The importance of gift can never be neglected as they are the main source of showing care and love towards our loved one. Giving & receiving gifts on the occasion of Christmas is custom as it reminds us of the present given to Holy Jesus.

Minecraft gifts are basically a new idea/ trend because these are the best games out there and popular due to its huge educational value and fun. People of all ages are a fan of Minecraft.

My kids are a great fan of these games, and I always feel pleasure in making him happy with the amazing Minecraft gifts

So here I am suggesting some popular and trendy mine craft gift ideas out there for all Minecraft fans. These are the best ones in my selection for Minecraft lovers.

2. LEGO Minecraft

Lego box is pretty smaller and it makes sense too as the whole universe is made of cubes. It is such a game that every Minecraft fan will fall in love with it because it is inspired by the dwarf fortress and dungeon keeper. You can form fantastic structures, creation in multiple game modes. It will be a great pleasure for your kids so near me you can choose it as one of the best Minecraft gifts on Christmas

Its dimension is 4.8×5.5×4.8 inches and having a weight of 12 ounces. It is popular in the kids of 10-15 years.

3. Minecraft Papercraft Set

Minecraft papercrafts are looks like mobs and you can find them while exploring the Minecraft universe. It is all about to create a new world and with instructions you can build a new world easily. You get some collection like pig, chicken, sheep and some grassy blocks too.

It consists of some redstone, TNT & Iron blocks, minecart tracks, stickers & Minecraft mortar paper tape. It finds in over 48 pieces. Its dimension is 8.5x2x12 inches. minecraft gift fans with age of 6+ usually love to play it.

4. Minecraft Creeper Boy’s Hoodie

It is an ideal gift for Minecraft fans. Its design is awesome overall and just look like the creepers from the game. It’s like a garment you wear; no one can know you except a Minecraft fan.

It is in green color with long sleeved hooded neck, front pouch pockets and zip up style. It is made of 60% cotton & 40% polyester. When you wear the hood, it looks like an upside down creeper head.

5. Minecraft Light up Torch

Minecraft light up torch can light up your way and helps in many situations. it can be held and can be mounted on the wall.

6. Minecraft Cookie Cutter Set

Minecraft cookie cutter set consists of 5 pieces cookies cutter with unique shapes like a sword, pickaxes, and creeper and make you able to bake some small cookies of different shapes. Its a metal tin storage box looks like a chest from the game and it is popular in younger girls of 12+ age.

7. Minecraft Master Collection – Xbox One

Minecraft master collection based on Minecraft video games with 1000 minecoins and the starter pack, texture packs, skin pack, and other contents. You are able to create your own world with your imagination and can explore Might Mountains and oceans with your friend who are on mobile or Windows 10. It allows sharing the adventure too.

8. LEGO Minecraft the Melon Farm

The minecraft melon farm allows you to build a decorative complete farm with crops and creeper function. it consists of 69 pieces and popular in both girls & boys of 6 to 14 age. Its dimension is 7.5×5.5×1.8 inches with 2.4 ounces weight.


9. Minecraft metal pickaxe 3D keychain

It is the metal pickaxe shape keychain which every fan can relate to the moment when they got in their hands. This is made of 100% zinc. and can be gifted on Christmas. It is mostly recommended for kids below 5 years.

10. Minecraft big boys’ Boss T-Shirt

‘Play Minecraft like a boss now’. An Imported gift, made of 100% cotton is also a great idea to gift on Christmas. It features “like a boss” print, a diamond Steve is printed on it with a sword to get a mine. it is officially licensed design of Minecraft manufacturers. It is available of all sizes.

11. Minecraft Christmas Movie

Another popular gift is a movie which is based on the Grinch who stole Christmas and kids also like such movies of turtle and lizard gang. Not only kids, but adults also like them to watch. 

12. Minecraft Party Ballon

It includes 25ballons of pixelated mining style and includes sword, pixels, and axes. Creepers, spiders, dynamite all in one package to make a lot of fun. it is great for use in parties and perfect for gaming birthday themes. video night games and Christmas too.

13. Minecraft Animal 6 Packs

‘Bring Minecraft to life’. It is another popular overall the world as it consists of 6 animals like chicken, ocelot, wolf, pig, sheep, and cow. Each animal is designed pixelated and animal mobs are perfect for any Minecraft fan. It consists of small packs so not recommended of younger kids.

14. Minecraft Little Lizard Roleplay

Another video play of Minecraft is popular among all ages of people. Where you can watch a little lizard who is getting trouble by its neighbors and you can enjoy its all moments to deal with the neighbor.

15. Minecraft Card Game

Now Minecraft lovers can play a very special version of UNO with Minecraft characters. The main purpose to play this card to get rid of all cards in your hand. The first person will be the winner who reaches 500 points first. And when you are down to one card. Yell ‘UNO’. It’s a great fun to play. And popular in all ages of people. You can gift it on Christmas to increase the kid’s party fun.

