Smelling good should be a priority on the list of any woman— a woman’s perfume, when worn correctly, can essentially describe her personality. A light spritz from a little, decorative bottle and people will know whether you’re flirty and fun, fresh and appetizing, strong and smart, seriously sexy, or any of these traits combined!

But what is it about perfume that is so alluring? It turns out, your perfume can tell as much about you as your clothing. Studies show that scent plays a key role in capturing the attention of the opposite sex. In fact, our bodies produce natural scents to attract the opposite sex, and by just adding a small amount of perfume to this, a woman becomes irresistible to anyone around them.

By wearing an attractive perfume suited for their personality, women will not only enhance their attraction by the opposite sex (if they so desire), but they will also have a significant boost in their confidence level. Those who regularly wear perfume are more likely to be perceived as courageous, competent and socially skilled than their unscented counterparts.

With so many options available, it may seem a little bit difficult to choose one’s favorite perfume. If there is a significant other if your life, looking for something that they will also appreciate can be daunting as well. We have listed down below some of the best perfumes on the market today, which will both drive your partner wild and help you feel strong, confident, and bold. Try these perfumes as a compliment to your finished look:

4 Perfumes for Women that Guaranteed Men Will Go WILD

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium is on the tops our list for, “best perfumes for women that men love.” This wonderful fragrance makes the wearer smell refreshingly good, it’s appreciated by all kinds of people and contains some much-loved cold-weather scents. Its scent, strong vanilla mixed with coffee and pear, is unique, highly addictive and creates a sweet sensuality to balance its intensity.

These scents couple marvelously with jasmine to give the perfume a perfect expression of femininity and strength. The great thing about this perfume is that it is both appropriate for daily use and perfect for an evening out on the town. Black Opium is the kind of perfume that you’ll want to make your signature scent.

Bright Crystal by Versace


Versace Black Crystal is a luxurious fragrance, popular for its strong, sensual, and flowery smell. The main scents in Bright Crystal of magnolia, lotus flower, and peony give it a strong floral profile. The perfume is then accented by yuzu, pomegranate, and mahogany in order to give it a grounded, earthy feel which adds a delightful, sultry element to the scent.

It also contains a blend of amber which makes it perfect for daytime use, especially in the spring and summer months. Bright Crystal is an ultimately flowing perfume that will make you feel like you’re still on vacation.

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana


This product is listed among the best perfumes for women because similar to the other top perfumes on this list, it lacks the background alcohol scent present in many lower-quality perfumes. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana is an appetizing mixture of apple, and jasmine, designed to float around your body.

White rose and soft bluebell combine, giving the perfume an incredibly luminous scent which lies lightly on the skin Light Blue offers a classic and soothing scent, which delivers a refreshing and appealing combo and simply makes its wearer feel good.

Hugo Boss Nuit Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Hugo Boss Nuit Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Hugo Boss’ perfume, Nuit Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, brings their perfume line to the next level. This perfume combines the richness of jasmine black currant, lily, and violet with the freshness of white peach to give it a sparkling, sensual, and strong scent that lies fresh on the skin.

It also contains a blend of lemon trees and apricot skin, giving it a lasting effect on the wearer’s body. A daily spray of the Nuit Eau de Parfum is sure to bring out a women’s inner beauty and is perfect for someone looking for a fresh, zesty accent to their daily attire.

There are thousands of perfumes on the market, and it’s probable that many of them, in some way or another, have someone decent scent. However, by intentionally selecting a complex, layered perfume, you are doing both yourself and your partner a favor. We have picked these four perfumes to help in your search, as we believe they have exceptional qualities which make them must-haves. By selecting a high-end perfume based on your tastes and interests, not only are you demonstrating to the world your complex, layered personality, but you are picking something free of questionable ingredients, and adding a unique drop of personality which will wow your friends, co-workers, and significant others alike.

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