3 Perfect Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

3 Perfect Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

Our haircut is pretty much our most important accessory. After the proper nourishment, hairstyle comes next – There’s nothing that can quite accentuate our flaws and tasty sides like the proper (or misjudged) haircut.

With that in mind, we’re going to go over some of the ways to pick the best possible hairstyle for short curly hair! This is one of the more specific hairstyle types, so we’ll give you the tips you need to pick the right cut — and then we’ll recommend some of the ‘cuts available to you!

Consider The Shape of Your Face

Regardless of what hair aficionado you ask, they’re bound to tell you one thing — there isn’t one definitive “great cut.” After all, people have different face shapes and features. Some people just don’t have the right face for curly hair.

For instance — people with oval faces have it great because they’re able to pull off pretty much any kind of hairstyles. However, even within that niche, there are specific rules — layered bobs, waves at the length of your shoulder, and longer layers are your best friend with this face shape.

On the other hand, individuals with square shapes should try to make the edges of their jawlines and forehead softer. With that in mind, side bangs work wonders — as do wavy shags or fringe work combined with long layers. Pretty much anything that will help you create the illusion of softer angles on your face will work just fine.

A round face is excellent for those who’d like to have a long bob.

That kind of haircut makes the eyes of someone who’s watching your face go up and down, creating the illusion of a lengthier face. Indeed, elongating cuts are definitely a great combination for people with round faces.

If someone has a heart-shaped face, they can quickly get away with a bob at chin length or wavy layers. Also, any kind of bangs is a great idea here as well. What you want to do is to create a balance between your forehead and the rest of your face; if you generate softer visual angles in your front, that will help keep things more symmetrical and even. The only thing to remember here is that your bangs need to be narrow in order to pull off the illusion.

Hair Types

It’s not all about the shape of your face, of course — an equally decisive factor is the type of hair that you’ve got as well. For instance, those with fine, thin hair need to keep their layering to a minimum; just keep it short and blunt. Considering that, some sort of blunt bob without too much layering and texturing is not a bad idea.

Those whose hair is medium-thick basically have the most options — you can use all kinds of lengths and style variations. Curly or straight, or straightened the right way – Plus, you can play around with the texture and layers. In fact, selecting the right ones among these will provide you with the most significant possible freedom of movement and remove some excess weight off your head.

Finally, people with thick hair still have choices, though less so. Basically, your most stylish options include a lot of layers. This will make your daily styling easier, reduce your density, and help you handle the weight of your hair more proportionally.

Bottom-Heavy Bob

Short bobs are definitely all the rage this year, particularly among those who have curly hair and want a short hairstyle.

bottom heavy bob modern hairtstyle

Heavier ends provide you with quite a lot of volume and a unique texture. If you want this haircut to be more evened out, evened-out bangs will do the trick.

modern bottom heavy bob straight and curly

Boyish Pixie

There are plenty of women who have larger, thick curls, and sometimes struggle with finding the proper haircut that will accentuate all of their best features. In that case, we recommend trying out a boyish pixie.

boyish pixie modern hair style

This is a hairstyle that will make you positively sparkle with energy, though it does require the regular use of a hydrating mousse. Such products aid you in giving your hair the right level of volume. Plus, this isn’t something you can pull off without the proper levels of moisture.

Modern Shag

The traditional shag is one of the go-to haircuts for people with curly hair — plus, it’s so low-maintenance that you don’t have to spend a lot of time fixing it up. One of the best things about the modern variation of the shag is that it provides a sleeker edge and a modern look, while still preserving the elements that made the original so great.

modern shag hair style

Now a bit of more general advice – Any type of hair won’t look nice without proper hydration, enough protein, vitamin B12, zinc, and much more. Control your iron to keep all your hairs in the right place as iron deficiency occurs mainly in women and is a leading cause of hair loss. Luckily, it is usually easily reversible but it’s hard to grow lots of hair in no time so it’s best to constantly keep iron levels at their optimal levels.

We hope this guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new. Stay safe, guys!

Great Facial Olive Oil Benefits You Could Get

What is IT (Olive Oil)?

Olive oil is a fluid fat obtained from olives (the product of Olea europaea; the Oleaceae family), a conventional Mediterranean basin tree harvest. The oil is produced by squeezing whole olives. It is usually used in cooking, whether for browning or as a mixed green dressing platter. It is also used in maquillages, pharmaceuticals, and cleaners and as a fuel for traditional oil lights and has additional uses in a few religions. There is limited evidence of its medical advantages. The olive is one of three Mediterranean food center nutritional plants; the other two are wheat and grapes.

