12 Best Stylish Sunglasses for Amazing Him

12 Best Stylish Sunglasses for Amazing Him

Finally, Spring is here. As the weather begins to warm, it is time to remove winter accessories such as warm beans and shells and replace them with more seasonally suitable pieces, the best stylish sunglasses. Some brands want you to think that spending hundreds of dollars on designer shades is the only way to avoid cumbersome frames that will break in weeks, but this is far from true. 

Summer is also approaching and you might not just want your husband’s or boyfriends eyes protected but to also look amazing. 

Below is our list of best stylish sunglasses for him!

MVMT Reveler

Most famous for its affordable and stylish clocks, MVMT now produces sunglasses of the same caliber. The Reveler features a simple yet stylish square frame with silver lenses, one of the ten new styles released in 2018.

CPS Retro Mirror Wayfarer Sunglasses

Nothing fancy here, just a neat pair of glasses that won’t break the bank and that fold up super small, impressing all your friends.

Gamma Ray Polarized UV400 Classic Style Sunglasses, 3 Pack

Sometimes a pair is not enough and Gamma Ray has your back to that end. It offers its wildly cheap, offensively good polarized glasses in three packages. You can buy 30 pairs at the cost of most medium- sized sunlasses. That’s just crazy.

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfair

Ray-Ban is probably the most popular glass and sun glass brand. While many pairs retail for more than $100, with some good shopping you can find them for less. This pair, the Folding Wayfair, is an excellent option for traveling this summer and spring. The black plastic frames fold in five places, making them easy to store in your pocket.

Oakley MPH Flak 2.0 Polarized

If you are outdoor sports and adventures, it’s a must to own a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Their sunglasses are ready for performance and protect your eyes, stay on your face and look cool. The Oakley MPH Flak 2.0 comes with a simple black color and polarized lenses.

D&L Menswear Ebony Bamboo Wood Folding Sunglasses

The wooden construction of the D&L sunglasses makes them lighter and longer lasting than many of their metal or plastic counterparts. Moreover, they fold up really small and have an enjoyable unique look.

WOODIES Walnut Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses

Please consider: the Woodies are a great pair of glasses once you have finished snipping. They have a classic, modern wood finish and polarized lenses. Some of the top brands charge an arm and a leg.

Ray-Ban Unisex RB4105 Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses, Lilac Mirror Lenses

This is a lot on a pair of sunglasses, which usually amounts to almost twice that amount. That’s if you have the flashy lenses (and why aren’t you? It looks radd).

zeroUV Compact Folding Sunglasses

A cheap, non- sensitive pair of sunglasses for people who only want to keep the fatal rays of the sun out of their retinas, thank you. You can feel free to lose these guys again and again at less than $10.

LUOMON Men’s Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses

These stylish, modern and polarized glasses are some of the lightest and most comfortable in the game.

MVMT Runaway

If you’re looking for a classic pair of aviators, the MVMT Runaway is a solid choice. They’re available in Dark Grey, Mirror Gold, G15 Green, and Dark Green colors. You can add polarized lenses for an extra $20 — still fairly priced at under $100.

Sunski Dipseas

Sunski sunglasses are designed for adventure, founded by two surfers. Each pair has polarized lenses, flexible frames that fit like a glove and guaranteed lifetime.

11 Great and Must-Have Gifts for Dog Lovers

11 Great and Must-Have Gifts for Dog Lovers

Anyone can like an animal pet. But not everyone loves them as much as those people who treated them as their bestfriend or as a family member. Most people loves dog as their main home pet. They are mostly given a term as “Dog People” because of their deep connection. They treat their pets as if they are like them, or somehow as someone who understands them more than anybody else. Dogs are very fascinating animals, probably the reason why most people get too attached with them.

Do you love dogs as pets? Do you know someone who loves dogs? Are you looking for some perfect stuff as a gift to yourself or to your friend related to your pets? Well, worry less because we’ve picked some amazing stuff that you’ll surely love! Here are these amazing items you could choose from:


PERFECT! A well designed hoodie shirt that will probably fit the day of a dog-lover! Not all the time people talk to some other people. There are times that one would prefer talking to their best dogie-friend. Dogs may not be able to appreciate your looks, but definitely you’ll show people that through your shirt, an expression of deep relationship with your pet will definitely be shown.


