of a long list of particularly effective active ingredients. This formula intends to supply the skin with a high amount of antioxidant material, while simultaneously soothing and hydrating the skin under and around the eye.

We would venture to guess that this formula works well for users with dry skin who wish to nip newly appearing lines in the bud and lower the look of bags and dark circles beneath the eyes.


This skin-perfecting form of vitamin K accelerates recovery and repair work performed by skin cells. It has the distinct ability to fade and decrease the intensity of bruising, which makes it a reliable ingredient for reducing the appearance of dark circles and discoloration in the under-eye area. This clinically researched active ingredient can likewise improve skin elasticity, to make it look more firm and toned while minimizing the presence of wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines and other signs of aging.

Arnica Montana Extract

Arnica Montana Extract is an all-natural ingredient extract, used in Solvaderm’s Eyevage anti-aging eye cream to supplement the restorative properties of vitamin K. It is an anti-inflammatory, skin-calming ingredient that directly targets eye tissues in order to assist in removing the unpleasant properties which are often associated with aging skin. This critical active ingredient also accelerates the skin’s natural recovery and renewal process following exposure to a range of possibly harmful environmental stress factors.

Oxido Reductases

These active enzymes support healthy antioxidant activity, maintain skin’s total health, and combat the many cellular modifications which add to the appearance of skin aging. Antioxidants restrict the quantity of oxidative tension placed on the skin to minimize or prevent damage due to direct exposure to dangerous totally free radicals in the environment.

Glycine Soja (Soybean) and Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Proteins

This double botanical peptide complex improves microcirculation in the skin surrounding the eye. Comprised of cleansed soy and rice proteins, this expert-strength complex improves insufficient blood circulation and leakage from skin capillaries in the areas under the eyes. The end outcome is a brighter, refreshed and more dynamic skin around the eye.

Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil

Rich in nutritious fatty acids, this botanical fortifies skin with a protective barrier that seals in moisture, which is what makes it so effective in Solvaderm’s Eyevage anti-aging eye cream. The Apricot kernel oil is also full of antioxidants and vitamins, which protect skin against environmental damage and normal structural degradation due to sun exposure. This natural extract promotes optimum skin health.

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

This plant-derived ingredient is a softening and calming agent, absorbing quickly into the skin. Non-irritating and ideal for all skin types, jojoba seed oil provides hydration for drying skin and also improves the skin’s natural ability to lock in moisture It’s therapeutic substances soothe and alleviate inflammation and swelling.


This moisturizing extract has a smooth, non-oily texture and does not block pores. An extremely effective skin-balancing compound, squalane provides intense hydration and leaves skin fresh and soft. Its ability to permeate deeply into the skin is what gives squalane its noticeable skin restoring and enhancing properties, and why it is included in the Eyevage eye cream

Hyaluronic Acid

A highly sought-after skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid is an ultra-light hydrating compound that works to restore the skin’s younger structure and elasticity. Thanks to its softening impacts, hyaluronic acid is used to make skin feel more supple, improve skin texture, and render indications of aging less visible.

Eriobotrya Japonica Extract

This extract is a nutrient-rich, fruit-based balm, and is stuffed with anti-aging antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to resolve many of the issues commonly affecting the mature skin in the under-eye area. Its capability to soften skin and improve the look of firmness makes this a key element of the Eyevage formulation.

Who are the clients of Eyevage?

Eyevage is mainly meant to be used by females 30 and above. According to its developer, Solvaderm, it’s a formula designed to assist with issues such as under-eye bags and dark circles around the eyes. It fights these conditions by pumping hydration into the skin and stimulating collagen production.

The Eyevage formula uses multiple vitamins, extracts, proteins, and oils to illuminate the skin, injecting anti-oxidants and enhancing general skin health around the eyes.

What are the benefits of Eyevage?

Eyevage is a scientifically refined eye restoration treatment that works marvels on mature skin. This quick-absorbing cream glides on and improves the look and structure of the eye shape in the following ways:

  • Enhances micro-circulation in blood capillaries by setting in motion collected fluid. This causes a changing brightness and luminosity and fading locations of discoloration and dark circles.
  • Serves as a potent anti-inflammatory to attend to problem areas often seen on the surface area of aging skin.
  • Deeply hydrates and improves the skin around the eye, reducing several signs of the appearance of skin aging (including fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles).
  • Exerts a substantial firming and tightening effect, improving skin tone and offering the eye shape a brilliant and youthfully radiant appearance.
  • Safeguards the skin with amazing antioxidants and reduces the effects of hazardous substances such as sun exposure, which may cause skin damage and other changes that make skin look older.
  • Satiates the fragile layers of skin around the eye susceptible to dehydration, with nutrient-infused conditioners to make it look smoother, softer, and healthier.

