Thinking about getting a puppy? Your little ones were begging you to get them a puppy and you finally gave in? But how to choose the perfect breed for your kids?

You might think that any dog, especially if it comes in your family as a puppy, will be great with kids. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If you are thinking to get a small dog, you really need to make sure that your kids understand that dogs are not toys. Small breeds need extra care and gentle hands. If you are leaning toward a big dog, make sure that the whole family understands that the level of patience and work involved. Big dogs usually need training and daily exercise.

Owning a dog is an important decision, especially if you have small children. Here are the five perfect dogs for a family with kids.

1. Beagle

Who doesn’t love beagles? They are cute, smart, and adventurous. They make perfect companions for kids with lots of energy. Your kids and the puppy will become best friends in no time.

2. Pug

Pugs are absolutely adorable. They are a perfect match for families with kids. Pugs are playful and devoted companions. Plus, all children love pugs!

3. Cocker Spaniel

This beautiful dog will do absolutely anything to please you. They might need a little training, but their smart nature will make the training seem like a fun game.

4. Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is a favorite dog by most parents. Loyal, patient and with a moderate level of energy, make the perfect addition to a family with kids.

5. Medium poodle

The medium poodle is extremely intelligent, devoted and good with kids. This dog is perfect for kids that are affectionate and gentle.

For more baby/kids friendly dog breeds check this link.

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