As a dog owner, you become more acquainted with the body fluids of another species than you ever wanted. If a dog owner is really brave, get this UV urine flashlight and let them know exactly what to do. Like the ancient prospectors who flocked to the west, the intrepid seeker of (liquid) gold knows that the next bounty could always be right around the corner. Give them this tool to get the job done!

Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device

Dogs definitely have feelings! If you hurt them physically, you hurt them emotionally and they get stressed with it. Want to stop your dog’s barking without shouting or hurting them? Then this is the perfect item for you! Grab it now and enjoy!

Furbo Dog Camera

Hi-Tech Generation, isn’t it? Enjoy this Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa! It’s not humans who should be enjoying the new technologies, why not your beloved pets as well? Have this great item for yourself or for a friend who has a great dog in the family, surely, you or them, will love it!


You sure you love your dog? Then don’t make him/her thirsty on your walk outside! Lock Laces Bark Bottle is well-designed drinking bottle for dogs. It is leak-proof dog water bottle with replacement Carbon Filters, perfect for walking, wunning, wiking, war wides, and all other dog activities.


Efficient Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove – Pet Shower Sprayer and Massager in-One, Dog Shower Sprayer Grooming Hair Remover Glove with 3 Faucet Adapters Hose. Upgrade your bathing technology and style on taking care of your dogs especially on their shower time.


It is sometimes hard for dog or any pets to climb or jump at high lands/sorroundings, especially if they are injured or tired. This stuff is great for your pet. A great and well-designed pet support for your special little creature. They deserve the care too.

VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Purifier Air Cleaner

Over time, most dog owners will come and love their companion. With the exception of their stench signature. This powerful air purifier, specifically designed for pet owners, is like a magic box that takes that part of the experience away from everything else.

Pet Water Fountain

Filtering equipment such as the Brita pitcher has become common household items for people living off municipal water supplies. Well, dogs are also thirsty, and they like no more chlorine or prescription drug residues than their owners.


Do yu love travelling or having picnic with your pets especially dogs? Well, you don’t have to worry about putting their stuffs together with yours on the same bag of the same container. Have them separated with this amazing Pet Travel Bag, perfect for your needs!

The Original – Did You Feed The Dog?

Are busy all the time? Do you always forget to feed your pet? Or does your friend that busy and forgets his/her pet? Well, this device is excellent for you or for your friend! Let it remind you that your pet has/have not eaten yet. Great, it is!

Best Gift Choices for Him: 10 Items for Your Man

Best Gift Choices for Him: 10 Items for Your Man

So you are looking for the best gift choices to give your special someone? Either of the best gift ideas that would surely make your partner love you even more? Well, check out these items we’ve already selected for you. It’s great and on its very best! It is always worth giving when your choices suit the need of your partner. It is never a waste of time choosing the best one, and definitely not a waste of money on buying that would surely give pleasure for your special someone. So, yeah! Have a great time choosing your best gift for him!

Montblanc LEGEND

…is a charismatic, contemporary man’s masculine and iconic fragrance. Grab one and send it as a gift and let him enjoy the richness of the history of Montblanc with a fresh fougere scent. Let your emotion spread like the irresistible fragrance of this perfume.

Nike Men’s Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer

Dynamic Fit offers a glove-like feel. Solid rubber outsole for grip and traction without marking. Full inner sleeve construction made of lightweight, breathable mesh gives the foot a sock- like fit, but still allows easy on and off. Deep, wide flex grooves throughout allow the foot to move naturally. Multi- directional outsole design uses delta- shaped traction nodes.

Tommy Hilfiger Reversible Leather Belt

The reversible belt of the Tommy Hilfiger Men consists of 40% leather, 40% vinyl and 20% polyurethane. The material is durable and has the flexibility to wear comfortably from the very beginning. It also looks smooth and well- finished, making it suitable for a variety of occasions again.

