Top 13 Breast Milk Storage Bags That Dominate The Market

Top 13 Breast Milk Storage Bags That Dominate The Market

Are you preparing to become a mom soon? Perhaps you already have a checklist of the entire itinerary you require for your expected bundle of joy. However, amidst the mixed feelings of fear and confusion, you might not have factored in some of the essential items you will require in your initial days of breastfeeding. And it doesn’t matter whether this is your first baby or you have pushed an entire baseball team, the risks of forgetting the essentials are always there.

As you probably already know, the breast milk contains all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals required for healthy growth of the baby. However, pumping milk is a tedious and sometimes painful task which can lead to damaged tissues and general pain. Storing the pumped breast milk often results in spillage that is indeed a big loss for the mother and her child. Evidently, you need specially designed storage bags for your breast milk.

Breast Milk Storage Bags To Your Rescue

Breast milk storage bags are a feasible choice and come with different features, materials, and sizes to suit the needs of moms. The material of the bag is tough and takes a lot of effort to cause any damage to it. They are free from BPA and prevent any contamination, leakage or loss in nutrients. Most of the bags have a flat base which makes pouring simple which is the main reason for milk spills.

CDC guidelines have clearly mentioned that refrigeration of breast milk in specially designed bags ensure long-term preservation up to months at a time. The one and only drawback of these specially designed storage bags are that they cannot be reused due to pre-sterilization. But since they are cheap, moms can buy them in bulk that will suffice for months. There is a range of products in the market which provides amazing features but differs in size, shape, and other minor features. Here is our list of top 13 breast milk bags that are in demand.

1. Kiinde Twist –Pouches


The Kiinde Twist pouches are breast milk storage bags that makes the storing process less time consuming and more efficient. Available in two different sizes which hold 6 oz and 8 oz of breast milk respectively. They are compatible with most of the popular pumps using an adaptor which eradicates the process of pouring the milk manually into the storage bag. The milk in the container is ready for consumption directly from the bag saving time and effort.

The material used of is free of BPA-plastic and prevents leakage and contamination of any type. The airtight containers preserve the nutrients for long durations of time and prevent infiltration of bacteria and foreign substances. It costs around $26 for 80 of these and is available on, which is a pretty good deal indeed.

2. Lansinoh Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


These are the safest breast milk storage bags in the market according to the reviews of countless parents. Also, they are one of the current market leaders in this space. Around 6000 positive online reviews have made breast milk storage bags from Lansinoh the choice of moms around the globe.

The bags come with a double seal that can be opened and closed easily, a well-designed spout that facilitates easy pouring without spilling and can even stand flat which ensures easy storage and use a universal adaptor that fit with most of the pumps available in the market including the ones from Lansinoh. The cost is highly affordable and sells for $19 per 100 pieces of this amazing product.

3. Nuk Seal-N’-Go Breast Milk-Bags


Though milk storage bags from different companies claim to offer 100% safe and nutrient filled milk over long durations of time, unfortunately there exist faults and design errors causing leakage and contamination which can be detrimental to the health of the baby. But the breast milk storage bags from Seal N’ Go ensure that none of the above-mentioned issues ever happen.

With well-built seams, a zipper lock and strong body material the bags can endure strong impacts from objects. The protective covering and airtight insulation ensure absolutely zero leakage which is backed by online reviews of over 2000 parents. The body is waterproof which ensures no infiltration of water or oxygen, keeping the breast milk fresh in refrigerators for good amounts of time. These magic bags are available on and cost $9 for 50 pieces.

4. Ameda Store’N-Pour Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


Pouring breast milk from a bag into a bottle is not an easy task. Moms feel fatigued during such phases of breastfeeding and are not at their best at all times. Spilling is a common thing and bags from Ameda Store’N Pour take care of it.

The tear and pour nozzle ensure that precious breast milk is not spilled during moments when moms cannot focus properly. Apart from that these containers are compliant with all the CDC standards which make it safe to use at any point in time. In Amazon, the product is available for $20 per 40 bags. This line of breast milk bags is considered to be of premium quality and backed by countless reviews, both offline and online.

5. Milkie’s Breast-Milk Storage- Bags


With reinforced seams, zipper lock and a flat bottom, Milkie’s storage bags are considered to be the best choice for moms trying pumps for the first time. The compact and sleek design makes it easy to store the bag in small spaces.

The unique thing about this product is the set of detailed and easy to understand guidelines printed on the cover for moms to efficiently pump breast milk and store them in the containers without spilling and causing damage to skin tissue. These breast milk storage bags cost $12 for 50 and are available on

6. Dr. Brown’s Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


It is important to know the quantity of breast milk being fed to the baby from a breast milk storage bag. An accurate display of information regarding the quantity of milk in the container is essential to avoid overfeeding which can cause health issues for the baby.

This product has measurement marks on the container that displays the current quantity of milk giving the moms a pretty good idea of how much to feed. The size of these containers is fairly large and can store more quantity of milk than other similar products in the market. The thick body material keeps the breast milk safe for consumption. Around 50 of these containers is available for a mere $13 on

7. Philips AVENT Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


For regular pumpers, it becomes exceedingly important to identify the most economical and effective breast milk container in the market. These bags from Philips AVENT are effective and at the same time very cheap making it affordable for the majority of the users.

Similar to other products, it has an airtight zipper lock, well-built seams and a 3-inch long tab for fluent labeling. All these features ensure a good quality product at an unbelievable price. It costs only $10 for 50 of these bags and is available on in abundance.

8. Mommy’s-Precious Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


A normal sized container is well suited for babies but with time the consumption rate increases as they grow. This phenomenon demands a bigger sized breast milk bags. Mommy’s Precious have solved this problem with their impressive 8 oz. container that can hold more than almost all the other containers in the market.

Large container ensures that there is sufficient milk for the baby. In the case of extra milk, it can be stored in the freezer further later use. Surprisingly the container is affordable and priced at $20 for 110 milk storage bags with a capacity of 8 oz.

9. Thermal-Sensor Breast Milk-Bags


These bags have standard features like the other types of bags but are unique in a different way. The come with an inbuilt thermal sensor that pings the user when the temperature of the refrigerated milk becomes optimal for the consumption of the baby. This feature eradicates the probability of the baby getting burnt due to hot milk.

