How to Wash a Baby’s Hair?

How to Wash a Baby’s Hair?

It seems like a silly question to ask “how to wash a baby’s hair?”— it doesn’t seem like rocket science. As mothers, however, we go to extreme lengths to protect our children, and we worry constantly about whether we are practicing safe habits both in the home and in the outside world for them. And it turns out that worrying about baby-hair washing is not too far-fetched.

Babies, as we know, are very fragile, especially when they’re too young to sit upright; at this stage, they are very delicate to handle because they can easily wriggle out of our grips and slip off. Many mothers prefer to wash their babies’ hair during bath time because it’s more convenient. However, there are some vital things to keep in mind when washing a baby’s hair. As the child ages, these practices can be adjusted, and you can experiment with other ways to wash their hair, but from the beginning, there are certain steps should be maintained during baby hair washing.

How often should I do it?

It’s okay to wash your baby’s hair everyday, and in fact, it is actually quite healthy, jus ìt as it is not to wash adult hair everyday. Too much washing in fact, particularly with various soaps and substances, can actually cause irritation and rashes for your baby. The exception is if your baby has a problem with their cradle cap, or sweats too much around his head, which is sometimes common in newborns; in this case, it is best to make sure your baby is clean by washing their hair every day. Even if you choose not to always clean their hair with shampoo or soap, it’s vital to keep the hair and skin clean by at least using a small damp washcloth or use hypoallergenic soap and shampoo.

Steps to washing a baby’s hair

When washing a baby’s hair, you have to be extra cautious and tender. A baby is naturally born with two gaps in their skull, commonly referred to as “soft spots” which often don’t close fully until the baby reaches almost two years old. During this time, is imperative to pay particular attention to the baby’s head when tending to and washing it. Here are some tips on how to wash baby hair:

  • When bathing young babies, it is important to keep the baby wrapped in a towel at all times. Position your arm under their back and your hand behind their head. Wet your baby’s hair with your other hand using the washcloth, while standing over the baby’s bathtub.
  • While washing hair, it is advisable to hold your baby in a slightly reclining position in order to prevent soap from getting in their eyes. It is also recommended to avoid getting too much water on their face, which could cause coughing and gagging if accidentally ingested.
  • Make sure to strongly support the head and shoulders of your baby throughout the entire process in order to prevent them from wiggling and slipping out of your hands.
  • Apply shampoo all over the bay’s scalp, and lather it up by massaging lightly into their head. It is important to keep his attention away before you start washing their hair, as most kids are not comfortable with the sensation. Lather for two minutes to guarantee a proper clean.
  • Maintain a gentle touch, and do not apply pressure on the soft spots on the scalp. Remember to continuously control the water temperature, to make sure the water is not too hot or too cold for the baby. After lathering, quickly pour the water on your baby’s head to remove the remaining soapy suds.
  • Dry up the baby’s hair immediately, ideally by using a soft towel to massage the head gently. If you decide to use a hairdryer, check that the hair dryer is a safe distance away from the baby’s head and that it is set to its lowest setting.
  • As the child gets older, you can try other ways to wash the hair. Once the baby has the control to lift and turn their head, you can place the baby in a bathtub with an extended shower head so the child can lean backward while you wash.

How to Wash Babies Hair by HowCast

Avoid the use of harsh shampoos and conditioners, even on an older child. When choosing a shampoo for your baby, it’s important to choose gentle and mild ones, ideally designed specifically for the care of delicate skin and hair of newborns. Choose a shampoo with a neutral pH (5,5), which is perfectly suited for babies. You know your baby best—as always, remember to be kind, gentle, and never in a hurry when washing your child. Now that you’ve learned the ideal techniques and tips on how to wash baby hair, you are well-equipped to bathe your child from the time they are newborns until they are old enough to bathe themselves!