How do you use Solvaderm’s Eyevage?

Solvaderm’s Eyevage is easy to use and can be incorporated into your existing morning routine without having to go through any additional actions. It is important not to use the Eyevage eye cream on the face while dirty or with makeup on; hence, washing the face should always be the initial step.

A generous amount of this eye cream should be dabbed on the skin around both eyes (without excessive rubbing, which might trigger inflammation).

Is Eyevage reliable?

Online Eyevage reviews differ depending on who’s writing them. Some individuals claim its effective and some say they do not notice any significant differences to their eyes after use. What’s clear, however, is that it does not workin an instant,” much like other eye creams promise. Things such as lines, crow’s feet and other potential indications of aging will start fading at a gradual rate, after using this product regularly over a period of time.

Solvaderm Eyevage Review By Carrie


Solvaderm’s Eyevage Eye Cream has a lot of powerful ingredients included in its serum. Users can expect practical, realistic outcomes when it comes to erasing defining lines and wrinkles, as well as some essential hydration.

Eyevage is slightly costlier than some other eye creams on the market, which it makes up for which its excellent money-back guarantee. (although it is unclear regarding how quickly users can expect to see marked results). If you want to read up more Eyevage reviews. check this link to Solvaderm’s website.

Check out more Eyevage evaluations from real clients who experience the item—the results will vary from individual to individual. Ideally, find a friend that used the product to seek advice from, then try for yourself to see if this product truly helps you rejuvenate your skin.

Recommended Alternatives:

1. Elite Serum Rx

2. La Roche-Posay Redermic C Pure Vitamin C Eye Cream

3. Baebody Eye Gel

Shea Butter for Skin Lightening: Is it Good?

Shea Butter for Skin Lightening: Is it Good?

These days, shea butter is used in every possible skincare product. From shampoo to lip balm- it’s one of those ingredients that have been typically used in many branded products as one of their primary components. It can offer you great skin and remove signs of aging. This leads to our main question, does shea butter for skin lightening actually work?

woman using shea butter for skin lightening

How Does Shea Butter Whitens Skin

Shea Butter for skin lightening is actually quite well-documented. This is the reason why it has become a typical active ingredient in many topical skin care products, and even in ingestible products intended to improve the quality, tone, and texture of aging skin.

American Journal of Life Sciences published collected evidence demonstrating the benefits that stem from the regular topical application of shea butter. The studies illustrated how shea butter has beneficial impacts that make skin appear more youthful-looking.

Shea butter has likewise been shown to have a relaxing effect on the irritated and irritated skin. If you’ve got acne, shea butter minimizes the inflammation and soreness, therefore naturally lightening your face and evening out skin tone.

Benefits of Shea Butter

We’ve been yapping of smack about shea butter for skin lightening, yet the fact is that it’s still a superb point to use on your skin as it has many other advantages. Shea butter advantages for skincare include:

  • Alleviates irritation
  • Deep skin hydration
  • Assists avoid the formation of creases
  • Makes skin feel softer as well as smoother
  • Aids prevent stretch marks from creating

So, while shea butter might not be the most excellent item to make use of for brightening your skin, it does give a lot of other benefits that are worthwhile. Thinking about the truth that you can get shea butter is cheap — it’s well worth the money to get some just for the various other skin advantages it provides.

Nutritional Benefits of Shea Butter

There are some critical ingredients within shea butter, which give it its unique healing and rejuvenating qualities, including skin lightening.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to promote the healthy performance of the skin. It’s this vitamin that makes it possible for shea butter to be helpful in many types of skin problems such as acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and more. It improves blood circulation to the surface and exfoliates the uppermost layer of the skin, revealing lighter, more youthful skin cells beneath.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E heals and regrows the skin by promoting the rapid regeneration of skin cells. This makes shea butter valuable in blemish reduction and scar removal, as well as assisting in decreasing hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin F

Vitamin F is a term used to profile all of the long-chain and short-chain fatty acids that exist in food and cosmetic items. Shea butter is, in fact, abundant in unsaturated fats like omega 6 and omega 3, along with in linoleic acid, oleic acid and more. This makes it very good for skin hydration and moisturization, as well as promoting youthful, flexible skin. It likewise assists in balancing the overproduction of sebum, which is the leading cause of acne and pimples in many people.

