Bassinet mattress: What is it?

The bassinet mattress is an essential part for a crib. It is generally the mattress that can provide the comfort and softness to a baby while he or she is sleeping. A new bed mattress for each baby is strongly advised by the pediatrician to avoid any possible dangers. Ideally, the cover of the bassinet mattress needs to be made up of natural materials. These consist of, among others, latex or coconut fiber, which enable an optimal evacuation of wetness and will, therefore, help to avoid the expansion of germs or mites.

The bassinet mattress is an extra dry layer that is really comfortable for the baby. It is an essentially a mat made of soft, absorbent and extremely water resistant material. This provides optimal defense against all types of liquid, urine or sweat.

How to Choose your Bassinet Mattress?

The choice of a bed mattress for the bassinet is based on many requirements, such as the size of the bed mattress, its thickness, type, firmness and lots of others. For better comfort and security for the baby, it is essential to pay special focus on this topic due to the fact that not just do children differ in habits and size with accordance with their age, but also since they require maximum convenience and security to sleep in harmony. Note that sleep is a crucial part of development whether physical, intellectual or emotional.

The Size of the Bassinet Mattress

What is vital when picking a mattress to invest in for a child is the concord of its size to that of the bed. Evidently, if the bed mattress is too little then there is a threat of the infant being able to slip between the bed mattress and the bed. It should be made sure that there is no space in between the bars of the bed and the mattress.

The Thickness of the Bassinet Mattress

We need to also take note of the thickness of the bed mattress for the bassinet. The density of the bed mattress should not be less than 12 cm and not surpass 15 cm. Apart from the thickness of the mattress, the bassinet mattress does not provide any convenience for the little one.

The Type of the Bassinet Mattress

Various types of bassinet mattresses are currently available on the market. Mattresses made from natural materials seem much more reassuring for the baby. They are indeed free from toxic products that can affect the health of the baby. For this, the foam mattress would be the most suitable.

The Firmness of the Bassinet Mattress

The baby’s mattress should be firm enough for the comfort of the baby. As a result, the density must be well studied. A density of less than 20 kg / m3 seems too soft and the baby could possibly choke. Nevertheless, the density above 22 kg / m3 would not be as comfortable for a little one.

More Tips in this Video that will Help you Choose the Best Bassinet Mattress

How to Clean your bassinet mattress

It is vital to clean the child bassinet mattress to preserve excellent hygiene and cleanliness. The bassinet mattress can be washed in various methods depending upon its type. In general, the cleaning is done with warm water or hot water and a moderate soap. Some individuals may or may not like to utilize ammonia and peroxide to clean and disinfect the mattress. In addition, white vinegar also appears effective for cleaning up the bassinet mattress. It must be kept in mind that the bed mattress can be dried directly out in the sunbeams.

5 Best Bassinet Mattresses

Numerous stores sell bassinet mattresses. Hence, moms and dads should pay unique attention when purchasing the bassinet mattress for the child. Below are Mom Bureau’s recommended bassinet mattresses.

1. Dream On Me 2-Inch Foam Mattress Cradle

It is a mattress for bassinet that is manufactured here in the United States. It is made of high-quality foam. It is designed to prevent mildew and some unwanted odors. Indeed, this mattress has a waterproof cover with a hypoallergenic and antibacterial effect. Its maintenance is easy for the parents because it can be cleaned with just hot water and a soft soap.

2. American Baby CompanyQuilt Waterproof Fitted Cradle Mattress Pad Cover


It is a triple layer mattress whose first layer, the highest, is made of 100% cotton. The intermediate layer is made of soft polyester and is waterproof. Regarding the back layer, it is vinyl and also waterproof. Its impermeability helps to protect the mattress from all kinds of liquids and also gives the baby maximum comfort while sleeping.

3. Babywise Crib / Moses Basketball Mattress



Babywise Crib / Moses Basketball Mattress 76x28cms Oval Ended (30 “x11”) is in fact, an oval-shaped mattress. It is equally comfortable and safe to allow the baby to sleep peacefully. This mattress is made specifically of soft polyester mesh. It is free from any harmful products that may expose the baby to a risk.

4. Naturepedic Organic Cotton Bassinet Oval Pad


Naturepedic Organic Cotton Bassinet Oval Pad is specially manufactured with special attention for the safety of the baby. This type of mattress is essentially made of polyethylene. It is ideal for the baby with an allergy to latex or rubber. The cover is made of waterproof organic cotton, which prevents moisture buildup.

5. Colgate Bassinet Brush Foam Mattress with Waterproof White Quilted Cover


This mattress for the bassinet is also of American origin. It adapts very well to different models of the bassinet. It is a waterproof mattress and is easy to clean. The softness of its foam provides comfort to the baby. This mattress is particularly endowed with tear resistance.

Where to Find the Best Bassinet Mattress?

Many stores sell bassinet mattresses. However, not all mattresses are reliable and suitable for the health of the youngest. Thus, parents should pay special attention when buying the bassinet mattress for the child. Indeed, the health and well-being of the baby is the subject of all concerns. It is better to invest in a bed mattress for reliable bassinet even if the price ends up a little bit greater because the outcome is worth it. Mattresses can be discovered with better quality at Moms and dads can find their desired models according to their spending plan.

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