Because the baby needs a bath towel as soft as his skin, parents must rely on a model that will not irritate him. Yes, all towels are not suitable for toddlers because some materials are harmful to their skin. In this comparison, you will find the best baby bath towels that suit your little one.

Not only are bath towels useful for drying the baby, but they also keep it warm between the bathroom and its room. That’s why parents opt for bathing capes that wrap the child from head to toe.

The shape of the baby bath towel varies from one manufacturer to another, but generally, they are rectangular or square. For neonates, the optimal size of the bath towel is 27 inches (W) x 26 inches (L). From 12 months, it is better to plan for a model that comes in at least 33 feet (L) x 33 inches (W), perfect to follow the development of the child.

If adults prefer sponge fabrics for bath towels, these materials are not really suitable for babies. Admittedly, the aspiration is almost immediate, but the fabric tends to weigh down and weigh on the child. The idea is to have a baby bath towel that uses only cotton or polyester and the absorption remains below 450 g / m².

To make life easier for parents, you can bet on machine washable bath towels. Remember to check the possibility of use of a softener during washing to maintain intact the softness of the fabric. From the moment you feel that the surface of the towel becomes a little rough to the touch, do not use it on the child, because the risk of irritation will be high.

best baby bath towels

Best Baby Bath Towels | Recommended Products

1. Clevamama Splash and Wrap Baby Bath Towel

Many parents rely on Clevamama for children’s accessories because this brand makes it a point of honor to meet any of their requirements. At first glance, this baby bath towel may seem very simple.

It comes in white and blue and has a cape to wrap the little ones. However, with the use, we discover that it is an essential bath accessory for parents and baby. Dad and mom can hang the towel around their neck using the clip provided for this purpose. This prevents them from being completely splashed.

In terms of quality, this towel is made mainly with super soft cotton. It is no surprise that this model has been approved by the midwives who tested it.

2. Premium Hooded Baby Towels and Washcloth Set


Baby will be even more cute with this bath towel with a cape head teddy bear. Usable all year except perhaps in summer, this model stands out for the quality and the treatment of the materials that compose the fabric. Soft and absorbent, this accessory protects the baby’s skin throughout his childhood.

Some parents even use it as a baby blanket when the temperature starts to fall. At the waist level, this bathrobe is suitable for a child under 2 years old. The product is designed in the USA and measures 40” x 28”.

In any case, this bath towel promises warmth and comfort to toddlers. Even parents take advantage of his sweetness when they carry the child wrapped in this cozy baby towel.

3. Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel


This Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel will quickly become your child’s favorite! With funny looking ears on the hood, it is pretty and comfortable.

The terry cloth of this towel, made of organic cotton and bamboo, it is much more absorbent than plain cotton. It also has natural antibacterial qualities and is gentle on baby’s skin.

Your little one wrapped in one of those breathable, soft, tight swim towels against you will feel like Nirvana. This device has been treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent it from irritating the skin or causing other allergic reactions.

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