Essential Oils Combined with Shea Butter for Skin Lightening

This might be something brand-new to you, but mixing shea butter with essential oils is an excellent way of achieving a light, even and toned complexion. Essential oils are concentrated plant essences drawn-out generally through steam distillation from various plant products such as stems, flowers, roots, and leaves.

With the idea of “all-natural products” becoming continuously more popular in recent years, hundreds of essential oils exist in the current market. However, there are a couple which is recognized by the skin community as being useful for lightening skin, revitalizing overall complexion, remedying hyperpigmentation, lightening dark areas (including acne) and producing full-toned and glowing skin.

Shea butter can have many beauty advantages for your skin, and if done right, you can create your own skin lightening serum!

DIY Shea Butter Recipes

Calming Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter has numerous health benefits for your skin. It prevents your skin from getting dried, heals your chapped lips, calms your skin, combats infections and rashes, and supplies relief from irritating skin conditions like sunburn. It also assists you to get rid of aging indications.

Almond oil, on the other hand, removes dark spots and prevents your skin from getting acne. It is handy in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. You can use this recipe on your skin daily for brightening and evening out complexion.

To make at home:

  • Take a ½ cup shea butter and a ½ cup of cocoa butter.
  • Add 10 drops of almond oil and mix well in a clean mixing bowl.

Lemongrass Love – Lemongrass and Shea Butter

Lemongrass oil is an active component in battling against acne and fungal infections on your skin. It also helps in reducing oily skin, clears the cellulite, and makes your skin shine naturally, offering natural brightness and skin lightening.

To make at home:

  • Mix 1 ounce of Shea butter and 6 to 12 drops of essential lemongrass oil in a clean bowl and blend well.
  • Essential oils such as turmeric and sandalwood also have a similar effect as lemongrass- include them in your shea butter balm for added effect!

Baking Soda Beauty – Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, and Shea Butter

Coconut oil is invaluable in calming skin rashes and healing damaged skin. It is also used to lock moisture in your skin and create overall smoothness. Baking soda is a natural

exfoliator with an inherent capability to soften and assist in the elimination of dry skin.

To make at home:

  • Take 3 tablespoons of Shea butter, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Mix the ingredients thoroughly and melt everything in a pan, don’t need to boil the mix, just ensure that it can be mixed together.
  • Cool off mixture to room temperature, then squeeze a half-lemon wedge.
  • If the mix becomes extra melted, you can add beeswax to harden it.

Olive Oil Oasis – Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E

Olive oil is an abundant source of antioxidants, and it can enhance the procedure of natural exfoliation. Vitamin E slows down the aging procedure, and Chamomile’s properties include anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial characteristics.

To make at home:

  • Take half cup Shea butter in a clean pan and heat it. Let it get warm.
  • Add 2 tbsp olive oil and 3 tablespoons of vitamin oil, then mix well.
  • Add 10 drops of Chamomile. Let the active ingredients blend well and shut off the stove.

Green Tea Grace

Green tea extract has anti-aging hormones, and it can assist in improving your skin tone. It can even relieve your skin from the ache of a bad sunburn.

To Make at Home:

  • Take half cup Shea butter and heat.
  • Add 3 tbsp additional virgin olive oil and stir well.
  • Include 10 drops of carrot seed oil and stir it once again.
  • Finish with 3 tbsp green tea extract.

Recommended Shea Butter Lightening Product

Dr. Woods Skin Lightening English Rose Bar Soap with Organic Shea Butter


Benefits of Shea Butter by Penny Tovar

Shea Butter contains numerous health benefits, which are amplified when accompanied by particular oils and extracts. These recipes can all be performed at home- feel free to experiment with different mixes of essential oils and shea butter to see what feels best and what is most effective at toning and lightening your skin!

Shea Butter for skin lightening works might not be as fast and as effective as chemical products, but it works, and you might want to give it a try!

Why Facial Oils Oil Are Amazing For Your Skin?

Why Facial Oils Oil Are Amazing For Your Skin?

