Are you preparing to become a mom soon? Perhaps you already have a checklist of the entire itinerary you require for your expected bundle of joy. However, amidst the mixed feelings of fear and confusion, you might not have factored in some of the essential items you will require in your initial days of breastfeeding. And it doesn’t matter whether this is your first baby or you have pushed an entire baseball team, the risks of forgetting the essentials are always there.

As you probably already know, the breast milk contains all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals required for healthy growth of the baby. However, pumping milk is a tedious and sometimes painful task which can lead to damaged tissues and general pain. Storing the pumped breast milk often results in spillage that is indeed a big loss for the mother and her child. Evidently, you need specially designed storage bags for your breast milk.

Breast Milk Storage Bags To Your Rescue

Breast milk storage bags are a feasible choice and come with different features, materials, and sizes to suit the needs of moms. The material of the bag is tough and takes a lot of effort to cause any damage to it. They are free from BPA and prevent any contamination, leakage or loss in nutrients. Most of the bags have a flat base which makes pouring simple which is the main reason for milk spills.

CDC guidelines have clearly mentioned that refrigeration of breast milk in specially designed bags ensure long-term preservation up to months at a time. The one and only drawback of these specially designed storage bags are that they cannot be reused due to pre-sterilization. But since they are cheap, moms can buy them in bulk that will suffice for months. There is a range of products in the market which provides amazing features but differs in size, shape, and other minor features. Here is our list of top 13 breast milk bags that are in demand.

1. Kiinde Twist –Pouches


The Kiinde Twist pouches are breast milk storage bags that makes the storing process less time consuming and more efficient. Available in two different sizes which hold 6 oz and 8 oz of breast milk respectively. They are compatible with most of the popular pumps using an adaptor which eradicates the process of pouring the milk manually into the storage bag. The milk in the container is ready for consumption directly from the bag saving time and effort.

The material used of is free of BPA-plastic and prevents leakage and contamination of any type. The airtight containers preserve the nutrients for long durations of time and prevent infiltration of bacteria and foreign substances. It costs around $26 for 80 of these and is available on, which is a pretty good deal indeed.

2. Lansinoh Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


These are the safest breast milk storage bags in the market according to the reviews of countless parents. Also, they are one of the current market leaders in this space. Around 6000 positive online reviews have made breast milk storage bags from Lansinoh the choice of moms around the globe.

The bags come with a double seal that can be opened and closed easily, a well-designed spout that facilitates easy pouring without spilling and can even stand flat which ensures easy storage and use a universal adaptor that fit with most of the pumps available in the market including the ones from Lansinoh. The cost is highly affordable and sells for $19 per 100 pieces of this amazing product.

3. Nuk Seal-N’-Go Breast Milk-Bags


Though milk storage bags from different companies claim to offer 100% safe and nutrient filled milk over long durations of time, unfortunately there exist faults and design errors causing leakage and contamination which can be detrimental to the health of the baby. But the breast milk storage bags from Seal N’ Go ensure that none of the above-mentioned issues ever happen.

With well-built seams, a zipper lock and strong body material the bags can endure strong impacts from objects. The protective covering and airtight insulation ensure absolutely zero leakage which is backed by online reviews of over 2000 parents. The body is waterproof which ensures no infiltration of water or oxygen, keeping the breast milk fresh in refrigerators for good amounts of time. These magic bags are available on and cost $9 for 50 pieces.

4. Ameda Store’N-Pour Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


Pouring breast milk from a bag into a bottle is not an easy task. Moms feel fatigued during such phases of breastfeeding and are not at their best at all times. Spilling is a common thing and bags from Ameda Store’N Pour take care of it.

The tear and pour nozzle ensure that precious breast milk is not spilled during moments when moms cannot focus properly. Apart from that these containers are compliant with all the CDC standards which make it safe to use at any point in time. In Amazon, the product is available for $20 per 40 bags. This line of breast milk bags is considered to be of premium quality and backed by countless reviews, both offline and online.

5. Milkie’s Breast-Milk Storage- Bags


With reinforced seams, zipper lock and a flat bottom, Milkie’s storage bags are considered to be the best choice for moms trying pumps for the first time. The compact and sleek design makes it easy to store the bag in small spaces.

The unique thing about this product is the set of detailed and easy to understand guidelines printed on the cover for moms to efficiently pump breast milk and store them in the containers without spilling and causing damage to skin tissue. These breast milk storage bags cost $12 for 50 and are available on

6. Dr. Brown’s Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


It is important to know the quantity of breast milk being fed to the baby from a breast milk storage bag. An accurate display of information regarding the quantity of milk in the container is essential to avoid overfeeding which can cause health issues for the baby.

This product has measurement marks on the container that displays the current quantity of milk giving the moms a pretty good idea of how much to feed. The size of these containers is fairly large and can store more quantity of milk than other similar products in the market. The thick body material keeps the breast milk safe for consumption. Around 50 of these containers is available for a mere $13 on

7. Philips AVENT Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


For regular pumpers, it becomes exceedingly important to identify the most economical and effective breast milk container in the market. These bags from Philips AVENT are effective and at the same time very cheap making it affordable for the majority of the users.