Since the eighth thousand BC, olive trees have been developed around the Mediterranean. Spain is Italy and Greece’s largest olive oil producer. However, the national use per capita in Greece, traced by Spain, Italy, and Morocco, is most astonishing. Utilization in South Asia, North America, and northern Europe is much lower, but it is steadily increasing. Extra virgin olive oil must have a free causticity of nearly 0.8 percent and is considered to have good flavor.

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There are numerous olive cultivars, each with a specific flavor, surface and time frame of realistic usability, which make them almost suitable for different applications, such as direct human use on bread or in mixed green plates, aberrant use in household cooking or food supply, or modern uses, such as feed for creatures or design applications. In the development phases, the shade of the olive organic product changes from green to purple and then dark. The taste qualities of olive oil depending on the phase of the preparation of organic olive products.

Olive oil has been used as a home skincare cure for a long time. Since pharaonic occasions, Egyptians have used beeswax nearby as a chemical, cream and antibacterial operator. In ancient Greece, olive oil was used in the middle of the back rub to prevent sports injuries and reduce muscle wear. Japan was the best shipper of olive oil in Asia in 2000 having 13,000 tons per year since customers accept the ingestion and use of olive oil for skin and well-being.

Olive oil is important for rubbing newborn children and small children, but logical evidence of its viability is mixed. In contrast to sunflower, grape seed, and fractionated coconut oils, an examination of olive oil versus mineral oil found that when used for a newborn rub, olive oil can be considered a protected option. This is true, especially when mixed with a lighter oil such as a sunflower, which “would further reduce the officially low dimensions of free unsaturated fats in olive oil. “

Another preliminary said that olive oil in contrast and emollient cream reduced the danger of dermatitis for newborn children in each stage of gestation. In any case, one more investigation on grown-ups found that topical treatment with olive oil “essentially harms the skin hindrance” when contrasted with sunflower oil, and that it might exacerbate existing atopic dermatitis. The specialists presumed that because of the negative result in grown-ups, they don’t suggest the utilization of olive oil for the treatment of dry skin and newborn child knead. The specialists assumed that they did not suggest the use of olive oil for the treatment of dry skin and newborn knead because of the negative result in adults.

Top-Listed Olive Oil Benefits

Hydrating Effects

Olive oil is a well- known normal hydrating element that mollifies skin and hair regularly. There is almost no exploration of its suitability in any case.

Contains Vitamins

Olive oil contains nutrients A, D, E and K that can be dissolved in fat. A portion of these nutrients may be beneficial to the skin.

Antibacterial Effects

Antibacterial properties appeared to have olive oil. However, the ability of olive oil to control microscopic organisms on the skin is not much examined. The effects of the use of olive oil and coconut oil on Staphylococcus aureus microbes on the skin were examined in a small way. The results showed that the two oils had antibacterial properties, but virgin coconut oil was increasingly able to wipe out the microorganisms.

In some cases, however, olive oil can be used to treat skin bacterial diseases. It could also improve the mending of people with foot ulcers caused by type 2 diabetes.

Contains Antioxidants

Olive oil is a cell reinforcement, which is an anticipated oxidation substance. Oxidation is a procedure that can deliver free radicals, synthetic substances that can possibly harm cells and contribute to improved malignant growth. Cell reinforcements can anticipate early maturation at the point when they are connected to the skin. Similarly, some research suggests that putting olive oil on the skin after sun exposure can prevent cell- causing malignant growth.

Researchers connected the oil to the skin of mice presented with conceivably destructive bright( UV) beams in the investigation. The development of tumors was substantially lower in mice that contrasted with olive oil on their skin and those who did not. Researchers must carry out more research to understand the effects on human skin of the cancer prevention agent of olive oil.

Uses and Risks


  • Moisturizer and after-sun treatment

  • Face mask
  • Wrinkle treatment

  • Scar oil

  • Exfoliator

  • Eye-makeup remover



  • Atopic eczema development on childhood
  • If using low quality types
  • Clogging of pores
  • Skin Barrier infection

Suggested Product

Morpheme Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Experts highlight some of the greatest beauty benefits of olive oil, from moisturizing your skin to helping you combat the appearance of aging. Olive oil contains a lot of vitamin e, an antioxidant that protects the skin from different external factors. Olive oil can work wonders to keep your hair healthy in combination with a few other ingredients.