Recommended Product: Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo with Natural Oat Extract

Baby Sleeping Bags: Ins, Outs, and Benefits

Baby Sleeping Bags: Ins, Outs, and Benefits

No matter what your baby’s age, getting sufficient sleep is essential for the healthy development of your baby’s growth, discovering, and mood. Baby sleeping bags are a great product to keep your babies safe while sleeping well.

Does how your child sleep matter?

As your baby sleeps, they begin some of their most important growing phases. Development of hormonal agents, immune regulators, and growth factors all collaborate to build tissue, provide energy, and reinforce your baby’s immune system. Furthermore, hormonal growth agents are released in their most extreme amount soon after the start of deep sleep. Therefore, quality, deep sleep is needed to establish your baby’s skeletal structure, limbs, and muscles.

Baby sleeping bags have actually revolutionized the way parents put their children to bed. Baby sleeping bags are somewhat different to the full-grown variations utilized on outdoor camping trips; the baby wears the sleeping bag like a coat, with a zip down the front and fastening snaps at the shoulder. However, unlike a jacket, the bottom of the bag is closed, and it is sleeveless to avoid overheating while the baby sleeps.

why baby sleeping bag is essential

What is Baby Sleeping Bags?

Baby sleeping bags are garments designed to keep your baby warm, comforted, and safe. More and more, parents are choosing to utilize baby sleeping bags since loose blankets can be an unsafe choice for crib use, and can be hazardous for your child.

Sleeping bags exist for infants in designs for every single season, and they can be found in many enjoyable styles. A parent can begin utilizing baby sleeping bags for their child as early as 6 weeks old.

Why Should You Use a Baby Sleeping Bag?

To produce a safe environment for your child- According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is necessary to keep cribs bare of any loose items such as blankets, pacifiers, and other toys. However, by choosing baby sleeping bags parents can secure a safe option for their infant, and provide a cozy sensation for their baby, without the constant risk of suffocation. Wearable blankets or baby sleeping bags are a good transition from swaddles and stay put on older babies that toss and turn.

Regardless of what your baby is wearing while they sleep, you’ll still want to take regular safety preventative measures by removing any extraneous soft bedding from the baby’s crib; the baby sleeping bag replaces sheets and blankets, so all you’ll need is a fitted sheet to cover your baby’s mattress. Considering that it replaces loose bedding, you won’t have to fret that your child will suffocate under a thick blanket, or get tangled up in layers of fabric.

What is a TOG Score, and What Does it Mean?

The TOG ranking explains the warmth, or “Thermal Resistance,” of an item. The TOG is used extensively in the UK to indicate the heat level of bedding, such as duvets. Babies require a much lower TOG for their bedding than adults.  The general guidelines for infants are as follows:

  • Baby Sleeping Bags with a rating of 1.2 or below are for spring and summer usage.
  • Baby Sleeping Bags with a rating of 2 to 2.5 is for autumn/winter.

What is the Right Size of a Baby Sleeping Bag?

When selecting the appropriate length for your baby’s sleepwear, it’s important to make sure that the baby’s legs and feet have the flexibility to move freely and without obstructions.

  • A size small is recommended for kids that are between 10 to 22 pounds. You would want to wait until your the baby is 8-12 weeks old, about the time that they can roll and kick.
  • A size medium should be used as soon as a baby reaches approximately 22 pounds.
  • A large model is appropriate for toddlers that are at least 28 pounds.

The slight overlapping in the variety of sizes is intentional- the objective of a great fit in a baby sleeping bag lies more in the chest and neckline and less in length.

Which Baby Sleeping Bags are the Best for my child?

Even if you have already made the choice to use a  wearable blanket for your baby, there are dozens of various products on the market, which can make selecting the right one a difficult task. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the number of baby products available, take a look at these top choices we have compiled for you below! All of these options provide your baby with the extra security of a wearable blanket while keeping their arms and legs free and unconstricted.