Incase Compass Messenger Bag

You will find it in the Incase Compass Messenger bag if you have ever needed proof that a low price does not necessarily mean a shoddy construction or cheap material quality. Simple without being simplistic, this straightforward shoulder sling pack features a durable polyester weave exterior, a padded nylon shoulder strap, room for a 15″ laptop computer, and a wealth of both internal and external organizational options. It’s a budget option, but only in terms of pricing. 

Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel

Every man should have an automatic seiko. They’re stylish, trustworthy and hard. In our view, they are worth more than the demanding price, as in this medium- sized sports watch. The black dial has simple button markers and the red second hand is pretty good. Top off the 21-jewel movement with hard mineral crystal and make a versatile watch.

The T- shirt pocket without any peers. If you hit the gym, buy your normal size and roll up your sleeves; if you don’t, buy a size and wear a box like the cool children.

These shades combine the double brow bar of an old- school aviator with a Wayfarer ‘s tapered lens shape, executed in a tortoise acetate that you would most often find in precious Italian eyewear.

Each wardrobe needs a snap- front Western shirt, and this one is as good as it gets with its dark wash and surge- stitched hem. Grab them now, perfect for your man!

Do you nee a slim suit for work, as a gift for an upcoming wedding or your man’s first job interview, consider this wool blend number, which comes in a trendy three- button silhouette but converts easily to a two- button closure if you want to play it safely.

If white optical jeans are too hard for you to give, try a Billy Reid off- white color. They look particularly good on brown suede boots. Excellent as a gift!

10 Best Slim Wallets In 2019 – Perfect Gifts for Your Man

10 Best Slim Wallets In 2019 – Perfect Gifts for Your Man

Do you know that awkward uncomfortable feeling when you sit with your wallet on your back pocket? This is even worse after payday when you’re balling and it, in fact, has more than ran out ATM cards as well as receipts. Slim wallet designs fix this issue enabling you to carry all you need without the trouble and unattractiveness of lumps. Right here is a review of the very best slim purses on the market and also how to select the best one for your needs.

Why do you need a slim wallet?

Sitting with a thick wallet in one of your back pockets shakes off your posture. Ever before face this scenario? You’re in a rush and needed to pay immediately, like when on ticketing booth, tollway, etc, and you struggle finding or pulling your cash or card from your bulky wallet. 

Another benefit of slim wallet design is that you can keep a slim wallet in your front pocket, which makes it much harder to swipe. Given, most of us do not have to bother with pickpocketing daily, yet it is a worry while traveling or in certain locations, and it’s good to know that you can move your wallet into a front pocket without giving up convenience.


Why give a wallet as a gift to you man?

Wallets last a long time. It’s something a person is going to have for years to come. That means your gift will be of use by the person you treasure for long while. Not just a crappy decor that sits on the table doing nothing.

Wallets make a gift that means a substantial bond. Again, they last a long time, will be used for a long time, meaning you will also be remembered for a significant amount of time.

And the best part of giving a wallet is that it doesn’t break the bank! 

Best Slim Wallet List of 2019

Here is our list of perfect slim wallets:

Vaultskin MANHATTAN Slim Bifold Wallet with RFID Protection for Cards and Cash

PERFECT GIFT an excellent wallet for men of all ages. This men’s wallet comes beautifully packaged in a gift box. Slim wallet but still holds enough amount of cash and cards.

Buffway Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet

Given their sleek design & smooth leather construction, one of the slimmest wallets you can get. Buffway wallets also come with integrated RFID technology.

FIDELO Minimalist Wallet for Men – Slim Credit Card Holder RFID Mens Wallets with Leather Case

3 piece slim wallet design is remarkably strong and impressively minimal conveniently allowing EDC of your credit cards, cash, and ID.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve, slim leather wallet

Classic folded design but in a slim leather wallet approach.

Kinzd Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet

RFID blocking technology keeps your vital information in cards from being stolen. 1 piece slim wallet design.


