Hospitality Ideas – How to Welcome and Entertain Guests

Today, Urban Super Mom shares the most important hospitality ideas and teaches you how to welcome your guests. Did you invite your friends for dinner at your home but don’t really know how to accommodate them the way you’d like?

Through this little guide on hospitality ideas, Urban Super Mom will give you some tips on how to welcome guests while making them feel comfortable and relaxed. All these tips are taken from traditional etiquette and it’s up to you to adapt to it as you wish. After all, it’s YOUR evening. From greeting your guests to their departure, here are our tips on hospitality for each step.

Hospitality Ideas – Before Your Guests Arrive

Give yourself some time to plan everything ahead of time. Prepare your menu in advance and check with your guests beforehand to find out if they have any allergies or special dietary needs. Start preparing your meal the day before your reception to avoid total panic on the big day! Don’t forget to buy the appropriate wine for each dish.

Clean up your house or apartment, prepare your bathroom (soap, towels to wipe hands, etc.), buy some candles to create an ambient atmosphere and flowers for the table. Your home must be impeccable to welcome your guests as it should!

Hospitality Ideas – When your guests arrive at your house

Be prepared to take their jackets, umbrellas, bags and other things that they might have in their hands. Make sure that the hallway is pristine and that you have empty hangers for their clothes.

Some of your guests will probably bring you gifts, in this case, do not wait until your guests have left to open!

If it is a question of flowers, put them immediately in a vase and place them in your living room to show your guest that this attention has touched you. If it is an object (decorative for example) then again, place it in your living room. If it is a bottle, open it and remember to serve it during the aperitif or during the meal. If they brought you chocolates or sweets, offer them to your guests at coffee/tea time.

Thank your guests for their gifts, while being considerate not to make those who have brought nothing to you feel uncomfortable.

The animation of the meal is supposed to depend on the hostess who must orchestrate the conversation. Thus, she must lead the conversation but also be careful that no one is left out. The householder must, of course, assist her in this task.

Hospitality Ideas – Introduce guests to the rest of the party

It often happens that the people you invite to your dinner do not know each other. In this case, it is crucial that you introduce them because the atmosphere of your dinner depends on it!

The difficulty for the hostess is going to be to create conversations. You can start by introducing your guests by their first names. You can specify their profession or their hobby. Also present the link that unites you (distant cousin, childhood friend or other) to situate people with a topic that is easy to ask questions about. This opens the floor up for conversation.

Also, there is a sense of presence with the guests that are present. It is customary that one always presents a man to a woman, for example, Mrs. Smith, I present to you Mr. Jones and not the opposite. Your opinion might lead you to find this sexist, again, we are just presenting the label without necessarily endorsing it and it’s up to you to adapt it!

Hospitality Ideas – The appetizer

It is the master of the house who must take care of serving the aperitif to their guests. He will make sure to open the bottles that he will be presenting to his guests in advance so that they have no qualms about using the different bottles.

You must also have to consider putting non-alcoholic drinks on the table so that those who do not drink alcohol can also enjoy this moment of conviviality!

Hospitality Ideas – At the table

Place the guests in accordance with the table plan that you have previously established.

It is the hostess who will serve the plates to the guests. When serving all plates, they will be presented to the left of the guests.

The women should never serve wine, according to the rules. It is the master of the house who will take care of it. He will have to serve it to the right of the guests and will need to make sure not to fill the glasses completely.

Traditionally, guests will not start eating before the hostess or before she tells them to start if she is busy doing something else.

As a good host, remember to never leave guests alone.

Hospitality Ideas – When the dinner ends

When cleaning up the table, definitely, do not stack your plates! The most practical is to provide a container to empty the plates discreetly.

When the dinner ends, it is the mistress of the house who will indicate it by getting up first. You can then pass your guests to the lounge to serve them coffee or herbal tea.

After that, thank your guests for coming to your dinner. It is always nice to offer to order a taxi for them, in case they need one.

Finally, accompany them to your front door, without hurrying them, so as not to let them think you would like them to leave!


We hope that with these hospitality tips you will have a great time with your guests while enjoying a delicious culinary experience, truly unforgettable.

How Hard Work Beats Talent – Get Motivated

If you take a careful look, you will notice that some individuals are not as talented as others at certain things. But, they can still have a chance of making it to the top if they work for it. This suggests that skills still count, however, hard work can put you right up there. Hard work beats talent.

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Strive

There are lots of people who although talented, have lost their presence and have not naturally strived to support themselves. These sorts of people might be prominent and famous, but in the long term and the larger photo, fade into the background when more experienced and ‘hard-working’ individuals come onto the scene.

It boils down to your work ethic and what that work ethic costs. The effort you’re ready to put into something. As many individuals come to understand, with life, you get what you put into it. So, if you’ve got something you’re passionate about, something you wish to do, work for it, and the talent will come to you.

A skill can be thought of as a gift. An ability that’s a cut above the rest and lets the individual stand out at the job in question. However, talent does not always come naturally and may need to be worked for.

Individuals can often work hard to develop a skill and what appears to be a gift is merely the result of working hard for a prolonged duration. A lot of famous people are accessible to become like, not because they’ve hit ‘overnight success’ but because behind the scenes they’re really just working very hard.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

―Tim Notke

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

― Kevin Durant

Establish Your Talent Through Hard Work

The more work you put into something, the more you’ll get out of it. For example, if you wish to become more healthy and athletic. Then consume healthy foods, exercise, and although you might not have the natural ‘skill’ or aptitude for it in the beginning, in time and with a concentrated amount of true effort, you’ll become successful.

People will consider you talented but what’s happened is that you’ve ended up being a master through repetition, belief and effort! Which is a great way to be because then you’ve understood that when you’ve ‘made it’ in whatever choices of life, you know you’ve made the right ones and that the effort was worth it.

Talent and disposition matter, however, you require more. To master precisely what you do, you need a lot of practice. You need to comprehend the work style that comfortably adapts to your abilities and develops the finest your capabilities.

It doesn’t matter exactly what your talent is; you do not have to know what it is. Just what’s crucial is to put a lot of hard work and devotion into precisely what you strive to do. Both qualitative and quantitative terms.

Find a way to let working hard take you in. Be grateful when a sale does not come just to you, but your peers. It causes you to learn the worth of hard work.

Effort beats ability in life because when life winds up getting stormy, only those people that have appreciated and learned the value of hard work over talent will survive.

That suggests that ability still counts, however hard work puts you right up there alongside it.

The more work you put into something, the more you’ll get out. You have to comprehend the work design that finest adapts to your abilities and establishes the finest of your capabilities. End up being consumed with working hard. It helps you to find out the value of hard work. 


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