How To Be An Obedient Wife? Enjoy A Happier Married Life

How To Be An Obedient Wife? Enjoy A Happier Married Life

There has been a rise in unhappiness in most married couples and feminism has something to do with it. You consider yourself to be equal to him (of course you are for you are his better-half) and try to express that by boldly stating your statement as you seek equality. But things can turn better if you can just show your obedience.

Benefits of being an Obedient Wife / Submissive Wife

The main benefits of being obedient to the husband include:

  1. Reduced chances of marriage failure, thus reducing the chances of divorce files.
  2. Bringing in increased spices to your married life, thus helping in the avoidance of overwhelming boredom known to plague most of the marriages of recent times.
  3. A surge of vital emotions such as love, companionship, and grace with your partner.
  4. For those who prefer to be housewives and homemakers, obedience can be the key to their financial security and help them to stay at home, far from the multiple hostilities involved in the career world.
  5. It can also indulge your husband to favor you, and you can expect special treatment including gifts, special night outs and loyalty of your husband.
  6. Fall in the levels of domestic violence, increasing the peaceful environment in the house.
  7. Reduced or totally obliterated chances of infidelity.
  8. If you are truly feminine by nature, it can be helpful to let you be your true self and enjoy your married life to the maximum extent.

In case that submission and obedience is not your cup of tea, then you might have already guessed what exactly it can bring in for you. But it is necessary to understand that obedience does not essentially mean slavery or servitude. It can be referred to as a way of psychological warfare that actually lets you dominate your married life. It ensures the maximum feelings of fulfillment for both the partners.

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If you are not someone who can be called truly being obedient and submissive, we have come up with a few steps to help you turn on the heat.

Step 1: Treat him as if he is your hero (he should be your hero indeed)

This provides him with a feeling of psychological confidence in you. It makes him believe that you are his ultimate responsibility and makes him act that way.

Step 2: Make sure you listen to what he has to say. It is not necessary to always come up with an answer

There are situations when a man can be wrong. But you do not essentially require crossing him and point out his mistakes directly. It can hurt his ego and that in turn can result in a gruesome quarrel. It does not mean you will leave your ground but choose a different way to make your statement.

Step 3: Always try to maintain your beauty for him, specifically when you two are on to yourself

Beauty attracts a man the most. Make sure that you look beautiful and make it hard for him to resist your charm. Studies say that submitting to your loved ones in bed can be a great way to actually have control over him to it may appear the other way round.

Step 4: Become the best possible housewife

If your finances are not weak, being a housewife displays the utter level of obedience. This is because this obliterates the underlying tensions in his mind that you may turn your back on him. It even reduces all chances that he may consider that you may cheat on him with any other person from the open world. Moreover, it can hardly be possible for a woman to be obedient if she has to push a 40+ hour work deadline per week. Even it may drain out most of your vital energy and reduce the spices that you can actually enjoy with your husband.

Step 5: His wishes should matter the most for you

Well, it should actually be for both sides. If you can care well of what your husband wishes for, it is more likely that he will also pay more attention to what your needs or wishes are. Rather than just asking them to do things by themselves or showing that you are busy, consider making a sweet acceptance of what he wants. It sends him a subconscious message that you actually for what he wants and deepens your bonds.

Step 6: Crying can be a better solution than yelling

There is no obedience in yelling. It can rather contribute to turning the situation ugly. If you do not like something, make sure to express it. Be more feminine and choose to cry. But that does not mean you need to put up with any physical or verbal abuse. Learn to be water when one is fire.

Step 7: Decide wisely before asking for favors, make sure he is relaxed

Take a moment to figure out the right moment before requesting a favor. He may be tired after all day long work, and you just come up with asking your favor. That can be quite disturbing for his mental peace, especially if he is in no mood. Wait for him to relax up, and he is more likely to listen to what you have to ask.

happiness from being an obedient wife

These are some of the basic steps to help you develop your obedience. As time gradually passes, you will get a flow of it, and it would come in more naturally rather than consciously trying to induce it to save your marriage.

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