Ultra slim minimalist wallet design. Made from top industry standard aluminum metal ensures strength and stability. You’ll never ever worry bending or breaking your cards when you sit on it.

NapaWalli Genuine Leather Pocket Wallet

1 piece slim design with magnetic cash clip and ample amount of card inserts. Slim yet compact.

NEW-BRING Multifunction Metal Key Holder and Credit Card Money Clip Wallet

Talk about swiss army knife of wallets. If your man needs a slim wallet but can still carry the essential this one is your best bet.

Yinuode Minimalist Aluminum Fibre Slim Wallet

Classy yet tactical! The best words I can describe this awesome 1 piece slim wallet.

Money Clip by XQX

The slimmest of them all! Talk about just a clip for your cash and cards. Minimalist at its finest.

12 Best Gifts for Your Best Relationships!

12 Best Gifts for Your Best Relationships!

Gifts are absolutely great for making someone dear to us to feel that we really care and love them. And as this well-known saying that says “to give is better than to receive”, it is very ideal that we give the best that we can rather than just accepting. As to moral side, it feels so good to have something to give to someone close to us, either a family, friend, neighbor, etc. However, gifts value can somehow be forgotten through time especially if these gifts are in some way, very common and are available anywhere.

“Best gifts are ought not to be devalued!!!”

How can we assure that the gifts we are giving are not easily devalued? How will we know that these gifts will be as precious as the moment it will be given? How will we know that these are worth giving and worth valued? Well fellas, come along as we tackle the most common things to set in our mind in choosing gifts that will last being valuable to our special giftee.

Come to think of it, how can a person value one thing he/she received from someone else? Basically, you have to consider the following lists for choosing gifts.

  • Uniqueness – A giftee will probably appreciate it very much if the gift being given is so unique that can’t be easily found anywhere else.
  • Creativeness – Aside from being unique, the creativity of the gift gives additional value to someone who will receive it as it will attract him/her.
  • “Being thought into” – You probably have wondered how this one will give impact to someone. This is a simple logic as a giver who wanted his/her gifts not to be devalued. How? By simply giving a thought on what will you offer. Uniqueness and Creativeness oftentimes come along with this one in such a way that you are going to think of something different where probably nobody has. A perfect example could be a mug. Yes, a mug is so common to everyone everywhere, especially those who love coffee for instance. Now, how will we make such gift be unique and creative? Now pause and think it over, what is so unique with this giftee towards others? It can be the name, the motto, favorite quotes, etc., these can be used to improvise the mug by printing this unique idea into the gift itself.

Giving gifts don’t need to be too classy, fancy or expensive. It does give impact to the giftee, but what really gives value is if it comes from the heart, being laid with effort, and were made uniquely and creatively. To touch someone’s heart, you have to attract, fascinate or impress him/her with what you will offer as a gift, and to make it lasting and valuable, give gifts full of love and with effort.

Joycuff Bracelet Bangle Stainless Steel Engraved Comes with Gift Box

With its design, it is perfectly fancy, creative and mesmerizing personalized Joycuff Bracelet that will surely make your giftee happy!

Personalized Stemless Wine Glass with Name – 17 oz

An awesome and unique precious gift you could give to your maid of honor, best man, groomsmen, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and groom or anyone who is special to you.

Personalized Regular Size Custom Message Engraved Stainless Steel Necklace

The one-in-many choices that you could pick to as a pretty gift to your friends or families without spending too much yet with style.


Personalized Name Engraved Double Wall Tumbler Drinking Thermos Insulated Travel Mug

Not just a mug, but a mug with style on it. Perfect as a unique gift to give to your friends at school, work, or even to your family members.

Personalized Cups Double Walled Insulated Coffee Cup for Travel, Work, Gym, Fitness

Great for both hot and cold uses. And so, great for all-time gifts to friends, gym buddy, or anybody that you could always get along with.

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

A handmade item, great as a gift to be given to newlywed couples or any couples celebrating their wedding anniversary. This item is made with classy design that anyone will love.

14in Large Wood Spatula and Spoon Set

A set being set. Perfect for your friends who always love the kitchen part of their houses. In short, this is a great one option you could pick for anyone who loves cooking or baking.