These milk bags have a flat base which helps it stand while pouring. They have a maximum capacity of 7 oz. and are made from BPA free plastic which is durable and reliable. The general feedback is that these bags endure the tests very well and lives up to its claims. It cost around $20 for 80 pieces and is available on

10. Tommee Tippee-Pump-and-Go Bags


These bags use a single pouch for storage and are similar to the process implemented by the Kiinde bags. This feature ensures that after filling the bag, it can be used to feed the baby directly. But it also has a provision for connection with pumps using an adapter. A screw top structure provides protection against impacts and spilling.

These bags are not reusable breast milk storage bags like the rest of the brands. It is a UK based firm and recently improved the structure and volume of the bags. With greats reviews online, you can easily trust this brand. It is available on at an affordable cost of $30 for 90 bags.

11. Honeysuckle-Breast Pump-Bags


For a mere $10 for 50 at, the honeysuckle breast storage bags are popular among thousands of parents. The bag allows milk to be directly pumped into the bag saving time and preventing spills.

These biodegradable bags are safe for the environment and promotes less use of plastic material. The material is tough and at the same time thin with perfect measurements. It has a standard capacity of 6 oz. of breast milk. This new mechanism has attracted a lot of attention and only cost $10 for 50 on

12. NeneSupply Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


This brand is known for their thick BPA-free plastic structure that provides safety against strong impacts and sharp objects. It is the perfect bag while traveling which solves a major breastfeeding problem. Normal milk storage bags might crack under pressure when tightly packed within a bag causing an unwanted mess.

NeneSupply breast milk storage bags can endure high pressure from both sides without influencing the stored milk in any way. The nozzle allows easy and accurate pouring preventing any spilling of breast milk. Like most of the brands, this bag has a maximum storage capacity of 6 oz. Moms get 40 bags for $15 also available on

13. Up-&-Up Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


These are standard breast milk storage bags with a double zipper lock and a strong structure for protection. The carefully designed spout assists in pouring perfectly causing no spills. An adapter can be used to connect the bag with a pump for easy and fast pouring.

The waterproof coating prevents seepage which can lead to serious contamination and loss of nutrients. The bags are available at $15 for 100 which is one of the cheapest and good quality bags in the market available on

The Best Brand To Use

After proper analysis and comparison, breast milk storage bags from Lansinoh has an edge over the others. It is the best selling product in this genre on Amazon and has the most number of positive reviews. Its airtight double seal and a properly designed nozzle provide the ideal environment for storage and pouring respectively.

These features have worked perfectly for many.and the brand is growing at an exponential rate. The cost is affordable and has reached a major chunk of the population number of moms.

Factors To Look Before Purchasing

Choosing the best breast milk storage bags is no walk in the park. Certain attributes need to be checked before committing to a particular breast milk storage bag. The first priority should be the safety of the baby.

The structural integrity is crucial as a weak one can burst when defrosted which can cause potential damage. Specifications like capacity, material strength, and design should be noted and compared for identifying the best brand for you.

Use Of Safe And Compliant Materials

It is mandatory for milk bags to be constructed using standard material that is in alignment with international standards.

Any material that has BPA and Phthalate content cannot be used in making breast milk bags as they allow the flow of chemicals and bacteria into the bag causing milk contamination. Pre-sterilization is crucial to completely eradicate germs and bacteria from the inside surface of the milk storage bag. A proper visual check is necessary to avoid defective products.

Price Of The Commodity

Two facts should be kept in mind while thinking about the price. Breast milk cannot be frozen after defrosting and the bags cannot be used more than one time.

So it is advisable to pay higher prices for top-quality milk bags as the cheap ones may not be very efficient which can lead to further complications.

The Size Of Milk Bags

The size of the storage bags is a dynamic factor which increases as the baby grows up. But if the plans involve freezing the milk, moms should store the perfect amount for one meal and not more. Any extra milk cannot be refrozen and will be wasted. You can opt for a larger bottle that can hold up to 8 oz for your growing baby as they will eventually start consuming more.

7 Breast Milk Storage Tips by Howcast

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If pumping is the way of breastfeeding, you should store a good number of bags for daily usage. If the breastfeeding is to continue beyond the first six months, larger breast milk storage bags would be required for an adequate meal.

Best Panasonic Massage Chairs Review

Best Panasonic Massage Chairs Review

People work, people get tired, people rest, and they work again! This is probably true for most us. No one is immune to getting exhausted. Unwinding is thus, extremely essential to prepare ourselves to embrace the next day’s challenges. Relaxing on a massage chair can be one way to release the stress.

Jobs which involve long sitting hours on computers or even lifting of weights etc. have huge side effects on our body. So many of us, especially the ones involved in physically demanding jobs, wish if they could stretch well. But not many of us have the luxury of time (and money) to visit spas frequently.

Talk about massage chairs, and voila, it feels as if it’s all that anyone could ever ask for! (No exaggeration!) A study claimed that over 50% of the people who sought using massage chairs were over 25 years of age. The figure makes sense, as people start to work around the same time.

Think about coming back home after a long day’s work with an aching back. For women, it’s many times even worse, because of added responsibilities of looking after their homes. Picture this, that you could be easily relieved of your back’s soreness! It’s easier to do so for real, now more than ever. Reports show that massage chairs help improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure, relieve stress, muscular tension.

woman with backpain

It has been observed since generations that many women develop chronic back pain during their pregnancies. Proved to have no adverse effects on them, massage chairs are a godsend gift to them. Call it wishful thinking, but it’s actually feasible to bring a massage chair to your home and leave your bad-back or sore neck days behind. These chairs are now increasingly simulating human touch and movements and unlike Spa’s time limits, they promise availability for a good 20 years.

To make things simple for you, we reviewed Panasonic, which has been manufacturing Panasonic Massage Chairs for over 35 years. The brand, operational for 100 years now, has created a name for itself by investing in futuristic technologies, which are aimed at making people’s lives easier. They are highly praised for their function-oriented designs, making them one of the most favored brands in the world, especially their electronic devices and equipment. With this brand, there’s something for everyone.

The top 10 chairs available in Panasonic’s portfolio are:


This is the primary offering by Panasonic in the world of massage chair. It is one of the members of the series known as “Urban Collection”. The chair is equipped with basic massage modules and can provide decent overall body massage.

