People work, people get tired, people rest, and they work again! This is probably true for most us. No one is immune to getting exhausted. Unwinding is thus, extremely essential to prepare ourselves to embrace the next day’s challenges. Relaxing on a massage chair can be one way to release the stress.

Jobs which involve long sitting hours on computers or even lifting of weights etc. have huge side effects on our body. So many of us, especially the ones involved in physically demanding jobs, wish if they could stretch well. But not many of us have the luxury of time (and money) to visit spas frequently.

Talk about massage chairs, and voila, it feels as if it’s all that anyone could ever ask for! (No exaggeration!) A study claimed that over 50% of the people who sought using massage chairs were over 25 years of age. The figure makes sense, as people start to work around the same time.

Think about coming back home after a long day’s work with an aching back. For women, it’s many times even worse, because of added responsibilities of looking after their homes. Picture this, that you could be easily relieved of your back’s soreness! It’s easier to do so for real, now more than ever. Reports show that massage chairs help improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure, relieve stress, muscular tension.

woman with backpain

It has been observed since generations that many women develop chronic back pain during their pregnancies. Proved to have no adverse effects on them, massage chairs are a godsend gift to them. Call it wishful thinking, but it’s actually feasible to bring a massage chair to your home and leave your bad-back or sore neck days behind. These chairs are now increasingly simulating human touch and movements and unlike Spa’s time limits, they promise availability for a good 20 years.

Top 10 Panasonic Massage Chairs

To make things simple for you, we reviewed Panasonic, which has been manufacturing Panasonic Massage Chairs for over 35 years. The brand, operational for 100 years now, has created a name for itself by investing in futuristic technologies, which are aimed at making people’s lives easier. They are highly praised for their function-oriented designs, making them one of the most favored brands in the world, especially their electronic devices and equipment. With this brand, there’s something for everyone.


This is the primary offering by Panasonic in the world of massage chair. It is one of the members of the series known as “Urban Collection”. The chair is equipped with basic massage modules and can provide decent overall body massage.

Feature: The distinguishing feature of this chair is the control over the position of the back. This helps to customize and improve the quality of shoulder and back massages.


The EP 1285KL is the pocket-friendly option amongst the various varieties of massage chairs offered by Panasonic. It replaces the need to visit your massage therapist. Heck, you can practically have a massage therapy every day at your home.

EP 1285KL is the latest offering in the mid-price range of the Panasonic family of massage chairs.


  • The chair is equipped with air ottoman system along with auto recline feature and advance 4 massage styles. 
  • It is pre-loaded with 4 massage programs, namely: Quick, Chiro, Swedish, Shiatsu. 
  • The chair is equipped with a remote control for easy accessibility – all the functions are available at the tip of your finger. 
  • There are multiple manual massage options which can be used individually as required by everyone.


  • Panasonic’s patented technology, Air Ottoman System has proven to be excellent for Improving blood circulation in the lower half of the body, the calf muscles, and the toes.
  • Their wide Massaging Option is great for people who are looking for a replication of human touch.
  • One of the best features of the chair is the option to stretch legs. This provides an added comfort to the users.


  • Even though the chair performs its functions really well, there have been repeated complaints regarding its build quality.
  • Some customers may find the electric motor’s quite irritating at times and prevents them from relaxing completely.


The next massage chair up here for discussion is the EP – MA03K. Like all other models of Panasonic massage chairs, this chair is designed to help customers achieve muscle relaxation like that in therapy.


  • The chair comes pre-loaded with 4 programs focussing on eep Tissue’ massages.
  • Users can select specific massage regions like neck/shoulders etc.
  • The chair is designed such that it accommodates a wide variety of body types, from the 50th percentile(150cm) to the 95th percentile (185 cm).
  • This chair also comes with Panasonic’s ir Ottoman System’ which helps to improve blood circulation.


  • The chair has an adaptable chassis which is equipped to handle a wide array of different physical features. 
  • The chair is equipped with over 108 different programs which are perfectly suited for one’s personal needs. 


  • Though packed with the latest technology, it is still not at par with the higher priced models and lacks great build quality.


This is one of the first ones from Panasonic’s futuristic line of massage chairs. The distinguishing factor of this model is its compactness. This chair’s design is nothing less than an engineering marvel. The compact size makes it suitable to accommodate this even in small-sized living spaces.


  • The chair is built on an S-track chassis which allows the massage rollers to smoothly follow the natural contour of the human spine.
  • Prior to the start of the massage, the chair scans the body of the occupant and defines the optimal pressure points for best the comfort experience.
  • The chair offers a wide range of massage styles like rolling, kneading etc along with the pre-programmed features
  • Selective message locations are available like massages for neck, shoulders etc.


  • EP MA10 offers a plethora of options for the neck region, which include the Swedish, Shiatsu or other forms of deep massages. These options are specifically meant for people suffering from chronic neck pain


  • This chair offers 14 air-bags to provide more comfort and better blood circulation.


This one is like the earlier model with slight improvements to cater to the needs of the customers. 


  • This chair also features the classical S-track chassis and offers a plethora of massage options along with pre-programmed massage modules. 