Facial oils are among those products that everyone thinks they do not need until they start using them and are amazed by the difference they make to their skin.

I had a heated discussion with a friend recently; she was fed up with her dry skin and the fact that her new expensive moisturizer was not making any difference. It was obvious that it was dehydrated and I knew there was a quick fix: I suggested she use a facial oil. She was incredulous at the very thought and insisted she just needed a better moisturizer. In quite a huffy manner, I might add. That was the end of that.

However, the next time I saw her, she casually slipped it into the conversation that she had bought some rosehip oil. Ha, I thought triumphantly to myself. I already knew she had, as I could clearly see that the little patch of dry skin on her forehead and the tiny lines under her eyes were gone.

Why Is Facial Oil So Good For Your Skin?

Facial oils are the best gift for dry skin and a good quality oil, naturally rich in fatty acids and antioxidants will work it’s magic and will leave your skin softer and radiant. The majority of facial oils are blended and can be used for all types of skin. Do your research and find the perfect one for you.

Argan Oil is a very good moisturizing ingredient as it has a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamin E, and is perfect for age support. I like Naturelle Pure Argan Elixir and Essence of Argan Pure Organic.

Certain luxury brands are famous for their facial oils and they have refined the art of blending to a fine art. Browse the lists of oils on the Darnphi and Clinique sites to find oils for every skin concern.

Other luxury facial oils that have stood the test of time are Clarins Blue Orchid Oil and Herbivore Botanicals. They are more expensive, but a good investment nevertheless.

The best mid-price oils I have used come from Jojoba Oil and there is an even cheaper alternative you might like. Open your kitchen cupboard. Olive and coconut oils are rich natural moisturizers but are warned, they are only really suitable for very dry skin.

Although it seems counterintuitive, do not write off facial oils if your skin is oily, as they can calm it down and stop it from panicking and overproducing sebum. Just make sure you use the right type of oil: Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil is ideal, as are most rosehip oil blends.

Women love rosehip oils with good reason. They are great for all skin types, moisturize due to a high concentration of essential fatty acids and can help to clear up scars, spots, and blemishes. Pai and Trilogy make good rosehip oils.

Have you tried & tested this or other A’kin products?

I was also very impressed by this A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil from the get-go. I  use it daily during both my morning & night beauty routine. I cleanse after removing my makeup wash my face and towel dry, and then apply 3-5 drops of this oil to my fingers, rub together and apply all over my face and neck, avoiding the immediate eye areas. Especially in the mornings, I immediately notice more color on my face, a natural glow that’s created by the orange pigment in the oil – and I love this! I’ve found that over the years my natural tan has faded, and although my foundation would bring me back to my color, on days I don’t wear makeup I feel rather pale.

I then go ahead with my day or night cream, (I’m currently using Manuka Tree Purifying moisturizers), which when combined leaves me with such soft skin and still has that visible radiance coming through. I find the scent of the oil in the bottle is quite strong, but it doesn’t leave as strong a fragrance once applied to your skin. Applying the rosehip oil to my neck has also helped to keep these areas moisturized throughout the day, as before; just using body cream didn’t do the trick. What I also really like about this product is how versatile it is. I’ve used it to keep my nail and cuticles soft and strong, and have occasionally applied it to my hair, for a de-frizz finishing oil before styling.

It’s even loved by Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr who boast the wonders of this rosehip oil. If you’re looking for the perfect radiance facial oil, Mom Burea recommends this A’kin Rosehip Oil.

Natural Eye Creams For A Stress Free Looking Mom

Natural Eye Creams For A Stress Free Looking Mom

“Pick up Aaron from soccer practice. Pass by the pharmacy for Ned’s medicines. Replenish the pantry with Susie’s favorite snacks. Put the second batch of laundry. Fix that loose button on Amber’s uni….”. MOOOOOOM!!!!! And all of a sudden you have been woken up from your methodical slumber. Another day is starting and there are just so many things to do. You get dressed in a hurry, you grab an energy bar from the bin and out you go with your keys on hand.

The checklist sounds all too familiar. The noisy chatter in every mom’s busy mind dealing with everyday life. It can get overwhelming. It is very tiring but yes, all the while fulfilling. Motherhood is indeed that special cocktail of everything that the world has to offer and more. To find more about what stress can do your health glance over our article Can Stress Kill You? A Guide For Women.