Feature: The distinguishing feature of this chair is the control over the position of the back. This helps to customize and improve the quality of shoulder and back massages.


The EP 1285KL is the pocket-friendly option amongst the various varieties of massage chairs offered by Panasonic. It replaces the need to visit your massage therapist. Heck, you can practically have a massage therapy every day at your home.

EP 1285KL is the latest offering in the mid-price range of the Panasonic family of massage chairs.


  • The chair is equipped with air ottoman system along with auto recline feature and advance 4 massage styles. 
  • It is pre-loaded with 4 massage programs, namely: Quick, Chiro, Swedish, Shiatsu. 
  • The chair is equipped with a remote control for easy accessibility – all the functions are available at the tip of your finger. 
  • There are multiple manual massage options which can be used individually as required by everyone.


  • Panasonic’s patented technology, Air Ottoman System has proven to be excellent for Improving blood circulation in the lower half of the body, the calf muscles, and the toes.
  • Their wide Massaging Option is great for people who are looking for a replication of human touch.
  • One of the best features of the chair is the option to stretch legs. This provides an added comfort to the users.


  • Even though the chair performs its functions really well, there have been repeated complaints regarding its build quality.
  • Some customers may find the electric motor’s quite irritating at times and prevents them from relaxing completely. 


The next massage chair up here for discussion is the EP – MA03K. Like all other models of Panasonic massage chairs, this chair is designed to help customers achieve muscle relaxation like that in therapy.


  • The chair comes pre-loaded with 4 programs focussing on eep Tissue’ massages.
  • Users can select specific massage regions like neck/shoulders etc.
  • The chair is designed such that it accommodates a wide variety of body types, from the 50th percentile(150cm) to the 95th percentile (185 cm).
  • This chair also comes with Panasonic’s ir Ottoman System’ which helps to improve blood circulation.


  • The chair has an adaptable chassis which is equipped to handle a wide array of different physical features. 
  • The chair is equipped with over 108 different programs which are perfectly suited for one’s personal needs. 


  • Though packed with the latest technology, it is still not at par with the higher priced models and lacks great build quality.


This is one of the first ones from Panasonic’s futuristic line of massage chairs. The distinguishing factor of this model is its compactness. This chair’s design is nothing less than an engineering marvel. The compact size makes it suitable to accommodate this even in small-sized living spaces.


  • The chair is built on an S-track chassis which allows the massage rollers to smoothly follow the natural contour of the human spine.
  • Prior to the start of the massage, the chair scans the body of the occupant and defines the optimal pressure points for best the comfort experience.
  • The chair offers a wide range of massage styles like rolling, kneading etc along with the pre-programmed features
  • Selective message locations are available like massages for neck, shoulders etc.


  • EP MA10 offers a plethora of options for the neck region, which include the Swedish, Shiatsu or other forms of deep massages. These options are specifically meant for people suffering from chronic neck pain


  • This chair offers 14 air-bags to provide more comfort and better blood circulation.


This one is like the earlier model with slight improvements to cater to the needs of the customers. 


  • This chair also features the classical S-track chassis and offers a plethora of massage options along with pre-programmed massage modules. 

6. PANASONIC EP – 30004

This chair is famously known as the Shiatsu chair. The chair is equipped with the “Voice Guidance” system to help customer easily identify the different complex massage modules. The chair is the second in the series of the Panasonic’s famous “Real Pro Ultra Series”. The best feature of this series is the leg and shoulder stretch.


  • The chair comes equipped with the new massage technique called the Junetsu. In this new technique, the pressure is applied in a small rotatory fashion to allow penetration of its impact beyond the muscles, to the bones. 
  • The chair has dual recliner options. The first option is for massage and the second is for the recliner. 
  • EP-30004 comes equipped with a self-programming feature. You can program the chair to retain massage programs according to your needs. 
  • The chair is equipped with arm pads to provide arm massage. 


  • The memory feature provides customers to return immediately to the pre-set options for recurring pain options. 
  • The chair is equipped with 4 different message type options and 5-speed options to provide a diverse choice of options to its customers. 
  • The chair has 22 airbags which are significantly higher than the previous option.


  •  The design of the chair is mechanical with a high importance of the functional aspects. The creative aspect is on the lower side. 
  • The chair lacks media support, it has no provision to play music during massages. 
  • It also lacks temperature control. 


If you are looking for an all-around performer, this model fits the criteria well. The design is versatile and suitable for all masses. The chair has several delightful features which are listed:


  • The chair has the trademark Panasonic -Track’ chassis, which is quickly being adopted overall. This chair also features a 3-D scan option, with an extension of the scan facility to include the head. The massage rollers follow the contour of the spine to provide the desired relaxation. 
  • The chair also features heated rollers specifically for the neck and head region. Additional heat provides extra remedial value. 


  • The chair comes preloaded with massage programs for specific body regions like neck, shoulder, hip and lumbar area. 
  • This is one of the few massage chairs available in the market with the deep massage feature. People suffering from recurring pain in their back and the lumbar area can benefit heavily from this feature. 
  • The chair has 3 slots to store your personalized massage options. 
  • The chair offers a body stretching mode which is like the adjustments done by a chiropractor. 


  •  Even though the chair offers 33 airbags, it is still lagging behind other massage chairs in the similar price range. 
  • The chair has airbags only for massage of the lower extremities. There are no rollers, so the message options for feet are limited. The lack of rollers can be off-putting for many customers. 
  • The chair also lacks media support, so you won’t be able to enjoy music during your therapy sessions. 
  • The default setting of any given massage module is set fixed at 15 minutes. 


The Panasonic EP – MA73K looks like a simple recliner unlike its brothers and is without a doubt one of the better-looking massage chairs in the market. 


  • The chair has high attention to the detail towards the contour of the subject.  
  • The massage feature mimics the feel of a human touch.  
  • It also accommodates rollers for both, back and neck regions. The rollers are also heated to provide the added comfort and relaxation. 
  • This chair offers a higher number of massage programs compared to earlier models. It offers 5 programs in comparison to 4 provided by each of the earlier models. 


  • The chair features massage systems for the palm and forearm region. 
  • The heating facility is provided in the toe region for complete comfort. This aids in mitigating the stiffness and pain of the soles


  • The chair features around 33 airbags which are significantly lower than competitors in the same price bracket.