6. PANASONIC EP – 30004

This chair is famously known as the Shiatsu chair. The chair is equipped with the “Voice Guidance” system to help customer easily identify the different complex massage modules. The chair is the second in the series of the Panasonic’s famous “Real Pro Ultra Series”. The best feature of this series is the leg and shoulder stretch.


  • The chair comes equipped with the new massage technique called the Junetsu. In this new technique, the pressure is applied in a small rotatory fashion to allow penetration of its impact beyond the muscles, to the bones. 
  • The chair has dual recliner options. The first option is for massage and the second is for the recliner. 
  • EP-30004 comes equipped with a self-programming feature. You can program the chair to retain massage programs according to your needs. 
  • The chair is equipped with arm pads to provide arm massage. 


  • The memory feature provides customers to return immediately to the pre-set options for recurring pain options. 
  • The chair is equipped with 4 different message type options and 5-speed options to provide a diverse choice of options to its customers. 
  • The chair has 22 airbags which are significantly higher than the previous option.


  •  The design of the chair is mechanical with a high importance of the functional aspects. The creative aspect is on the lower side. 
  • The chair lacks media support, it has no provision to play music during massages. 
  • It also lacks temperature control. 


If you are looking for an all-around performer, this model fits the criteria well. The design is versatile and suitable for all masses. The chair has several delightful features which are listed:


  • The chair has the trademark Panasonic -Track’ chassis, which is quickly being adopted overall. This chair also features a 3-D scan option, with an extension of the scan facility to include the head. The massage rollers follow the contour of the spine to provide the desired relaxation. 
  • The chair also features heated rollers specifically for the neck and head region. Additional heat provides extra remedial value. 


  • The chair comes preloaded with massage programs for specific body regions like neck, shoulder, hip and lumbar area. 
  • This is one of the few massage chairs available in the market with the deep massage feature. People suffering from recurring pain in their back and the lumbar area can benefit heavily from this feature. 
  • The chair has 3 slots to store your personalized massage options. 
  • The chair offers a body stretching mode which is like the adjustments done by a chiropractor. 


  •  Even though the chair offers 33 airbags, it is still lagging behind other massage chairs in the similar price range. 
  • The chair has airbags only for massage of the lower extremities. There are no rollers, so the message options for feet are limited. The lack of rollers can be off-putting for many customers. 
  • The chair also lacks media support, so you won’t be able to enjoy music during your therapy sessions. 
  • The default setting of any given massage module is set fixed at 15 minutes. 


The Panasonic EP – MA73K looks like a simple recliner unlike its brothers and is without a doubt one of the better-looking massage chairs in the market. 


  • The chair has high attention to the detail towards the contour of the subject.  
  • The massage feature mimics the feel of a human touch.  
  • It also accommodates rollers for both, back and neck regions. The rollers are also heated to provide the added comfort and relaxation. 
  • This chair offers a higher number of massage programs compared to earlier models. It offers 5 programs in comparison to 4 provided by each of the earlier models. 


  • The chair features massage systems for the palm and forearm region. 
  • The heating facility is provided in the toe region for complete comfort. This aids in mitigating the stiffness and pain of the soles


  • The chair features around 33 airbags which are significantly lower than competitors in the same price bracket.


One of the best offerings by Panasonic is the MAJ7 model. This model features a comprehensive massage program with complete all-around features. The massage modules mimic human touch to provide added relaxation. 


  • The model has “Voice Guidance” feature to explain the numerous features to the customers. 
  • The chair has enough flexibility to accommodate from the 5th percentile till the 95th percentile of the population. 
  • The chair features 6 pre-programmed massage programs like shiatsu massage, neck and shoulder massage and programmes specifically for the back. 
  • The chair features 37 airbags for higher comfort. 


  • The magnitude of each massages types can be calibrated individually to suit personal needs. 
  • The massage of neck, shoulders, and back of this chair is unparalleled throughout. 
  •  Foot rollers, in combination with airbags, provide unmatched relaxation of the feet. 


  •  The padding of the chair prevents customers from taking full advantage of the neck/shoulder massages.  
  • The forearm massage is ineffective at times and can be coupled with the stretching programs for better results. 
  • The timer for each message is fixed and turns off automatically which is unpleasant for customers at times of relaxation. 

10. PANASONIC EP 30007

Panasonic introduced this chair with the highest number of massage combinations available in the market for the price point.

  • The chair features 36 airbags for comfort and relaxation. 
  • The chair features a staggering 1000 massage combination. The number is unmatched by a competitor in any price range. 
  • The chair comes pre-equipped with several massage routines like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage etc. 
  • The chair is highly flexible and can accommodate people of the height of 195 cm. 


  • The largest number of massage combinations available for any chair. 
  • The chair is highly versatile and flexible and can be modified according to your needs. 


  • The number of airbags is on the lower side comparing the price range. 
  • Lack of media supports in the chair. 
  • The lack of heating feature is most probably the biggest drawback of this chair. 
We hope that you would have found the above information useful. And we are sure that Panasonic Massage Chairs would prove to be an excellent purchase for your house!

Our verdict: take the one which isn’t the most basic of all but the one which suits your needs within the budget. It will prove to be a great investment. Good luck! 

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