When you are pregnant, it seems like your baby will never arrive. It’s funny how, once they are born, time seems to fly. You blink, and your innocent adorable baby has turned into a mouthy teenager. Or you blink, and it’s suddenly their wedding day, or they are graduating from college. It’s important to be able to look back on the precious moments when your baby was a baby. Time flies by and within a blink of an eye, all your child’s major milestones have been reached. Memory books are an excellent way to commemorate the early years of your child’s life, so you can look back on them as they get older and remember all their firsts. Having the best baby memory book can help ensure you have something to look back on.

What Should I Consider When Looking for the Best Baby Memory Book?

There are a few things that you should look for when searching for the best baby memory book. First, you want to look for one that has an easy to use format. If the format is difficult, it could lead to you not filling it out. Second, you want to know if it can be customized. It is important to customize your baby book for your baby. Each child is unique and special, and you want the memory book to reflect what was special about your child. You also want to consider how easy the baby book is to take with you. Chances are, some of your baby’s milestones may not happen at home. You want to be able to take the memory book with you so that you can commemorate these special events. You also want to look at the quality of the book. You want to know that the book will last for many years so that you can enjoy looking back on the memories. You don’t want the book to fall apart five years after purchasing it. With that in mind, here are some of the best baby memory books to choose from!

1. Glee Baby Memory Book


The Glee Memory Book is one of the best baby memory books on the market. With a five-star user rating on Amazon, this book provides high-quality pages using glossy paper that has plenty of space to record memories. It comes with a hard minding, making it one of the most durable options that you can find. Parents can adequately express the unconditional love and wonder they feel for their newborn every step of the way. The book is detailed. In fact, you can go from the moment the parents first met one another all the way through the baby years.


The Glee Memory Book is colorful and fun to use. It is small and easy to take with you. The colors are gender neutral, so it is perfect for all babies. All critical milestones are included in this memory book. There are spaces to include standard photos and the book is presentable, so you can show it off. There are even spaces, so you can introduce the parents to the child. The book is made using high-quality material and is extremely durable.


There are no photo pockets in this book. This means you must stick the photos to the pages, which can result in a mess. While this book does go before the first year of life, it is aimed at recording the first year of life and not much after.


2. KiddosArt Baby Memory Book

With a 5-star Amazon user rating, no one can deny the KiddosArt Baby Memory book is one of the best baby memory books you can find. It is one of the best sellers and Amazon’s choice product. The book has gorgeous animal illustrations and has the perfect backgrounds to commemorate your baby’s first years. It is by far one of the best baby memory books for recording the first five years you can find.


This memory book contains a lot of colorful pages, leaving plenty of room to remember your child’s early years. There is a section for the baby’s ultrasounds and baby shower information that took place before they were born. There is a growth chart and teething chart included so you can commemorate how fast your child has grown. There is a place to record the family tree. The book includes holiday pages, can hold over one hundred pictures and is made with eco-friendly material.


It’s not as customizable as other options. You cannot remove the pages and reorganize them, so they accommodate different dynamics. If you’re not very motivated to write down everything, it can be too much. It can also be difficult to carry everywhere.

3. Lovely Sprouts Memory Book

Finding a baby book can be difficult if you have twins. The Lovely Sprouts Memory Book is one of the best memory books you can find for twins and receives a 4.5-star rating from users on Amazon. This book is gender neutral, meaning it is perfect for both boys and girls. You can record the first twelve months and fill out a page for each of your child’s birthdays up to five years of age. It is designed to work with any type of family. It is easy to use, and you can customize it to reflect your family. It isn’t difficult to pack up and take with you. Lovely Sprouts understands that family dynamics can be anything and want to ensure that all families are able to record their precious moments.


The Lovely Sprouts Memory Book allows for more than eighty pictures. It also comes with an envelope for keepsakes, such as the first lock of hair. You can record memories for the first five years of your child’s lives. Holiday pages are included so you can remember all your child’s firsts. Has milestones all the way up to the first day of schools. All illustrations are gender neutral.


This book does not come with an ink pad for hand and footprints. If you’re not much of a picture taker, you may find a lot of empty space available in your baby’s baby book.

4. Ronica First Year Baby Memory Book

The Ronica First Year Baby Memory Book & Baby Journal is one of the best baby memory books for recording all your babies first. It includes numerous pages for recording the first year of your baby’s life, including pages for milestones and birthdays. You can turn this 60-page memory book into a family heirloom and pass it down to your child once they are grown. It is durable and comes with a hardcover. The gorgeous design and illustrations are the perfect backdrop for your memories and a large reason this is one of the best baby memory books you can find. It is also diverse and great for many different families to use.


The Ronica First Year Baby and Memory Book was made using high-quality materials. It is durable and will last a long time. Free stickers and a keepsake envelope are included. The pages are spiral bound, and the book is suitable for both traditional and non-conventional families.


This baby book can be pricey. There is not as many prompts to remind you what you need to record or what you should remember as some other books. There is not as much space as what is included in other books.


It is important to commemorate the first of years of your child’s life. To do this, you need the best baby memory book you can find. Finding the best baby memory books does not have to be a challenge. It helps to know your family dynamics and your personality. You want to make sure that the book will last and that it is easy to use. You also want to consider whether you need prompts and detailed pages or more freestyle. The best memory baby books are out there and can help ensure you never forget the beginning of your child’s life.

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