One of the best offerings by Panasonic is the MAJ7 model. This model features a comprehensive massage program with complete all-around features. The massage modules mimic human touch to provide added relaxation. 


  • The model has “Voice Guidance” feature to explain the numerous features to the customers. 
  • The chair has enough flexibility to accommodate from the 5th percentile till the 95th percentile of the population. 
  • The chair features 6 pre-programmed massage programs like shiatsu massage, neck and shoulder massage and programmes specifically for the back. 
  • The chair features 37 airbags for higher comfort. 


  • The magnitude of each massages types can be calibrated individually to suit personal needs. 
  • The massage of neck, shoulders, and back of this chair is unparalleled throughout. 
  •  Foot rollers, in combination with airbags, provide unmatched relaxation of the feet. 


  •  The padding of the chair prevents customers from taking full advantage of the neck/shoulder massages.  
  • The forearm massage is ineffective at times and can be coupled with the stretching programs for better results. 
  • The timer for each message is fixed and turns off automatically which is unpleasant for customers at times of relaxation. 

10. PANASONIC EP 30007

Panasonic introduced this chair with the highest number of massage combinations available in the market for the price point. 


  • The chair features 36 airbags for comfort and relaxation. 
  • The chair features a staggering 1000 massage combination. The number is unmatched by a competitor in any price range. 
  • The chair comes pre-equipped with several massage routines like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage etc. 
  • The chair is highly flexible and can accommodate people of the height of 195 cm. 


  • The largest number of massage combinations available for any chair. 
  • The chair is highly versatile and flexible and can be modified according to your needs. 


  • The number of airbags is on the lower side comparing the price range. 
  • Lack of media supports in the chair. 
  • The lack of heating feature is most probably the biggest drawback of this chair. 

We hope that you would have found the above information useful. And we are sure that Panasonic Massage Chairs would prove to be an excellent purchase for your house!

Our verdict: take the one which isn’t the most basic of all but the one which suits your needs within the budget. It will prove to be a great investment. Good luck! 

30 Best Minecraft Gifts for Christmas

30 Best Minecraft Gifts for Christmas

The importance of gift can never be neglected as they are the main source of showing care and love towards our loved one. Giving & receiving gifts on the occasion of Christmas is custom as it reminds us of the present given to Holy Jesus.

Minecraft gifts are basically a new idea/ trend because these are the best games out there and popular due to its huge educational value and fun. People of all ages are a fan of Minecraft.

My kids are a great fan of these games, and I always feel pleasure in making him happy with the amazing Minecraft gifts

So here I am suggesting some popular and trendy mine craft gift ideas out there for all Minecraft fans. These are the best ones in my selection for Minecraft lovers.

1. Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore

The Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore gives your room a nice glow and looks like a real thing from the game. This is a unique idea of gifting to give a person on Christmas.

It is a part of the top-selling game and Product dimension is 3.5x3.9x3.5 inches. It is a closed box with full color and mostly available in red & blue. It is a small & cute gift of Lightweight 4.6 Ounces and Recommended age 6+ years. It requires 2AA Batteries. A great Minecraft gift for Christmas

2. LEGO Minecraft

Lego box is pretty smaller and it makes sense too as the whole universe is made of cubes. It is such a game that every Minecraft fan will fall in love with it because it is inspired by the dwarf fortress and dungeon keeper. You can form fantastic structures, creation in multiple game modes. It will be a great pleasure for your kids so near me you can choose it as one of the best Minecraft gifts on Christmas

Its dimension is 4.8x5.5x4.8 inches and having a weight of 12 ounces. It is popular in the kids of 10-15 years.

3. Minecraft Papercraft Set

Minecraft papercrafts are looks like mobs and you can find them while exploring the Minecraft universe. It is all about to create a new world and with instructions you can build a new world easily. You get some collection like pig, chicken, sheep and some grassy blocks too.

It consists of some redstone, TNT & Iron blocks, minecart tracks, stickers & Minecraft mortar paper tape. It finds in over 48 pieces. Its dimension is 8.5x2x12 inches. minecraft gift fans with age of 6+ usually love to play it.

4. Minecraft Creeper Boy’s Hoodie

It is an ideal gift for Minecraft fans. Its design is awesome overall and just look like the creepers from the game. It’s like a garment you wear; no one can know you except a Minecraft fan.

It is in green color with long sleeved hooded neck, front pouch pockets and zip up style. It is made of 60% cotton & 40% polyester. When you wear the hood, it looks like an upside down creeper head.

5. Minecraft Light up Torch

Minecraft light up torch can light up your way and helps in many situations. it can be held and can be mounted on the wall.

6. Minecraft Cookie Cutter Set

Minecraft cookie cutter set consists of 5 pieces cookies cutter with unique shapes like a sword, pickaxes, and creeper and make you able to bake some small cookies of different shapes. Its a metal tin storage box looks like a chest from the game and it is popular in younger girls of 12+ age.

7. Minecraft Master Collection – Xbox One

Minecraft master collection based on Minecraft video games with 1000 minecoins and the starter pack, texture packs, skin pack, and other contents. You are able to create your own world with your imagination and can explore Might Mountains and oceans with your friend who are on mobile or Windows 10. It allows sharing the adventure too.

8. LEGO Minecraft the Melon Farm

The minecraft melon farm allows you to build a decorative complete farm with crops and creeper function. it consists of 69 pieces and popular in both girls & boys of 6 to 14 age. Its dimension is 7.5x5.5x1.8 inches with 2.4 ounces weight.


9. Minecraft metal pickaxe 3D keychain

It is the metal pickaxe shape keychain which every fan can relate to the moment when they got in their hands. This is made of 100% zinc. and can be gifted on Christmas. It is mostly recommended for kids below 5 years.

10. Minecraft big boys’ Boss T-Shirt

‘Play Minecraft like a boss now’. An Imported gift, made of 100% cotton is also a great idea to gift on Christmas. It features “like a boss” print, a diamond Steve is printed on it with a sword to get a mine. it is officially licensed design of Minecraft manufacturers. It is available of all sizes.

11. Minecraft Christmas Movie

Another popular gift is a movie which is based on the Grinch who stole Christmas and kids also like such movies of turtle and lizard gang. Not only kids, but adults also like them to watch. 