Aden + Anais Classic Sleeping Bag


The Aden + Anais Classic Sleeping Bag is made from the same material as the muslin swaddle blankets (100% cotton) which you already enjoy. This sleeping bag unzips from the bottom for quick and easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

Baby deedee Sleep Nest Baby Sleeping Bag


Breathable fabric and a soothing cocoon shape imply a peaceful night’s sleep for you and your baby with the Baby deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Bag. Unique shoulder straps and a top quality reverse zipper make positioning your sleeping or standing baby in their crib a cinch.

SwaddleDesigns Cozy Puff Circle zzZipMe Sack


The zzZipMe Sack  is the perfect solution to transition from a standard swaddle blanket into a baby sleeping bag. The tight fit will make your baby feel safe and secure, while the luxurious fabric keeps them warm.

4 Season Basic Merino Wool Wearable Blanket Baby Sleeping Bag


If you’re looking for a more natural solution for your child, this baby sleeping bag is just that. 100% Natural, made of premium luxuriously-soft hypo-allergenic Australian Merino wool and GOTS licensed natural cotton outer to provide ultimate comfort for your baby without any plastic or synthetic fibers. The basic no-snap style with a unique two-way zipper unzips from the bottom for simple dressing and fast diaper changes.

Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleeping Sack


The Woolino’s sack is made from merino wool, a soft and temperature-regulating fiber that can be utilized all year long. It is expensive- however, you will save in the long term with its unique adjustable size format which grows with your child, unlike others where you’ll need to change as your baby grows.

Burt’s Bees Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket


This baby sleeping bag is made with certified organic cotton. It’s particularly soft thanks to an exclusive production procedure that gets rid of short cotton fibers and leaves only the long, smooth ones.

In addition to knowing your baby will sleep and grow throughout the night comfortably, using a baby sleeping bag ensures the safety of your child in their crib. Not utilizing blankets can considerably reduce the chances of your baby’s respiratory tract becoming blocked. This way, you can have complete peace of mind while your baby sleeps safely and snuggly in their bed.


10 Best Baby Carriers

10 Best Baby Carriers

For both new and existing parents choosing a carrier to purchase is a crucial task. There are several factors to consider like the comfort for both the baby and the parent if this could provide proper support for the posture, and of course to body parts such as head, neck, spine, and back. Nowadays, the best baby carriers on the market are the most innovative kinds. For example, ergonomically calculated or those that enable the person who is carrying the baby to multitask. Below is the list of the 10 Best Baby Carriers along with their benefits and descriptions.

List of 10 Best Baby Carriers

1. LÍLLÉbaby The COMPLETE All Seasons SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier

lillebaby child carrier

Comfort, convenience, and multi-functionality. This carrier lives up to its name as a complete all-season child/baby carrier. Ergonomically designed to provide lumbar support. It has multi-position carrying ability to give better options for preferred positions. Moreover, it is adjustable and can support child up to 45 lbs, meaning longer lifespan. And, that’s practicability at the tip of fingers.

Tried it immediately and loved it immediately!! I was impressed with how soft it was. I wasn’t expecting it to be soft. It’s very sturdy and well made. The only complaint is the extra long ties as I have it set to the smallest setting. Otherwise it was easy to put on and easy to put baby in. I also love the pattern I chose. My baby loved being worn in it and fell asleep in it. She was very comfortable as was I while wearing it. I highly recommend purchasing this.

Ps I’m 4’11 1/2 and 124lbs and this fit me well. There are enough adjustable straps in the right areas to make this fit well on you.


Customer, Amazon

2. Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Cool Air Mesh Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Cool Air Mesh Ergonomic Baby Carrier

It has an exceptional lower back support that secures the protection and comfort while in use. It is perfect for everyday use because it is light-weight and evenly distributes the baby’s weight in all the right places. It allows an all-carry position that makes breastfeeding easier to do. The materials are also highly comfortable, breathable and durable. It can custom-fit the size of the child, or depends on the carrier’s preference.

