You or your loved ones welcomed a new baby into the world this year. Everyone wants to spoil infants with everything they could want or need, but where do you start? Avoid aimlessly wandering through toy aisles by checking out a few simple tips.

These are the best gifts to give your infants this holiday season. They’ll be useful for parents of newborns even as those babies grow through their first year.

1. Ultra-Soft Bundle Blanket

Sometimes you might think that getting another baby blanket could be like getting more coffee mugs you’ll never actually use. When you start swaddling an infant, you’ll realize that it’s always helpful to have blankets waiting on standby. Whether the infant throws up or their diaper leaks, giving new parents an ultra-soft bundle blanket ensures they’ll always have something to reach for to keep their baby warm.

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2. Photo Memory Book

Posting baby pictures online is a great way to share memories, but you should keep them for yourself too. A photo memory book is a fantastic gift because you can save pictures in a tangible form. When your child leaves for their first day of school or heads off to college, you can reach for the photo book to hold your memories close.

3. Wooden Name Puzzle

You can order a wooden puzzle made with any infant’s name. It’s an adorable piece of decor for their nursery that they’ll use when they get old enough to play with toys. Puzzles specifically develop multiple useful skills, like cognitive and problem-solving abilities.


4. New Teething Jewelry

Babies use teething to explore the world and deal with the pain of developing their first set of teeth. They’ll likely lose their toys throughout the home or need them while you’re out running errands. Teething jewelry is an easy way to ensure they’ll always have what they need.

Teething jewelry also provides essential sensory stimulation to continue your infant’s development. It’s great for kids with special needs and any infant needing help with their teething. Whatever you buy will last throughout the coming months while they fully develop their teeth.

5. Themed Baby Swaddle

Many parents find that swaddling is more helpful than casually wrapping a blanket around their baby. It’s a precise way of wrapping that recreates the womb’s security, calming fussy babies who are overstimulated.

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It can also assist babies who jerk around in their sleep. This movement is called the startle or Moro reflex and it happens involuntarily. It’s completely normal, but the extra movement could cause your infant to wake up more often. Swaddling them before bed ensures a few hours of peaceful sleep.

Find a swaddling blanket with a theme that matches their nursery or favorite toys for an extra thoughtful layer to your gift.

6. Adjustable Bandana Bibs

Infants drool no matter what they’re doing. They’re still learning to regulate their saliva and don’t have teeth to help retain it. Adjustable bandana bibs are soft, stylish accessories that protect their clothes by catching the spit. If the bibs are adjustable and wide enough, they’ll also fit babies from infancy to 24 years old.

7. Colorful Indoor Gloves

The same startle reflex that wakes infants up from naps also causes them to scratch themselves accidentally. They also don’t have the fine motor skills to apply the right pressure if they have an itch.

Parents can prevent these facial scratches with baby gloves. They’re soft accessories that work indoors and outside. The fabric is mostly thin enough to prevent your infant from overheating indoors, but they can use them as an extra precaution against cold weather too.

Find a colorful pack of infant gloves and give the newborn in your life the gift of constant comfort.

8. Small Lightweight Toys

Although infants won’t engage with toys quite the same as older babies and toddlers, they’re still useful to have on hand. Parents can pull them out during a meltdown or as a distraction. Keep in mind that diaper bags rarely have much extra room, so if you’re going to give toys as a gift, make sure they’re small and lightweight.

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9. Rounded Newborn Lounger

Newborn loungers can make all the difference for busy parents. They provide crucial head support, keep your baby in place while they wiggle, and hold them at an angle so they can always see what you’re doing. Rounded loungers are the most common, but you can also find a rectangular shape in fabric or shade you prefer.

10. Portable Mini Speaker

Music is so essential during the infancy stages. When parents cradle their baby and sway to the music, the infant’s brain releases increased oxytocin levels, which is the hormone that creates a parent-child bond.

Give the gift of a portable mini speaker so you or your loved ones can bond with their baby. Match it to the infant’s nursery colors or find one in a fun shape, like an animal or cartoon character.


Personalize Your Gifts

After reading about the best gifts to give your infants this holiday season, make sure you remember to personalize what you buy. Adding a monogrammed name or set of initials makes any gift extra special, particularly for first-time parents. These are gifts any infant will love and continue to use before their first birthday.

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