12. Minecraft Party Ballon

It includes 25ballons of pixelated mining style and includes sword, pixels, and axes. Creepers, spiders, dynamite all in one package to make a lot of fun. it is great for use in parties and perfect for gaming birthday themes. video night games and Christmas too.

13. Minecraft Animal 6 Packs

‘Bring Minecraft to life’. It is another popular overall the world as it consists of 6 animals like chicken, ocelot, wolf, pig, sheep, and cow. Each animal is designed pixelated and animal mobs are perfect for any Minecraft fan. It consists of small packs so not recommended of younger kids.

14. Minecraft Little Lizard Roleplay

Another video play of Minecraft is popular among all ages of people. Where you can watch a little lizard who is getting trouble by its neighbors and you can enjoy its all moments to deal with the neighbor.

15. Minecraft Card Game

Now Minecraft lovers can play a very special version of UNO with Minecraft characters. The main purpose to play this card to get rid of all cards in your hand. The first person will be the winner who reaches 500 points first. And when you are down to one card. Yell ‘UNO’. It’s a great fun to play. And popular in all ages of people. You can gift it on Christmas to increase the kid’s party fun.

16. Minecraft Activity Book

The Minecraft activity book consists of different puzzles and games. Colorful pages, crossword puzzles, matching games are the reason of its popularity and make the best Minecraft gift for Christmas.

17. Minecraft Refrigerator Magnets

Each pack consists of 2 magnet sheets packed with colorful classic blocks. These blocks are 80 in total with 1 inches dimension. Use these magnets to print out the treasure screenshot of the snow-covered island. It allows you to build cool maps and terrain for your game all over your house.

18. Minecraft Decorative Steeve Wall

It is a moveable wall graphic which can be used multiple times. It makes the wall looks like a blocky wall and it measures approximately 22.9 x 36.8 inches. it’s also popular in kids as it is a new adventure to them.

19. Minecraft Ghast Attach Track Set

It is popular for exciting offline play featured a minecart with a pigman mini figure. the set includes some tracks which resemble with the popular video game. When the ghast move launcher after opening its mouth and defeat the mob.

20. Minecraft Hot Wheels Enderman

Have you ever wonder how you would look like as a hot wheels vehicle? This is the thing which makes you to make yourself in car form. It’s a great gift of all ages. All favorite characters come in rich colors and powers.

21. Minecraft Hot Wheels Track Block Glacier Slide

Another popular gift and game for younger kids which allows you to build an adventure by combining the blocks. It is designed in such a way that it can connect with other sets in multiple ways and can play at any 90-degree angle. It also has some track pieces like a popular video game. It is as amazing as it has many creatures and hidden traps that can make you off from the track; It’s really just like Minecraft.

22. Minecraft Zombie Book

A Popular Book named with ‘Diary of Minecraft Zombie Book 1’ is famous in younger kids as they know the adventure of Minecraft and a zombie. There are hilarious adventure scene which makes the kid realized about zombie and Minecraft adventures.

23. Minecraft Lab for Kids

Minecraft allows kids to play beyond their imagination and creation. With this lab, you can balance your kid with real-life learning and interaction.

Start the book by using some common Minecraft language and examine modes of the game. Complete hands-on activity, craft, design and in the game project in each lab.

It has a list of book on hands-on activities and projects like clay, art, math, and creation. One of the best Minecraft gifts for your child for first-hand knowledge.

24. Minecraft Birthday Cupcakes

It consists of 24 pieces cupcakes, which are decorated with mini Minecraft characters and features. The figures are 1 inch tall. And looks good as placed on cupcakes. These are the most enjoyable for Minecraft girl fans.

25. Minecraft Creeper Face Mug

With its name, we can find that it’s a Creeper face mug made of plastic, While having coffee or tea, its a great pleasure to have a mug of your own choice and it also make you different while having tea or coffee with colleagues or friend. It can be microwaved easily. On both sides, there is a face of creeper in Minecraft. It approx measures 5x5 inches.

26. Minecraft Creeper Blanket

A 100% polyester made blanket is also a popular gift for kids, who are a big fan of Minecraft games. It is super soft and measures as 53x53 inches. It has full creeper graphic all over it.

27. Minecraft Transforming Sword

Another unique gift for Christmas is Minecraft Transforming Sword. Its made of metal and popular for its quick-change form. One minute its a pickaxe and the next its a sword. its an exciting one with two weapons at the same time. A perfect addition in Minecraft collection and also a great gift for fans.

28. Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio

It is used for making Minecraft films beyond your imagination and creativity. it combines real-life objects with a mobile app so that kids can direct their own beginning and ending. you can create, share and show off your own animations with friends and family. It includes 1 Movie stage with different backgrounds and 3 mini Minecraft figures and 18 other accessories. with a device holder. Its much popular in Minecraft fans of every age.

29. Minecraft Periodic Table

Another popular Minecraft gift is the periodic table where you can build a Minecraft world with tables. It consists of element blocks like diamond ore, air, water, Lava and glowstone. It has 27 element block of 1 inch. Blocks can be used in movie creator. You can use them to make a landscape of your imagination.

30 Minecraft Personalized Gamer Name

It is a great idea to decorate the wall of your game room with this. Its height, size, and colors vary, so you can choose it in the size which you think suitable for your room wall. It’s not just a name, but it is a 3D name which makes your room more attractive and like Minecraft adventures design. you can choose any name of your Minecraft game choice.

It is concluded that as there are much more Minecraft gifts are available and also get the attraction of people of all ages due to its imaginative ideas and creation which leads our kids to the new world of knowledge. As mostly gifts are best to give on the occasion of Christmas. So in my suggestion, Now on the belated occasion, we must present such amazing gifts to our beloved ones in order to make double the happiness and joy.

14 Brilliant LEGOs for Boys: A Collective Holiday Gift List for 2018

14 Brilliant LEGOs for Boys: A Collective Holiday Gift List for 2018

Are you looking for the best LEGOS gifts for boys this year? If you have boys on your Christmas list, LEGOs make the perfect present! There are so many different LEGO choices for boys that you might be lost as to which one to choose; a classic building set is always a treat, but if you want to find something more special, we have a list of LEGO gifts that will make your kids jump up and down with joy. You will find something for all ages—we all love LEGOS!

christmas gift legos for boys

1. LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle


This is a very unique LEGO set which is perfect for the boy who loves adventure. It features an elegant ship that includes a captain’s quarters, cannons, masts, and crow’s nest. Creator Jake Sadovich was influenced by an actual ship in a bottle he had built a few years earlier, which inspired him to create a replica LEGO brick version. This intricate LEGO set will definitely make a great Christmas gift for adults or older boys with a keen eye for detail and a desire to explore the ocean blue.

2. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle


It is difficult to find merchandise that hasn’t been touched by the expansive Star Wars brand, and for a good reason— the space age epic is adored by almost everyone. This 2019 LEGO Star Wars set is based off the Star Wars VR experience, “Secrets of the Empire” This set is a great LEGO kit for boys, but can really be the perfect gift for any Star War fan. Believe it or not, it is EXCLUSIVELY offered on

3. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Building and Coding Kit


This is by far the best teaching kit for very young programmers; kids can manage to build most of it with minimal adult help, and they will spend hours learning to code and program. The LEGO kid is accompanied by a fabulous mobile app a good-sized robot to control. Once completed, the finished item has lots of options for long-term play, rather than remaining a shelf display, as often happens with Lego creations.

4. LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit Ship


Bring the magic of Disney to your home with this impressive replica of the Silent Mary ghost ship from Pirates of the Caribbean. This impressive detailed Lego model is best for older boys and adults, with over 2,200 pieces included in the kit. The Silent Mary LEGO pack features: a hinged bow section; opening skeleton hull with decay and destruction detailing; a movable rudder; collapsible mainmast and two further masts; a long bowsprit with crow’s nest and mast; tattered sails: a detailed quarterdeck; a rowboat with two oars; and an array of weapons and accessory elements. The Pirates of the Caribbean model provides an extraordinary build and play experience!

5. Make your own LEGO MUG


While most everyone has seen the classical LEGO logo stamped onto a traditional mug, it is actually possible to BUILD a useable mug with LEGOS themselves! Everyone in the family will have fun designing a new mug each day with this LEGO kit, which functions as an actual coffee. Also, fun to give with a classic creative building set. This gift is a much better alternative than a ceramic cup with the LEGO brand o it.

6. Protect your cell phone with LEGO!


The LEGO Builder Case offers protection for your phone or iPod, while also allowing kids to build with LEGO bricks. The phone fits snugly inside the case, with easy access to all the buttons and the camera. If you’ve got some spare LEGO bricks, you can have a lot of building fun; the boy in your life will get a chance to design something unique and useful for you with this LEGO gift.

7. Porg LEGO


This is a great set made with the quality and design we have all come to expect of LEGO. Keep the Porg dream alive with this 19cm(17 ½ “)-high kit, complete with an opening mouth, flapping wings, and huge eyes. This LEGO kit is a little challenging to construct, and due to the number of small similar looking pieces, it might test the patience of some. But isn’t that part of what LEGO building is all about? Giving a complex LEGO gift such as the Porg set means not only will you get your money’s worth, but you will keep kids busy for hours on end

8. London Bus LEGO


Hop on board the 109 in London, which will take you one on of the most riveting rides of the city. The traditional bus’ route traverses one of the city’s most picturesque parts of town, Croydon Library to Brixton Station, and this LEGO set will make you feel as if you’re actually on it! The London Bus LEGO kit includes a myriad if intricate pieces which imitate every detail of the real coaches trundling through London daily. Your boys will like this LEGO gift so much they’ll be sure to want more!

10. LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator 42055 Construction Toy


What kid doesn’t want a giant marble-munching machine that they can build by themselves? The Technic Bucket Wheelset is just that! This kit features a true LEGO Power Functions motor, allowing the builder to drive the excavator in forward and reverse, rotate the bucket wheel, movie conveyor belts, and rotating superstructure, and utilize a working bucket wheel boom. This LEGO set will make a great Christmas gift for any kid that loves building and construction.



Kids will definitely be impressed with the Hogwarts Express LEGO set on Christmas day. This set will give them the opportunity to live the beloved magical world of Harry Potter and feel like actual witches and wizards. Perfect for kids who love Lego and Harry Potter, the kit comes with 10 story-based figurines, including the lovable Hagrid and everyone’s favorite Dumbledore. They will also get iconic creatures such as Basilisk, Fawkes the Phoenix, Hedwig and Scabbers. The completeness of this set makes it an ideal LEGO gift for the Harry Potter fans in your life.

12. Lego Star Wars AT-AT Set


Star Wars returns with yet another kit which fans of the series will love. The AT-AT set allows builders to create their own interactive armored snow vehicle, complete with weapons and snow troopers. This is a perfect toy to build, play with and then put on the mantelpiece! This LEGO kit is a great way to bring out the inner Jenni in kids and grown-ups alike who enjoy LEGO models such as this.

13. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit with Remote Control


This is a splendid kit with countless hours of fun and hard work ahead. The LEGO Mindstorms Robot Kit enables kids to build their own robots and program them using a system based on real industrial software (LabVIEW). The MindCub3r Robot is a further step up and can be built with the original Mindstorms EV3 set. It is a fully functioning robot and acts as a sort of AI (artificial intelligence). Made from plastic pieces, toy motors, sensors, and a microcomputer, this LEGO gift is not for the faint of heart or those easily discouraged. Kids get a real buzz seeing the completed robot complete tasks they themselves can’t, and often try to make the cube as difficult as possible in attempts to “outsmart” it.

14. NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Building Kit


This LEGO Apollo Saturn V is the biggest, and arguably the best, Ideas set to date. The elaborate set has terrific attention to detail, and the completed rocket is over 3 feet tall! The finished product can be displayed upright or horizontally on stands and is a great LEGO gift for boys as it will keep them ensconced for days on end.

legos for boys

There are dozens of LEGO kits designed for people of all different tastes— fans can become everything from pirates to wizards, to Jedis, to astronauts as they immerse themselves in the creation of a LEGO world. Regardless of which set you to choose to buy the boy in your life this holiday season, a LEGO gift is sure to bring joy to everyone!


Best Pull-up Diapers: When and How to Use

Best Pull-up Diapers: When and How to Use

Moms and Dads eagerly await the moment in which they no longer have to use diapers for their children, yet often dread the moment they have to start potty training their child.