I have used several different carriers including the Lille and Bjorn. For structured carriers, this is by far my favorite for several reasons. 1. For someone that’s short, this fits my body well 2. The hip wrap doesn’t dig into my hips or legs 3. Can carry in multiple position 4. Perfect amount of padding on shoulders 5. Easy to put on and take off 6. Fabric is not thick and heavy – it breathes

I would highly recommend this carrier and especially if you’re short like me!

Happy Arizonian

Customer, Amazon

3. Moby Wrap Baby Carrier for Newborns + Toddlers Soft Baby Sling Baby Wrap

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier for Newborns + Toddlers Soft Baby Sling Baby Wrap

Aside that baby wrap is a “thing” now there is no denying about the convenience it offers to the parents, especially mothers. In this sling baby wrap, mothers do not have to worry about the pregnancy weight gain over the course of nine months, because it is wearable to any size. It has a relatively long lifespan as well, that is perfect for growing infants. The fabric materials are durable and breathable. It is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a comfortable and trendy babywearing at the same time.

This Moby wrap is awesome, and while it would probably have been nice to have with my first or second child as well, it’s absolutely essential now that I have three. My other kids are still young enough that I need to hold their hands while walking, and holding onto my baby hands-free had been a lifesaver. He loves being worn, and can sleep for hours while I get things done.

I found the wrap at a great price and wasn’t sure I’d be a fan of babywearing. Now I only wish I’d bought two of them, because my family can barely function while this one is in the laundry.

Tiffany S

Customer, Amazon

4. LÍLLÉbaby The COMPLETE Airflow SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier

LiLLebaby The COMPLETE Airflow SIX-Position

Another one from LÍLLÉbaby, this one is exceptional in regulating airflow which provides the maximum ventilation for both the infant and the parents. It is also perfect for adventure-seeking parents because the built and design is best for outdoor use. It has a front-upward, hip or backpack carry options and has full lumbar support and generous paddings suitable for a long journey. The straps are adjustable as well which offers both H-style and X-style. It is indeed a baby carrier in its one of best forms!

Great carrier for our needs, my 8 month old just LOVES facing out. I chose lillebaby over ergo 360 for the lumbar support and I’m so glad I did!! When we take her on longer walks or hikes my lower back always bugged me (like that 9 month pregnant twinge) in our classic ergo. It would always go away after a bit more walking, but so far I have had no pains on long walks with her in this carrier. If I could take just half a star away I would, because this carrier does not have a good storage pocket. *update, I found a zipper pouch, but it’s still considerably small. I love tossing my phone, keys, puffs and whatever else inside the zip pocket on ergo, it fits everything.

I am looking forward to using this in the San Diego summer heat, and hoping the airflow is as good as they say!


Customer, Amazon

5. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier

For people who are into the classic baby carrier/wearing design, this product might be the perfect match. It also offers the ergonomic technology like the other, only for a limited option for the position. However, it does not fall short of being excellent as it is a reasonable buy and serve the main purpose of any baby carrier. One commendable feature of this product is that, though it comes in a small and lightweight package, it could carry a weight of up to 12-months old baby. It is easy and safe for everyday use.

I like this carrier because it’s so easy to put together and go versus the wrap one that you can’t even take with you in public because it’s so hard to wrap around. For bigger babies though you will need something else. It depends how long you would like to use the carrier. I do have another one for when my son will be bigger so it’s not a problem.

Oana Rhodes

Customer, Amazon

6. Baby K’tan ACTIVE Baby Carrier

Baby Ktan ACTIVE Baby Carrier

The style that anyone would want, at the price that anyone could afford. It is a baby-wearing styled carrier that does not even need wrapping. It is competitive as well, with its five different carry positions that can be a custom fit to in between sizes (XS and XXS excluded). It also offers variety in use, can be hands-free or buckle free, very convenient and comfortable to wear. Built using the high-grade polyester material, it is a choice that parents could never go wrong.