Personalized Monogrammed Glass Whiskey Decanter with Wood Box

Ideal item to purchase as a gift for your beloved boyfriend or husband that will surely turn your moments great as you give this awesome thing to him. Perfect for your manly partner!

Personalized Rich Wood Look Home Sweet Home Key Hanger

Looking for something you could give to a family friend of yours? Well, this item will surely make them appreciate you with your choice. Perfect of a family home-companion with the looks as fancy that can be treated as a decoration, yet with served purpose.

Custom Message, Scent & Wax Color Valentines Day Candle

Always wanted to become romantically looking at your partner? Then this item is great for you to give to your special someone. Being romantic does not focus only on sweet chocolates or shiny jewels, sometimes its the choice of light.

Personalized Engraved Gift 50 Caliber BMG Bottle Opener Real Authentic Polished Brass – Made in the USA

Totally unique and awesome gifts? This one is a bang for you! Perfectly crafted to serve its purpose well. Great for your husband, boyfriend, father, uncle or any man in your circle of life.

Personalized Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board Bamboo

Kitchen cuttings are never been enjoyable not until you have this great item that will surely make you love cooking even more. With its design and style, you’ll surely love! Best gift for a friend or to yourself.

5 Top-listed Best Men Valentine Gifts

5 Top-listed Best Men Valentine Gifts

Every single year bears numbers of holidays to celebrate with. But one single day where hearts celebrate their love, affection, and appreciation towards others is the 14th day of February. And as said that one of the common languages of love is a “gift”.

Either a plan to spend time with each other in a romantic place or an adventurous way, it’s always ideal to do it with quality time where both of you will greatly enjoy each other. And as part of this momentous moment, giving gifts has been always one of many ways to express each one’s emotion.

Men don’t need expensive items to receive from their loved ones, for as long as these gifts come from the heart and with love, they will surely appreciate and value it with pleasure. However, it is best to choose wisely, which will serve them with purpose.

3 Tips to Choose Perfect Men’s Gifts

  1. Know what he mostly needs. These items help him with his daily works or may also be helpful for his hobbies. As an example, if he likes playing basketball, then you probably should choose suitable wearables for such specific hobby of him.
  2. Never think too much. Most men are totally straightforward about what they really want/need. Unlike women where they inspect each meaning an item is given to them, men don’t really analyze what could possibly be the reason behind why their partner chose to give them such an item. Sometimes the lesser the better.
  3. Know what they like often (their favorites). You should at least know what he really likes and gives him items related to that. By then, he can appreciate it and feel it that you support him with such a thing.

Have you already thought of what to buy for your boyfriend/husband? Looking for a perfect gift that will serve a dual purpose? Then get going and choose among the most listed items/ideas for the type of men you have.

Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men – Dopp Kit/Travel Accessories Bag

A high quality and durable toiletry travel bag that is perfect for keeping your personal items organized for short to longer vacations/trips.

L.B. Evans Men’s Atlin Terry Slipper

The supple suede construction features a moc-stitched toe and boat-style laces. The terry cloth lining and memory foam insole deliver soft support, while the rubber outsole is substantial enough for outdoor use.

Fashion Valentine’s Hearts Love Men’s Underwear Boxer Briefs Breathable

Fit for exercising like walking, jogging, and biking. Suitable for spring, autumn, summer, and winter. The underwear is comfortable and breathable.

BREDA Men’s ‘Bresson’ 5020 Stainless Steel Mesh Strap Watch, 39MM

Molded with embossed minute markers and a stitchless leather band to develop a timeless look inspired by capturing elements from the lens of a camera with its homage to its namesake photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Polo Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren for Men 3 Piece Set Includes: 4.2 oz Parfum Spray + 1.0 oz Parfum Spray + 2.6 oz Deodorant Stick

Best choice for a long-lasting fragrance effect to give you confidence with a scent. Best on pulse points because it gives more body heat where blood vessels are closest to the skin, therefore continually warming and releasing your fragrance.

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