Potty training can be full of leaks, accidents, and uh-ohs before children are finally able to use the bathroom constantly on their own. Luckily for modern-day families, current models of Pull-Up diapers, or transitional diapers, have a terrific fit, exceptional absorbency and additionally helpful extras such as wetness indicators. In this post, we are examing the best pull-up diapers on the market today.

best pull up diapers - when to use it

The terms, “pull-ups”, “training diapers” and “training paints” all refer to the same thing in that all of them describe a disposable diaper that can be lowered for toileting and then drew back into place. These kinds diapers tend to cost more than traditional models, but hopefully, they won’t be needed for long as your child transitions into using an adult bathroom.

Why and When Your Infant need to use a Pull-up Diaper

Beginning potty training is a significant event in your young child’s life; it symbolizes that your child is no longer an infant, but is transitioning into being a full-blown toddler. Making and sticking with the pull-up diapers is an important part of the transitional process and its importance both you and your child stick with them. Potty training isn’t just a convenience for you as parents– it’s actually the signature developmental achievement of toddlerhood.

potty training

The minds of young children are still in a phase of significant development, so accomplishing a complicated long-term task such as potty training is no small feat; it requires a combination of physical, psychological, ethical and cognitive skills from the child. By switching from traditional diapers into training pants, you are giving them a specific signal that a permanent change is happening in their lives.

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How to Use Pull-up Diaper

Pull-up diapers are essentially a backup method, used to help your child recognize when they need to go to the restroom and when they’ve had an accident. Since training pants are mainly geared towards older toddlers, they are usually able to hold more before needing to be changed.

During the potty-training process, your child might be able to use regular bathrooms throughout the day but have trouble throughout the night. To prevent nighttime accidents, make sure your child is wearing sleeping model pull-ups which will last them until morning.

Best Pull-up Diapers

The best pull-ups are easy to remove by toddlers themselves—babies do not have steady hands yet, and they are developing fine motor skills. This is an essential feature, and one to keep in mind when selecting the right training pants for your child. Since the whole purpose is to help give your child independence in using the restroom, pull-ups should be relatively easy to pull on and take off. Additional characteristics such as material, other effects, and design all come down to a matter of personal choice.

Since the whole purpose is to help give your child independence in using the restroom, pull-ups should be relatively easy to pull on and take off. Additional characteristics such as material, other effects, and design all come down to a matter of personal choice.

Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants


The leak protection on these training diapers is fantastic, which is an extremely useful attribute for those who donàt want to experience frequent accidents around their home. These pull-ups are designed in a way which makes pulling them on and off an effortless task for any toddler; the elastic around the waistband is flexible yet strong, allowing the diaper to remain strong no matter how many times your toddler yanks on them.


  • The leak protection is superb.
  • They are easy to use for a toddler’s fumbling fingers.
  • They come in visually pleasing patterns.


  • These pull-ups come only in traditional gender-specific designs.

Huggies Pull-Ups


Huggies is another brand which offers gender-specific designs. Also, Huggies offers two different lines of their pull-up diapers: Cool and Learn and Learning Designs. When a toddler has an accident in the pull-ups, the Cool and Learn pants delay slightly before absorbing the material, allowing the child to feel a sensation of wetness. This supposedly helps children recognize when they need to go to the bathroom by associating the sensation of wetness with the release of their bladders.

The Learning Designs Huggies use similar technology to help a child notice when they’ve had an accident,  by fading whatever design is on the outside. This is a feature used by multiple diaper companies as another way of getting both children and parents alike to realize when they have had an accident.

However, most users report that this fading-design technique doesn’t really seem to help their child in their potty-training journey.  Some parents did seem to notice that the Cool and Learn wetting technology helped their kids notice when they needed to go potty.

The Huggies pull-ups come with Velcro tabs on the side which open and close, which is relatively convenient for adults who want to change a child without having to take off their clothes to do so.


  • They are not too expensive.
  • These pull-ups come with charming Disney designs.


  • Most reviewers state that while it does hold up against accidents and leaks, the Pull-Ups are not as sturdy as the traditional Huggies diapers model.
  • The velcro can cause irritation on some children with, particularly sensitive skin.

Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers Training Pant


Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers Training Pants are unfortunately only offered in sizes 5 and 6, and not any smaller. The primary difference with these eco-friendly pull-ups is that they are specifically designed to minimize negative reactions and irritations that might normally occur with toddlers in diapers.

This training pant keeps skin dry with a breathable back sheet and provides much-needed airflow. It’s also much better for the environment; the materials of this diaper are made from 100% certified sustainable timber, and they are guaranteed free from perfumes, chemicals, whiteners, or lotions.

Bambo Nature claims that their pull-ups are ultra-absorbent and suitable to be used both during the day and at night. Some reviews have noted that they don’t always hold overnight, but this could also be due to inaccurate sizing.


  • This training diaper is super soft and prevents irritation and diaper rash in babies with sensitive skin.
  • They’re Eco-Friendly and good for the environment.
  • They are, on the whole, very absorbent.


  • They only come in two sizes, 5 and 6
  • Size 5 costs more than size 6
  • Some parents have complained of leaks from diaper during overnight use.

The Honest Company Training Pants


The Honest Company is well known for the plethora of cute diaper designs they provide for babies, and they provide a similar selection of patterns and colors for their pull-up models. All models diapers from the Honest company are said to be gentle on the young skin because they are made with plant-based materials, which are not bleached or processed with chlorine in any way.

The tear-away tabs make removal easy and provide a more snug and convenient fit. They are designed to mimic traditional cloth diapers, making them thinner and more flexible while retaining the same level of absorbency (although some complain they do not offer the same level of absorbency as other brands). The Honest brand training pants run on the expensive side, costing approximately .86 cents a unit.


  • They come with a wide variety of adorable designs.
  • The plant-based material is kind to sensitive skin.
  • The easy tear-away sides help the diaper fit better and come on/off with ease.


  • The Honest brand costs more than others on the list.
  • Complaints by parents say the sizes run small, and that they are not as absorbent as other brands.

Mom & Bab Toddler Training Pants


This diaper brand comes in a variety of sizes, including medium and large, which gives parents maximum choice in finding the most comfortable option for their child. As we all know, happy babies make for happy parents!

This pull-up is particularly easy to use, thanks to the high-quality design which allows your child to pull the diaper up and down without any fumbling or troubles. The product is particularly well-suited for a child who is almost entirely independent in their bathroom use, as these diapers feel more like regular underwear. They can even be thrown into the wash a re-worn with ease, and yet still protect against leaks and accidents. Parents will love not having to buy or dispose of any more diapers!