It’s so great having a carrier that is so easy to put on and doesn’t have a bunch of excess fabric dangling! After a few hours of use, my back needs a break, so I wouldn’t recommend it for an all-day hike, but it is perfect for wearing around the house or in a grocery store (that way we can leave the stroller at home, which frees up trunk space for the shopping). Our baby loves it and falls asleep after just a few minutes in this thing! I’m also excited to use it at the pool this summer! I’ve heard the mesh makes it dry super quickly.


Customer, Amazon

7. Baby Tula Multi-Position, Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Baby Tula Multi-Position Ergonomic Baby Carrier

A lot of parents would still go for comfort over than style when it comes to choosing a baby carrier. But, how about if comfort and style are combined? Would it not be one of the best options to purchase? These are precisely what Baby Tula caters, both ease of use, and fashionable style. Moreover, it also has multiple ergonomic positions and excellent support and protection for the neck, back, and shoulders.

Love my Tula! I wear this everywhere especially hiking!! My 18month old son is 27 lbs and fits in the standard no problem. He’s tall for his age as well. We used a lot in the summer and it was a hot one, but I didn’t feel like he overheated in it at all. This has been a lifesaver on so many outings where it’s too crowded for strollers. After purchasing this I sold my expensive stroller because we just don’t really use it anymore. The Tula has been out most used baby product ever. I didn’t even buy it until he was 10 months (didn’t know it existed) Well worth the money.

Mia Addison

Customer, Amazon

8. LILLEbaby The COMPLETE All Seasons Child Carrier

LILLEbaby The COMPLETE All Seasons Child Carrier

A baby carrier that offers a 360-degree, six positions carrying ability? That is the same as saying all ways are plausible to do! No doubt this product is voted the most comfortable carrier for as young as a newborn up until its toddler years. Yes! The greatest lifespan there is. Talking about functionality and practicality; this is definitely a steal.

My favorite carrier EVER! Beyond comfortable and versatile. My baby sleeps in it all the time and I’m able to nurse whenever I want and do so discretely. We LOVE Lille. And they have fantastic customer service. This is my second one purchased and I had a small issue with one and they fixed it immediately. Amazing! Other carriers were so uncomfortable for me that I thought babywearing wasn’t for us, but this carrier is life changing. My LO is now almost 11 months and we still use it frequently! Can’t leave the house without it. Seriously, buy it.

Rachel C

Customer, Amazon

9. CuddleBug Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling

CuddleBug Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling

Looking for a carrier and nursing cover in one? This product is a one size fits all baby carrier. It provides the warmth of a snuggle, that newborn would find comfortable. It also promotes the great bond between a mother and the baby and will allow babies to experience the same atmosphere as the parents. Another exceptional thing is, it reduces the stress-factors surrounding the child. It enables to stimulate learning and helps in the baby’s brain development.

It’s so great having a carrier that is so easy to put on and doesn’t have a bunch of excess fabric dangling! After a few hours of use, my back needs a break, so I wouldn’t recommend it for an all-day hike, but it is perfect for wearing around the house or in a grocery store (that way we can leave the stroller at home, which frees up trunk space for the shopping). Our baby loves it and falls asleep after just a few minutes in this thing! I’m also excited to use it at the pool this summer! I’ve heard the mesh makes it dry super quickly.


Customer, Amazon

10. Moby Wrap Baby Carrier – Slate

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier Slate

This modern style sling baby wrap offers the best comfort for both the baby and parent. It presents adaptability that adjusts to the baby’s size and comfort. Formed from ultra soft and thin cotton, this babywearing does not fall short of protection. It has the complete ergonomic support that evenly distributes the baby’s weight. Reducing the risks for shoulder and back pain.

The moby wrap is wonderful! Don’t be intimidated by the yards and yards of cloth. Once you put it on once it makes perfect sense. Mine was a must after my c-section. When I was healed enough to wear it, it didn’t rest on my scar, and was soft and comfortable. My son absolutely adored it and would be so calm, cozy, and peaceful in the wrap. Now that he is a little older it is not his favorite because it is confining, but I could not have made it through my post partum recovery period without it.

Rose D

Customer, Amazon

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