3 Remote Job Opportunities for Moms During Covid-19

3 Remote Job Opportunities for Moms During Covid-19

The recent pandemic has caused widespread disruption in the workforce, and a large number of jobs have now gone online. Many companies are hiring for new, fully remote positions, and this trend is predicted to stay for years to come. Forbes recently referenced a study that found that over 30 percent of the workforce could potentially be working from home for multiple days during the workweek by the end of 2021.

Clearly, working from home is here to stay. Whether you lost your previous job due to the pandemic or are simply looking to pick up extra work, there is a myriad of remote job opportunities perfect for moms amid the chaos that has encompassed the world. Many of these jobs require little to no prior knowledge, with a few exceptions, and can be pursued by anyone of any age.

1. Data Entry

work from home jobs for moms data entry woman typing

Data entry is a simple job that can be performed by anyone, yet it pays surprisingly well. The national annual salary for a data entry specialist averages out to just shy of $40,000. Though it may not seem like a huge starting salary, data entry is a valuable skill, and entering this field now can teach you skills you will need to pursue a more lucrative field late on.

For example, data science is a similar specialization that uses overlapping skills. In the past, you needed a master’s degree to become a data scientist. Nowadays, that strict barrier to entering the field has been reduced, and attending a trade school for around a year is more than enough to land a job in this area.

Gaining data entry and analysis skills through an entry-level position could help you launch a career as a remote data scientist. Think of any remote work opportunity as a stepping stone for a future career once the Covid-19 pandemic begins to settle down. Pursuing entry-level positions that teach you new, valuable skills is a great way to set yourself up for future success.

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2. Digital Marketing

work from home jobs for moms digital marketing

Unlike data entry, digital marketing is an established tech career in which professionals earn a hefty sum of money. ZipRecruiter lists the average income for digital marketers at nearly $75,000. Assuming you have any prior experience in marketing, finding remote opportunities as a digital marketer will be relatively easy.

Even if you do not have the skills to enter this field yet, they can be learned with ease. Job Training Hub has a comprehensive list of top-rated trade schools, most of which offer cheap courses in digital marketing that can help you land a remote position in the field.

Truthfully, all you’ll need to start on this career path is a creative eye and an interest in discovering how online products are marketed and sold. Assuming these apply to you, then digital marketing could be a lucrative career option that can be done entirely from the comfort of your own couch.

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3. Virtual Assistant

work from home jobs for moms virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant has been a popular option for freelancers for a number of years. A virtual assistant can have duties ranging from simply sending emails on behalf of a client to conducting administrative tasks for entire companies. This option is great for any mom wanting to develop a new range of skills, even if you don’t have technical knowledge in a specific area.

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It’s important to note that the above career paths are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding remote work opportunities. Ensure that you pursue a path that resonates with your skills and interests. Doing so means you are likely to end up in a long-lasting career. Consider taking a free career quiz to see where your interests lie and pursue a path that lines up with your skills.

Being a mom during the Covid-19 pandemic can be a scary experience. You want to look out for your family and keep them safe, but it can be difficult with all the disruptions going on in the world around you. Finding a remote job can help give you some peace of mind that everything will turn out alright once the pandemic settles down. Who knows, you may even come to love your new job and will choose not to go back to office work again. Just remember that there are opportunities all around you, and you need only to hop on a computer to discover them.

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