  • They come in larger sizes.
  • They feel more like traditional underwear, making them a great transitional diaper.
  • The re-washing feature ultimately saves money.


  • Since the diaper is reusable, it is not as low-cost as other brands.
  • There need to be enough pairs to make them reasonable- otherwise, they will have to be washed multiple times a week.

Introducing Pull Up Diapers to Your Child

Introducing new concepts to your child can be very overwhelming, and thought of potty-training can be stressful, or even frightening, for your kid. Since they are constantly learning and navigating the world around them, it is important to introduce anything new in their lives slowly. To ensure a smooth transition, use these tactics when starting your children on training pants.

Teach Potty Time

Make sure your child knows the reason they are wearing Pull-Ups in the first place; teach them why they need to learn to use the restroom, how bathrooms work, and how using a Pull-up can help them while they are still learning and when they have accidents. Ask frequently if they feel like they need to go, and every time they think they do take them to the restroom, even if nothing comes out. If they are interested, let them in the restroom with you so they can see exactly how using a bathroom works.

Enhance Coordination

When first showing your child how to use a Pull-up, guide their hand as you show them the up and down motion of the diaper. This can take some time for them to understand, but once they have gotten the hang of it you can begin to lessen your help with time. Eventually, they will be able to complete the action on their own.

Teach Awareness

Instill in your child the concept of recognizing when their diaper needs to be changed. Ask them frequently if their diaper is wet, and if they say yes then explain to them how they now need to change it. Use positive encouragement, or even stickers, when they realize and tell you that they need to use the restroom.

Instill Independence

When you give your children pull-up diapers, tell them explicitly how they work and be patient with answering any questions they may have. Once they start using them, allow them complete freedom to use the bathroom when they wish, even if they’re not sure if they have to go and compliment them every time they tell you that they’ve wet their diaper.

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Potty training is a transitional time for both your child and for you as a parent. When your child starts using the restroom on their own, you might have mixed emotions; exercising control over their body means that your child is no longer an infant, and any significant milestone in your child’s life is a wonderful yet bittersweet reminder that they are always growing up.

Using the best pull-up diaper for your child’s needs can help make the transition process as smooth as possible and less messy.

Do you have an experience in potty training your child? Share your thoughts on the comment section down below!

Best Perfumes for Women That Men Love

Best Perfumes for Women That Men Love

Smelling good should be a priority on the list of any woman— a woman’s perfume, when worn correctly, can essentially describe her personality. A light spritz from a little, decorative bottle and people will know whether you’re flirty and fun, fresh and appetizing, strong and smart, seriously sexy, or any of these traits combined!

But what is it about perfume that is so alluring? It turns out, your perfume can tell as much about you like your clothing. Studies show that scent plays a key role in capturing the attention of the opposite sex. In fact, our bodies produce natural scents to attract the opposite sex, and by just adding a small amount of perfume to this, a woman becomes irresistible to anyone around them.

By wearing an attractive perfume suited for their personality, women will not only enhance their attraction by the opposite sex (if they so desire), but they will also have a significant boost in their confidence level. Those who regularly wear perfume are more likely to be perceived as courageous, competent and socially skilled than their unscented counterparts.

With so many options available, it may seem a little bit difficult to choose one’s favorite perfume. If there is a significant other if your life, looking for something that they will also appreciate can be daunting as well. We have listed down below some of the best perfumes on the market today, which will both drive your partner wild and help you feel strong, confident, and bold. Try these perfumes as a compliment to your finished look:

4 Perfumes for Women that Guaranteed Men Will Go WILD

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium is on the tops our list for, “best perfumes for women that men love.” This wonderful fragrance makes the wearer smell refreshingly good, it’s appreciated by all kinds of people and contains some much-loved cold-weather scents. Its scent, a strong vanilla mixed with coffee and pear, is unique, highly addictive and creates a sweet sensuality to balance its intensity.

These scents couple marvelously with jasmine to give the perfume a perfect expression of femininity and strength. The great thing about this perfume is that it is both appropriate for daily use and perfect for an evening out on the town. Black Opium is the kind of perfume that you’ll want to make your signature scent.

Bright Crystal by Versace


Versace Black Crystal is a luxurious fragrance, popular for its strong, sensual and flowery smell. The main scents in Bright Crystal of magnolia, lotus flower, and peony give it a strong floral profile. The perfume is then accented by yuzu, pomegranate, and mahogany in order to give it a grounded, earthy feel which adds a delightful, sultry element to the scent.

It also contains a blend of amber which makes it perfect for daytime use, especially in the spring and summer months. Bright Crystal is an ultimately flowing perfume which will make you feel like you’re still on vacation.

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana


This product is listed among the best perfumes for women because similar to the other top perfumes on this list, it lacks the background alcohol scent present in many lower-quality perfumes. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana is an appetizing mixture of apple, and jasmine, designed to float around your body.

White rose and soft bluebell combine, giving the perfume an incredibly luminous scent which lies lightly on the skin Light Blue offers a classic and soothing scent, which delivers a refreshing and appealing combo and simply makes its wearer feel good.

Hugo Boss Nuit Eau de Parfum Spray for Women


Hugo Boss’ perfume, Nuit Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, brings their perfume line to the next level. This perfume combines the richness of jasmine black currant, lily, and violet with the freshness of white peach to give it a sparkling, sensual and strong scent which lies fresh on the skin.

It also contains a blend of lemon trees and apricot skin, giving it a lasting effect on the wearer’s body. A daily spray of the Nuit Eau de Parfum is sure to bring out a women’s inner beauty and is perfect for someone looking for a fresh, zesty accent to their daily attire.

There are thousands of perfumes on the market, and it’s probable that many of them, in some way or another, have a someone decent scent. However, by intentionally selecting a complex, layered perfume, you are doing both yourself and your partner a favor. We have picked these four perfumes to help in your search, as we believe they have exceptional qualities which make them must-haves. By selecting a high-end perfume based on your tastes and interests, not only are you demonstrating to the world your complex, layered personality, but you are picking something free of questionable ingredients, and adding a unique drop of personality which will wow your friends, co-workers, and significant others alike.

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