Because mothers have an innate sense of responsibility – over the household, the children, the husband amongst many others – you are on your toes twenty-four seven. A full day does not seem to end no matter how short the hours may be. The adrenaline in your body is pumping over time and this causes stress hormones to go into overdrive as well.

The Common Tell-Tale Signs of Stress

Stress can come in all shapes and forms. Some deal with stress by overindulging on food, which adds up to the pressure of putting off that weight afterward. Some may not have any appetite at all, which can lead to equally dangerous illnesses down the road.

Some forms of stress manifest in changes in behavior – with some dealing with stress on a more passive, detached manner while others tend to have severe mood swings. The most visible signs of stress, however, is on the skin.

When you are stressed, the skin tends to become more susceptible to acne and breakouts and is proven to be more sensitive to the sun. This can lead to unwanted lines and creases on the forehead, around the eyes and on both sides of the mouth.

Stress ages the skin very fast and with moms most especially, skin care may be the least priority given the many tasks on the checklist. All busy moms usually tend not to care or pay attention to proper skin care and but it is not too late to adopt a good skincare routine.

Stress lines on the face are more visible but can also be the easiest to prevent. Good natural skin care is very essential in keeping it healthier and more youthful. This goes very true amongst moms who will just grab the easiest bottle to reach the beauty store aisle. That is if she even finds the time to visit a beauty store at that.

Effects of Stress on Moms

When anxiety and stress levels are high, scientific studies show that brain activity is going on hyper mode. The brain senses the change in the overall physicality of the body. When people start to hyperventilate, that’s the brain dictating that something is wrong and the heart rate quickens at a faster pace. When this happens, other sensory organs follow this pace.

You can notice that when you are stressed, your nose itches more. Or your mouth gets dry faster. Or your eyelids are more hyper-aware and your pupils dilate more than usual. Because of the beating that the skin experiences in such situations, lines tend to form around these areas and causes what we call wrinkles. These might be signs of premature aging.

Most popularly known as crow’s feet, the ray-like lines around the eyes are caused by too much squinting due to light sensitivity. And what causes hypersensitivity to light? Non-stop pupil dilation or eye rubbing due to stress.

Moms often find themselves in these uncontrollable situations. To prevent this kind of strain around the eye area, you should maintain a simple yet effective skin care regimen, using natural eye creams. Nurturing the skin around the eyes will slow down the harsh effects of stress, leaving your skin healthy and glowing.

With so many products available in the market these days, it can be a daunting task to choose but the best option is to always choose eye cream brands that are made of natural ingredients for that right kind of balance in formula and effectiveness. For more natural skin care tips read our article Ultimate Natural Skin Care Guide for Moms [Revealed].

Natural Eye Cream Recommendations

Go Green. Go Organic. You will often see this branding reminder everywhere. More and more skin care products being introduced in the market are produced with this very mantra in mind. With so many chemicals surrounding the planet, skin care brands are becoming more conscious in putting organic, naturally-grown ingredients that are the least harmful to the skin for the long term.

When it comes to natural eye creams, these are some of the ingredients you need to be on the lookout for when purchasing in the market:

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Intensive Anti-Aging Renewal Serum


Aveeno recently introduced their newest anti-aging eye serum that helps visibly reduce wrinkles. The Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Intensive Anti-Aging Renewal Serum is made from Aveeno’s patented active naturals of blackberry complex that is high on anti-oxidants that helps reduce elastic and collagen loss brought about by harmful irritants such as anxiety and stress.

For optimum results, use with:


Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream


Their best-selling Hyaluronic Eye Cream, which is ideal for daily use, is an effective hydrating and lightweight eye cream that does not leave a greasy feeling around the eyes. This natural eye cream is made from hyaluronic acid, a component known for its powerful ability to retain moisture levels, and Safflower Seed Oil which is high in essential fatty acids. It also has euphrasia extract and aloe vera that helps soothe the eye area.

For even better results, you can purchase the whole Mario Badescu skin regimen line that also includes the Cream Soup, Gingko Mask and the Almond & Honey Facial Mask for only $67.00 on Amazon.

For optimum results, use with:


Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Eye Serum


Olay has been a synonymous drugstore brand to skin care. Their latest Eye Lifting Eye Serum combines their world-renowned formula with Amino-Peptide complex that helps skin renewal around the eye area and giving it a delicate smooth feel. It is very lightweight, non-greasy and easy absorbent and its vitamin complex ingredient exfoliates the skin to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just 2 weeks.