Skin Aging is Preventable Mom! Learn How!

Skin Aging is Preventable Mom! Learn How!

We begin to age the minute we are conceived and the effects of maturing are evident in our bodies for the duration of our lives (but skin aging is preventable). The most conspicuous impacts of maturation are in development up to about 20 years of age. Starting in this age, the effects of maturation on the skin begin to be evident.

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Hereditarily modified chronological maturation causes biochemical changes in collagen and elastin, the connective tissues that make the skin immovable and flexible. Each individual’s hereditary program is unique so that the loss of skin immovability and flexibility occurs at different rates and on various occasions in one person as opposed to another.

Photoaging works with chronological maturation and may seem to hasten the chronological maturation procedure. In fact, photoaging may be responsible for most age-related changes in the appearance of the skin: mottled pigmentation, surface hardness, fine wrinkles that disappear when extended, “age “or “liver “spots on the hands, and enlarged veins. A significant risk factor for skin tumors- basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma is constant sun introduction.

Ways to protect skin from fast aging:

Protect Skin from Sun UV Rays

Too much exposure with sun can damage your skin. In order to protect your skin, use products such as skin gels, sunscreens or lotions that has rich elements that moisturizes the skin, has a broad-spectrum, water-resistant and has high SPF value to block the damaging heat of the sun.

Stop Smoking

According to a clinical study, smoking contributes a high cause of skin damage. Smoking causes the following cases on skin:

  1. Develop eye bags
  2. Psoriasis
  3. Premature aging
  4. Early development of wrinkles
  5. More visible scars from wounds
  6. Long healing of wounds
  7. Loss of natural skin glow
  8. Development of warts
  9. Stretch Marks
  10. Skin Cancer

If you are a smoker, your health is at stake and might put your life in danger with the cases mentioned above. Therefore, it is advised to stop smoking for a healthier life.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

A main signature of being healthy is having a balanced diet. Meaning, intakes of food should be based to the human standard daily food consumption where vitamins and other elements that the human body needs are balanced. This is to avoid health issues that may occur due to eating discipline neglect. Issues such related to skin such as diabetes, lung infection which makes the skin yelowish, etc.

Stop Alcohol Drinking

Drinking alcohol is one of the main causes for skin problems aside from smoking. Drinking alchohol dehydrtes the skin, prone to inflammations and allergic reactions, may lead to less plump, supple cells and a duller complexion, may cause hormonal disruption, and deplete healthy levels of the important bacteria that live in microbiome helps to regulate our immune system. Therefore, stopping alcohol drinking will clear you from the aforementioned probabilities that you may face.

Cleanse Your Skin Regularly

Of course, in order to have a healthy skin, you should regularly cleance it. May use products that are rich in elements that moisturizes and are not too chemically strong that burns the skin. Use mild products that will improve the suppleness, smoothnes and bloomness of your skin.

Suggested Products

EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen

This facial sunscreen of zinc oxide with a wide spectrum coverage protects from the sun against UVA and UVB rays.

Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera

Rose Petal Toner is made of rose water, aloe vera filet and our proprietary Witch Hazel extract.

CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion

CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion has a unique lightweight formula developed with dermatologists that exfoliates and moisturizes while helping to restore the protective skin barrier.

The Right Way To Treat Your Hair: Have it On!

Ask yourself, what is the right way to treat your hair to make it healthy, smooth and shiny? How do you clean your hair and especially the scalp? Even if you have a lifeless hair you have to regularly take care of it especially the scalp. It is still part of your body and will greatly affect your overall looks, your mood, and even your self-esteem. Well, it’s pretty sure that you, may not be all of the time, is conscious of how you look. And if you’re conscious of your looks, you might think about how your hair brings your personality, especially in the public. The tendency of having a bad-looking hair is you are either out of the mood or your confidence will drop.

However, why does hair have such an extraordinary effect on our state of mind and trust? According to some specialists, hair is the reason behind the best number of compliments that anyone gets next to eyes and grin.

Having a dry, flaky or even itchy scalp can be a result of mistreated scalp and hair care. For an instance, shampooing without making sure that it was clearly washed out, will surely make your hair and scalp bad. It will result to dandruff that falls out to your clothes.