Similar to other products, it has an airtight zipper lock, well-built seams and a 3-inch long tab for fluent labeling. All these features ensure a good quality product at an unbelievable price. It costs only $10 for 50 of these bags and is available on in abundance.

8. Mommy’s-Precious Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


A normal sized container is well suited for babies but with time the consumption rate increases as they grow. This phenomenon demands a bigger sized breast milk bags. Mommy’s Precious have solved this problem with their impressive 8 oz. container that can hold more than almost all the other containers in the market.

Large container ensures that there is sufficient milk for the baby. In the case of extra milk, it can be stored in the freezer further later use. Surprisingly the container is affordable and priced at $20 for 110 milk storage bags with a capacity of 8 oz.

9. Thermal-Sensor Breast Milk-Bags


These bags have standard features like the other types of bags but are unique in a different way. The come with an inbuilt thermal sensor that pings the user when the temperature of the refrigerated milk becomes optimal for the consumption of the baby. This feature eradicates the probability of the baby getting burnt due to hot milk.

These milk bags have a flat base which helps it stand while pouring. They have a maximum capacity of 7 oz. and are made from BPA free plastic which is durable and reliable. The general feedback is that these bags endure the tests very well and lives up to its claims. It cost around $20 for 80 pieces and is available on

10. Tommee Tippee-Pump-and-Go Bags


These bags use a single pouch for storage and are similar to the process implemented by the Kiinde bags. This feature ensures that after filling the bag, it can be used to feed the baby directly. But it also has a provision for connection with pumps using an adapter. A screw top structure provides protection against impacts and spilling.

These bags are not reusable breast milk storage bags like the rest of the brands. It is a UK based firm and recently improved the structure and volume of the bags. With greats reviews online, you can easily trust this brand. It is available on at an affordable cost of $30 for 90 bags.

11. Honeysuckle-Breast Pump-Bags


For a mere $10 for 50 at, the honeysuckle breast storage bags are popular among thousands of parents. The bag allows milk to be directly pumped into the bag saving time and preventing spills.

These biodegradable bags are safe for the environment and promotes less use of plastic material. The material is tough and at the same time thin with perfect measurements. It has a standard capacity of 6 oz. of breast milk. This new mechanism has attracted a lot of attention and only cost $10 for 50 on

12. NeneSupply Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


This brand is known for their thick BPA-free plastic structure that provides safety against strong impacts and sharp objects. It is the perfect bag while traveling which solves a major breastfeeding problem. Normal milk storage bags might crack under pressure when tightly packed within a bag causing an unwanted mess.

NeneSupply breast milk storage bags can endure high pressure from both sides without influencing the stored milk in any way. The nozzle allows easy and accurate pouring preventing any spilling of breast milk. Like most of the brands, this bag has a maximum storage capacity of 6 oz. Moms get 40 bags for $15 also available on

13. Up-&-Up Breast-Milk Storage-Bags


These are standard breast milk storage bags with a double zipper lock and a strong structure for protection. The carefully designed spout assists in pouring perfectly causing no spills. An adapter can be used to connect the bag with a pump for easy and fast pouring.

The waterproof coating prevents seepage which can lead to serious contamination and loss of nutrients. The bags are available at $15 for 100 which is one of the cheapest and good quality bags in the market available on

The Best Brand To Use

After proper analysis and comparison, breast milk storage bags from Lansinoh has an edge over the others. It is the best selling product in this genre on Amazon and has the most number of positive reviews. Its airtight double seal and a properly designed nozzle provide the ideal environment for storage and pouring respectively.

These features have worked perfectly for many.and the brand is growing at an exponential rate. The cost is affordable and has reached a major chunk of the population number of moms.

Factors To Look Before Purchasing

Choosing the best breast milk storage bags is no walk in the park. Certain attributes need to be checked before committing to a particular breast milk storage bag. The first priority should be the safety of the baby.

The structural integrity is crucial as a weak one can burst when defrosted which can cause potential damage. Specifications like capacity, material strength, and design should be noted and compared for identifying the best brand for you.

Use Of Safe And Compliant Materials

It is mandatory for milk bags to be constructed using standard material that is in alignment with international standards.

Any material that has BPA and Phthalate content cannot be used in making breast milk bags as they allow the flow of chemicals and bacteria into the bag causing milk contamination. Pre-sterilization is crucial to completely eradicate germs and bacteria from the inside surface of the milk storage bag. A proper visual check is necessary to avoid defective products.

Price Of The Commodity

Two facts should be kept in mind while thinking about the price. Breast milk cannot be frozen after defrosting and the bags cannot be used more than one time.

So it is advisable to pay higher prices for top-quality milk bags as the cheap ones may not be very efficient which can lead to further complications.

The Size Of Milk Bags

The size of the storage bags is a dynamic factor which increases as the baby grows up. But if the plans involve freezing the milk, moms should store the perfect amount for one meal and not more. Any extra milk cannot be refrozen and will be wasted. You can opt for a larger bottle that can hold up to 8 oz for your growing baby as they will eventually start consuming more.

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If pumping is the way of breastfeeding, you should store a good number of bags for daily usage. If the breastfeeding is to continue beyond the first six months, larger breast milk storage bags would be required for an adequate meal.

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