For optimum results, use with:


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream


Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Eye Cream speaks volume on the brand’s product mission – they are not anti-aging, they are anti-wrinkles. Their eye cream is packed with vitamin formulation of A, C, E and Pro-Vitamin B5 that provides unparalleled moisture levels around the eye area. The natural eye cream also has Melibiose which is a natural sugar component that aids in maintaining the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Combine this with Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Night Cream and the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer (for only $39.09 on Amazon) and your skin will surely love you for ages.

For optimum results, use with:


Be More Stress-Free

With all of these amazing natural eye creams easily accessible, moms should really take the time for a breather and relax with skin care pampering. Choose any of these well-loved and highly popular eye cream brands and start turning back the clock on those tired eyes. A healthier-looking skin around the eyes takes years off from your age and gives you that youthful glow.

Relax more. Start each day with a deep breath. Pamper yourself unapologetically. Take that nice, long luxurious bath. Knock the cork off that wine bottle. Put your feet up once in a while and savor the suppleness and smoothness of your skin. Tomorrow is yet another day. Bring it on 🙂

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How to Choose The Best Natural Sunscreen for Everyday Use

How to Choose The Best Natural Sunscreen for Everyday Use

We all take great care making sure our skin looks divine, but it’s all moot if we don’t use sunscreen.

That’s right! Sunscreen is the difference between maintaining awesome skin and looking like a grilled carrot. Contrary to what most believe, applying sunscreen should be part of our daily ritual and not just a summer thing.

Indeed, protecting our skin from this unforgivable heat is just one of the ways sunscreen benefits us. So let’s look at important reasons why we should wear it daily and the best natural sunscreen options available to us.

Important Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunscreen

There’s an alarming amount of people who go about their daily errands not wearing any sunscreen protect them from the sun. Even more concerning is how most don’t actually think it’s such a big deal.

Don’t wait until you regret not having worn sunscreen all these years only to end up with skin problems. Let’s treat it like the big deal that it is and read up on why sunscreen is so important.

Protection from harmful UV rays

If you haven’t heard, our climate isn’t exactly in very good shape these days. Other than the weather changes we’ve been experiencing like the latest storms in New York, the planet is also getting hotter by the minute. This is mostly because the heat we’re receiving from the sun is getting too much to handle. But this also puts us at a higher risk of being harmed by its UV rays.

What about our daily dose of vitamin D, you might ask.

You only need to be exposed to the sun for about 30 minutes twice a week to get your required dose. Including fish, liver, eggs, or dairy products in your diet, as well as taking vitamin D supplements are other alternatives in place of constant exposure to the sun.

Besides, prolonged exposure doesn’t exactly give you extra vitamin D, it just makes you vulnerable to the radiation that comes with the UV rays. Wearing sunscreen protects you from these and helps you prevent various skin ailments.

Reduces skin cancer risk

One of the more serious skin disorders you’ll get from long sun exposure is skin cancer. There are various types of skin cancer, but the worse of the lot is melanoma. It can be cured if treated in its early stages, but it can be life-threatening if left unattended. In fact, while melanoma starts on the skin, it can potentially spread to other parts of the body like the eyes or even the intestines. Once it has spread, there’s only a 20% chance of survival.

Helps avoid premature aging skin

Constant sun exposure is a slow process but its effects can last for years. First, the UV light will break down the elastin fibers which supports our skin, as well as the collagen that’s suppose to maintain its health. Then, our skin will age a few years older than we actually are when it starts showing fine lines on our face and dry looking wrinkles on our arms. Finally, our skin will lose its glow and make it look dull and boring.

ALSO READ: What is Premature Aging? Everything You Need to Know

Prevents sunburn and discolorations

Damage to our skin cells can cause severe sunburns. This includes redness, peeling, hives, and bruising which can all cause permanent damage, like scarring, on our skin. Not only that, but each sunburn we get increases our chances of getting lethal melanoma.

We’re also at risk of skin discoloration. Repeated sunburn causes the overproduction of melanin — a skin pigment which the body produces to protect our skin from too much UV light.

You can prevent these from happening to you by applying sunscreen in the morning before going about your daily errands, and in the afternoon when the sun is at its highest and hottest. But because we want to use only the best products for our skin, consider using natural sunscreen instead of highly commercial products.