Cleaning or washing your hair will depend on what activities have you gone through all the day. However it is recommended to wash it more often especially for those who have straight hairs. Straight hairs get too oily in a short period of time, and therefore needs to be washed more often. Unlike curly hairs which rarely gets oily may not be washed as often as the straight hairs. However, recommended to use scalp and hair conditioners to make it shiney, smooth and not dry and frizzy.

Moreover, you have to be more cautious because there are multiple factors that can greatly damage your hair. Like prolonged exposure to the sun and overused strong hair product chemicals for treatments and styling.

Here are the basic process of taking care of your hair, simple yet safe and effective:

  1. Make sure that your hair is well-wett
  2. Use enough volume of shampoo depending on your hair volume (Recommended to use organic shampoo)
  3. Massage your scalp up to the tip of your hair (Be cautious, do not scrub too much)
  4. Rinse your hair very well, make sure no trace of shampoo remains
  5. You may apply a conditioner to treat the damages the shampoo might have done (Optional step)
  6. Rinse your hair again, this time you should make sure that no conditioner cream left on your scalp or hair
  7. Dry with a soft-cottony towel, gently and slowly (Do not force dry the hair)
  8. You may comb your hair, should be gentle and slowly (Recommended comb are those with wide-spaced tooth)

(NOTE: Use products that are not too strong to avoid scalp and hair issues. Electric hair dryers can also be tough for your hair.)

The Benefits of Having a Your Hair Cared Well

So what will you get if your hair is treated well and is respected like any other parts of your body? Here are some of the top-listed things that you will benefit from having it healthy and great!


  • Clean Scalp Equals Healthy Hair

  • Breakage And Split Ends are Prevented

  • When Healthy, It’s Smooth and Shiney

  • Great Look, Great Mood and High Self-Esteem

Recommended Products

Organic Vegan Natural Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Unique for stopping hair loss and promoting new hair growth. By removing environmental factors that could damage your hair and scalp while simultaneously infusing all the nutrients you need, you are finally intended to have a healthy hair nature.

The Truth About Coconut Oil Sunscreen

The Truth About Coconut Oil Sunscreen

For lots of generations, coconut oil has been the primary component in suntan and sunscreen lotions. As time has passed, coconut oil has advanced with numerous hazardous chemicals that are meant to block the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UV rays).

The amazing benefits of coconut oil are large and plenty. It has a wide range of health advantages, hair and skin uses, and can even be utilized around the home.

With all of the dangers that are found in chemical-laden charm items, it’s not surprising that an item like sunscreen could have some people questioning what exactly we’re putting on our bodies (and our children’s bodies) all in the name of defense.

Can Coconut Oil Sunscreen Stop Sun’s harmful rays?

Well, yes and no. For some, coconut oil sunscreen may not appear like the next-best option. But it’s plentiful in anti-oxidants that help to decrease swelling and pump moisture back into your skin. Coconut oil sunscreen only an estimated 20 percent of the sun’s destructive rays, it’s not enough.

Absolutely Nothing Beats Sunscreens for Defense

In accordance with the Skin Cancer Foundation, sunscreen is a product that helps prevent the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) radiation from reaching the skin. There are two types of UV rays. UVA and UVB both serve various functions in causing sunburns, wrinkling, and premature indications of aging and cancers. UVA rays are understood to permeate deep into the skin and trigger the enduring impact of light-induced aging. While UVB rays are responsible for the typical red, unpleasant sunburns one normally associates with too much time spent outside without protection.

What is the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of Coconut Oil Sunscreen?

If coconut oil were really a good alternative to sunscreen, then it must have an SPF of least 15 (the minimum recommended by skin specialists).

Sadly, coconut oil (in addition to other plant oils) has a relatively low-security level. In fact, coconut oil is listed as having an SPF level of 4. This would then equal to four-times the security compared with choosing to forgo the sunscreen completely.

The Best Ways To Use Coconut Oil for Your Skin

While coconut oil sunscreen is not an excellent replacement for real sunscreens, it can be beneficial when used over time spent in the sun. The high-concentration of healthy fats discovered in coconut oil can be especially valuable in reducing sunburn-related signs including swelling, itching, and peeling. Coconut oil likewise boasts a compound called lauric acid, a “healthy” saturated fat rich in antibacterial homes that might help ward off infections. Some of the ways you can use coconut oil for your skin are:

  • Body Butter
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Oil
  • Cold Sore Treatment
  • Hand Moisturizer

What to Utilize Instead of Coconut Oil Sunscreen?