16. Minecraft Activity Book

The Minecraft activity book consists of different puzzles and games. Colorful pages, crossword puzzles, matching games are the reason of its popularity and make the best Minecraft gift for Christmas.

17. Minecraft Refrigerator Magnets

Each pack consists of 2 magnet sheets packed with colorful classic blocks. These blocks are 80 in total with 1 inches dimension. Use these magnets to print out the treasure screenshot of the snow-covered island. It allows you to build cool maps and terrain for your game all over your house.

18. Minecraft Decorative Steeve Wall

It is a moveable wall graphic which can be used multiple times. It makes the wall looks like a blocky wall and it measures approximately 22.9 x 36.8 inches. it’s also popular in kids as it is a new adventure to them.

19. Minecraft Ghast Attach Track Set

It is popular for exciting offline play featured a minecart with a pigman mini figure. the set includes some tracks which resemble with the popular video game. When the ghast move launcher after opening its mouth and defeat the mob.

20. Minecraft Hot Wheels Enderman

Have you ever wonder how you would look like as a hot wheels vehicle? This is the thing which makes you to make yourself in car form. It’s a great gift of all ages. All favorite characters come in rich colors and powers.

21. Minecraft Hot Wheels Track Block Glacier Slide

Another popular gift and game for younger kids which allows you to build an adventure by combining the blocks. It is designed in such a way that it can connect with other sets in multiple ways and can play at any 90-degree angle. It also has some track pieces like a popular video game. It is as amazing as it has many creatures and hidden traps that can make you off from the track; It’s really just like Minecraft.

22. Minecraft Zombie Book

A Popular Book named with ‘Diary of Minecraft Zombie Book 1’ is famous in younger kids as they know the adventure of Minecraft and a zombie. There are hilarious adventure scene which makes the kid realized about zombie and Minecraft adventures.

23. Minecraft Lab for Kids

Minecraft allows kids to play beyond their imagination and creation. With this lab, you can balance your kid with real-life learning and interaction.

Start the book by using some common Minecraft language and examine modes of the game. Complete hands-on activity, craft, design and in the game project in each lab.

It has a list of book on hands-on activities and projects like clay, art, math, and creation. One of the best Minecraft gifts for your child for first-hand knowledge.

24. Minecraft Birthday Cupcakes

It consists of 24 pieces cupcakes, which are decorated with mini Minecraft characters and features. The figures are 1 inch tall. And looks good as placed on cupcakes. These are the most enjoyable for Minecraft girl fans.

25. Minecraft Creeper Face Mug

With its name, we can find that it’s a Creeper face mug made of plastic, While having coffee or tea, its a great pleasure to have a mug of your own choice and it also make you different while having tea or coffee with colleagues or friend. It can be microwaved easily. On both sides, there is a face of creeper in Minecraft. It approx measures 5×5 inches.

26. Minecraft Creeper Blanket

A 100% polyester made blanket is also a popular gift for kids, who are a big fan of Minecraft games. It is super soft and measures as 53×53 inches. It has full creeper graphic all over it.

27. Minecraft Transforming Sword

Another unique gift for Christmas is Minecraft Transforming Sword. Its made of metal and popular for its quick-change form. One minute its a pickaxe and the next its a sword. its an exciting one with two weapons at the same time. A perfect addition in Minecraft collection and also a great gift for fans.

28. Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio

It is used for making Minecraft films beyond your imagination and creativity. it combines real-life objects with a mobile app so that kids can direct their own beginning and ending. you can create, share and show off your own animations with friends and family. It includes 1 Movie stage with different backgrounds and 3 mini Minecraft figures and 18 other accessories. with a device holder. Its much popular in Minecraft fans of every age.

29. Minecraft Periodic Table

Another popular Minecraft gift is the periodic table where you can build a Minecraft world with tables. It consists of element blocks like diamond ore, air, water, Lava and glowstone. It has 27 element block of 1 inch. Blocks can be used in movie creator. You can use them to make a landscape of your imagination.

30 Minecraft Personalized Gamer Name

It is a great idea to decorate the wall of your game room with this. Its height, size, and colors vary, so you can choose it in the size which you think suitable for your room wall. It’s not just a name, but it is a 3D name which makes your room more attractive and like Minecraft adventures design. you can choose any name of your Minecraft game choice.

It is concluded that as there are much more Minecraft gifts are available and also get the attraction of people of all ages due to its imaginative ideas and creation which leads our kids to the new world of knowledge. As mostly gifts are best to give on the occasion of Christmas. So in my suggestion, Now on the belated occasion, we must present such amazing gifts to our beloved ones in order to make double the happiness and joy.

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