Natural Sunscreen vs. Commercial Sunscreen

Natural sunscreens don’t use allergenic and harmful ingredients

The most glaring difference between natural sunscreen and commercial sunscreen is its content. The former makes use of organic ingredients that are processed chemical and cruelty-free. Because each extract and essential oil was able to keep its nutritional value, you’re not only protected from the sun’s rays, but you’re also maintaining your skin’s health.

Commercial sunscreens, on the other hand, have some of the harshest chemical ingredients that are harmful to your skin, such as Octinoxate, Benzophenone-3 or 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor (4-MBC). And you know what the rule is for food and health right? If you can’t read or understand it, then it’s probably bad for you.

No need to re-apply

Natural sunscreen isn’t absorbed by the skin, rather, it sits on the top layer. This means that all the natural minerals create a barrier between your skin and the harmful UV rays. On the other hand, because commercial sunscreens are absorbed by the skin, it takes 20 minutes before the sun protection is activated and you need to re-apply every 4 hours.

Actively nourishes the skin

The natural ingredients protect your skin by nourishing and soothing it upon use, which is perfect especially if you’re already following a strict skin care regimen. Using commercial sunscreen can possibly reverse the effects of your moisturizers and cleansers since it makes the pores of the skin prone to dirt clogging.

How to Choose the Best Natural Sunscreens

Now that you know why going “natural” is the best option, here are tips and tricks on choosing the right natural sunscreen for you.

Look for mineral sunscreens

The most important minerals the best natural sunscreen has are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are what ensures your sunscreen stays on the top layer of your skin to reflect UV rays, rather than getting absorbed in the bloodstream and therefore making you vulnerable to carcinogenic toxins.

These mineral ingredients are also gentle on sensitive skin, so you won’t experience redness or irritations.

Choose the right SPF

SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a measurement used to determine how well your sunscreen can protect you from sun radiation. The misconception is that the higher the SPF, the better it can protect you from the sun.

The extra protection is actually negligible. People tend to be complacent when they use high SPF sunscreen so they tend to extend their time in the sun. But this false sense of security is what’s going to get them in trouble.

Remember that the number indicated on a tube of sunscreen only tells you the length of time you can stay under the sun before you’re at risk of sunburn. The good news is you can determine which SPF works best for you.

According to the Nature Beauty Blog, different skin types are allowed a certain amount of time of sun exposure:

  • Fair Skin – 10 minutes
  • Olive Skin – 15 minutes
  • Dark skin – 20 minutes

To find out how long you an SPF 50 can protect you from the sun, just multiply it to the minutes corresponding to your skin type. For instance, an olive skinned person can stay 15 minutes without protection, multiply it with 50, then you’ll get 750 minutes of protection (which is about 12 and a half hours).


You didn’t want to apply sunscreen before because it makes your face oily, so why would you wear one now just because it’s natural? Well, the simple answer is that natural sunscreens are mostly non-greasy. The oily sunscreen look is almost non-existent, even if the best natural sunscreen does use essential oils to maintain your face’s moisture levels.

Applicable to your skin type

Just like with face wash, you need to make sure the natural sunscreen you’re using is appropriate for your skin type. While all natural sunscreens have nutritional value, it’s best to ones that can also treat dire skin types like oily, dry, or sensitive; as well as maintain the health of normal type skin.

Buy sunscreen from healthy option stores

The best place to start looking for natural sunscreens is a store dedicated to selling natural and organic products. You’d still have to do some label reading though, but at least you have staff that can help you find what you’re looking for.

Product Recommendations

Salt & Stone Surf

The essential oils and butter used to create a tube of Salt & Stone Surf help hydrate the skin and maintain its natural pH balance. It also provides 80 minutes of water-resistance, so it won’t wear off if you suddenly find yourself caught in the rain.

Big fan of this stuff, I have sensitive skin and this does not irritate it at all. Seems to last a really long time as well!
Brett Bylund

Customer, Amazon

Cleure Natural Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

This sunscreen from Cleure is perfect for all skin types, but it does focus on providing optimum protection for combination and sensitive type skins. Other than providing a layer of protection from the sun, it also moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness and irritation.