Use sunscreen; it does protect from cancer. They work well, and they are specially made by science to do so. There is even sunscreen with coconut oil as part with greater SPF than plain coconut oil.

Another choice is to select an organic and natural sunscreen. Natural sunscreens include the beneficial minerals titanium and zinc and these minerals function as a barrier to block UV rays. Whereas other harsh chemicals in sunscreens can actually take in these rays and then minimize the impact of how it can help.

Natural sunscreen consists of non-allergenic active ingredients and because of this prevents inflammation. Harmful active ingredients in chemical sunscreens tend to make inflammation much more probable.

Recommended Sunscreen with Coconut Oil: 


Everything You Need to Know About Charcoal and Glue Masks

Finding the right cure for blackheads can be taxing. It can be exhausting and expensive. Many individuals spend a lot of time and money trying to find the right product to help them with their blackhead issue. You want a treatment that will keep your pores clean and your skin gorgeous. Mostly, you just want to find a quality product that will work. Many individuals have begun using charcoal and glue masks as a do it yourself treatment for blackheads.

First Lets Talk About What Causes Blackheads?

Before you can find a successful way to remove blackheads, it is important that you understand what they are and what causes them. Blackheads appear on your skin. They are small bumps and occur when hair follicles become clogged. They are termed blackheads because the surface appears dark. Blackheads are considered mild acne. Typically, blackheads form on a person’s face. They can also appear on your shoulders, back, arms, chest, or neck. Millions of individuals are affected by acne and it is one of the most common skin disorders.

There are hair follicles all over your skin. When these become plugged or clogged, blackheads appear. The hair follicles on your skin have a hair and sebaceous gland. The gland produces oil known as sebum. Sebum is responsible for keeping your skin nice and smooth. Oils and dead skin cells have a habit of collecting inside the opening. This results in a bump appearing that is known as a comedo. If the bump appears and the skin over it is closed, it is not a blackhead. Instead, it is known as a whitehead. Blackheads are formed when the skin remains open. This is because the air exposure makes it appear black.

There are certain elements that can increase your chances of having to deal with blackheads. If your body produces an excessive amount of oil, you may find you have to deal with blackheads much more often than your peers. Propionibacterium acnes bacteria can increase your chances of blackheads when they build up on your skin. When your hair follicles are irritated or dead skin cells remain on your body instead of being removed on a regular basis, you can find more bumps on your face than normal. Another time that individuals struggle with blackheads is if they experience a hormonal change that increases the amount the body produces oil, such as puberty. Times of menstruation or certain birth control medications can also result in acne. There are also certain drugs that cause blackheads.

Many individuals are under the impression that diet affects the appearance of bumps on their face. They are right, to a certain extent. Researchers are not positive on how strong the connection is between acne and certain foods. However, there is a belief that there is some type of connections between dairy products and any type of food that causes your blood sugar level to go up and the appearance of blackheads.

Blackheads are not easy to miss. In fact, because of the dark appearance, they are easy for people to notice. Blackheads are not flat on the skin. If they were, they wouldn’t be referred to as bumps. Instead, they are raised a little. Blackheads are not painful like pimples. This is because pimples are inflamed, and blackheads are not. Pimples are created when bacteria block the hair follicle. This results in the area becoming inflamed and redness to appear. Blackheads are created in a different way and are less painful. However, blackheads do not have to be a crisis. You can use a charcoal and glue mask to help reduce the appearance of blackheads.

Does that Actually Work?

Does smearing glue and charcoal all over your face work?

The key to the charcoal and glue face mask is that whether it works is going to be based on you. No two people are alike and what works for one person may not always work for the other. Don’t be discouraged if you search online and find mixed reports. This is completely normal. If you are mixing your own mask, you also want to be sure that you are following the directions. Don’t put too much or too little of any ingredient. This can also have a huge impact on whether the mask works for you.

Charcoal continues medicinal qualities. Heated charcoal can destroy toxins and help your pores. Egyptians used charcoal in 1500 BC to absorb odors from intestinal tracts that were decaying. This is the first record of charcoal being medicinally used. Hippocrates used charcoal to treat numerous diseases, such as epilepsy, around 400 BC. Animals also use charcoal. One example is that African red Colobus monkeys digest charcoal any time that they need toxins removed from their body. Charcoal works to clear clogged pores by binding itself to impurities so that the individual can wash them away.

What is in a Charcoal and Glue Mask?