One of the best sunscreens I have ever used. I have very sensitive skin and have had problems with other popular products causing my skin to break out with rash that would be very un-comfortable for days. Cleure is pricey but worth every penny. Would recommend for anyone with sensitive skin

Customer, Amazon

SkinCeuticals Physical Matte UV Defense

One of the best features of the SkinCeuticals Physical Matte UV Defense is its ability to minimize the appearance of pores as well as oil on the face. So you won’t have to worry about the “oily sunscreen look” on your face and body. Its matte finish can withstand any weather conditions, as well as provide broad-spectrum protection from the sun.

Has a tan tint when applied, so no white face or overcast look. Goes on smooth and doesn’t make my face feel greasy at all. I just apply a tiny bit more primer to areas I get super oily for extra coverage. Concealer and foundation go on smoothly afterward. LOVE this as a primer and great UV and SPF protection!
Christina Z.

Customer, Amazon

Kari Gran Three Sixty Five Facial Sunscreen

Most makeup foundation comes with sun protection factor. But this isn’t enough to prevent getting face blotches and discoloration. This is why facial sunscreen can give you an extra layer of defense against UV damage. Kari Gran Three Sixty Five is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that can UVA rays and UVB rays that can age and burn the skin, respectively. Apply the sunscreen on your face, neck, and chest after washing and moisturizing.

Contrary to the other reviewer I never found this to be pilling or difficult to remove at all. In fact I found it to be very moisturizing. The smell I find to be earthy-herbal. Though it does feel a bit tacky afterwards I find that after a while it does dissipate and throughout the day when it mixes with the natural oils in my face it gives me a certain glow that I really like. A little goes a long way with this so while it is expensive it will last me quite a while. Overall my skin loves it! Definitely a repurchase!

Customer, Amazon

Do-It-Yourself Natural Sunscreen

If you want to try creating your own natural sunscreen, you can definitely do so at home. You can even ask the whole family to help out and turn it into another project you can do together.

You can start by preparing the following ingredients:

  • Shea butter – 2 tablespoons
  • Jojoba oil or Almond oil – 1/2 a cup
  • Coconut oil – 1/4 cup
  • Preferred essential oil (e.g. vanilla extract)
  • Beeswax – 1/4 cup
  • Zinc Oxide – 2 tablespoons


  1. Get a mason and combine all the ingredients except for zinc oxide. Close each jar with a lid, but make sure it isn’t too tight.
  2. FIll a pot with 2-3 inches of water and place on medium heat.
  3. Place the mason jars inside the pot and wait for the ingredients in the jar to melt. Stir occasionally.
  4. Once the contents of the jar are melted, add the zinc oxide and stir.
  5. Get your preferred sunscreen storage and transfer all the ingredients. Stir again to make sure all the ingredients have combined nicely.

And voila! You’ve just made your very own sunscreen.

We’ve been talking about using organic face wash and using Ancient Greek beauty routines, but that will all be useless if we don’t wear sunscreen. So let’s allow ourselves to be vain and focus on how we can take better care of our skin and keep it looking radiant.

Add these natural sunscreens in your daily skincare routine and experience the difference that extra layer of protection gives you.

DIY Activated Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask by BeautyByJosieK

DIY Activated Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask by BeautyByJosieK

According to American Academy of Dermatology, Acne affects nearly 50 million Americans and is the most common disorder in the United States. With this overwhelming statistics, good thing a peel-off mask challenge becomes a trend, not just in the US but all over the world as people from different countries would film themselves trying-out peel off masks.

Josiek from the youtube channel Beuatybyjosielk, gained almost 42 million views as she filmed herself, as what she calls, “Easy DIY Blackhead remover peel off masks.”  She was caught using Good Natural’s Activated Charcoal face mask which is one of the best in the business.

Activated Charcoal Powder mixed with non-toxic glue and peppermint makes up what seemed to be in the video, the most satisfying black mask ever done. The activated charcoal costs 6.99 USD which is actually 50% lesser than other products. It also gained 4.5 stars customer review from Amazon which only shows how effective the product is.

After peeling the charcoal face mask off, Josiek showed how effective the result is by showing how his face looked clearer and smoother. The product is to be tried to see how great the result can be.

I’ve used Kerasilk for many years now. I went through a literal rough patch with my hair recently. I used a clarifying shampoo prior to using this deep conditioner and WOW!!!…my hair came out feeling SO SOFT and shiny! I couldn’t be happier. I’ll always recommend Kerasilk to anyone but especially this product if you’re experiencing rough dry hair.

Customer, Amazon


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