The things you need for a charcoal and glue mask are not as complicated as you may think. You need to get a mixing bowl, some glue, some charcoal tablets, and a spoon.

So How Do You Make One?

Making a charcoal mask is simple.

  • Mix glue and charcoal powder in a bowl.
  • Make sure that the brand you are using is non-toxic, like Elmer’s. You want to make sure that the glue doesn’t damage your skin and is safe for you to use.
  • If you are using capsules, all you must do is split them apart. Once they are split, you can easily pour the powder into the bowl.
  • If your are using charcoal pills, should pour a little bit into a separate bowl and grab a fork. You are going to use the fork to crush the pills and form a powder before you add them to the mixture. Once you have crushed the pills add it to the mixture.
  • Continue adding the charcoal powder to the mixture until the mask is completely black.

That’s it! Now you just need to apply it on your face.

How do You Apply It?

Charcoal and glue masks are not difficult to apply. Once the mask is the right color, you are putting it on your face. There are a few different ways that you can put it on your face. If you don’t like the feel or texture of the mixture, you can use a brush to apply it to your face. However, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can also apply it using your fingers. You want to make sure that you cover your face completely with the mixture. The length of time that you will leave the mask on your face is based on how thick the mixture is. Typically, you will leave it on for twenty to thirty minutes.

The next step is to wait. You do not want to remove the mask until it is completely dry. Once it is you can begin to slowly peel the mask from your face. You want to start at the bottom and work your way to the top. There are times that pulling the mask off may hurt because if you have facial hair, it will pull the hair. You should try to pull as much of the mask off your face as you. The mask is removing the dirt from your face and pulling it out of your pores. If the mask cracks or crumbles, or you experience discomfort, you can use a cloth to remove the rest of the mask.
If you do not want to place the mask on your whole face, you do not have to. You have the option to apply the charcoal and glue mask to a specific area. If you have problems with just your nose, you do not have to cover your entire face with charcoal. You can simply apply the mixture to your nose. You can use the mask as a blackhead strip when Appling it to your nose. You can see the grime after you peel it off to see that it really is working!

Once all the mask is removed, you are finished. Your face will look clean and refreshed. Not only will you look clean and be blackhead free, but your face will feel cleaner as well. This is a much better way to peel the glue off your skin then what you did in preschool!

Where do I find the Ingredients?

You can find a lot of what you need on Amazon. There are several options for activated charcoal. You can go with the Natural Life Labs Organic Activated Charcoal capsules to keep it organic. You can also choose Divine Beauty Activated Charcoal or Nature’s Way. All three options have a 4/5-star rating. Amazon also has options for non-toxic glue. You can choose from Elmer’s, RoseArt, or Amazon Basics.

Can’t I just Buy One?

If you do not want to make a charcoal mask yourself, you can simply buy one. Amazon has several options available.

Aliver’s Charcoal Mask

Aliver’s charcoal mask has a 4/5 rating on Amazon.com. It combines charcoal, organic acid, and bamboo vinegar into a mask that repairs and cleans your face. You can use the mask up to twice a week.


Pi’laten Black

Another excellent option is the Pi’laten Black. The reviews are slightly lower with this one, rating 3/5. However, it is still important to remember that products work differently for different people. You have the option to purchase an applicator brush with the bottle so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty. This deep cleansing mask helps to remove acne, blackheads, hair, and dead skin. Your face will be clean and refreshed without you having to mix it together.


Vassoul Black Mask

The Vassoul Black Mask, found for a decent price on Amazon, rates a 4/5. This mask provides deep facial cleansing that can remove blemishes from your face. It can help remove electronic radiation and ensure you enjoy clean and smooth skin.


Scuddles Black Mask

Scuddles Black Mask is another option found for an affordable price on Amazon. It also rates a 4/5 and comes with a money back guarantee. The charcoal from this mask removes oils from your pores and eliminates acne. If you are not satisfied, you can get your money back.


Black Magic Charcoal Mask

Finally, the Black Magic Charcoal Mask rates a 5/5 on Amazon and appears to be a customer favorite. This mask uses a combination of activated charcoal and other key ingredients to remove dead skin, enhance makeup, remove blackhead, and soften skin.



Blackheads are a nightmare. They are caused when your pores become clogged. They are unsightly, and no one wants them on their face. Charcoal and glue masks are easy to make and can help you eliminate blackheads and enjoy smooth skin.

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