Shower time is one of my favorites and my baby as well, and it is a moment of closeness between the two of us, where the senses are alert, the sight, the touch, and the smell. It is a moment of fun yet also of unwinding, which prepares for sleep time.

Bath time is also fundamental for relaxation and to keep up the health of you and your baby’s skin.

My choices are Wash Oil for Bath and Massage Oil for after bath.

The purifying oil cleans and saturates the skin of the baby, has a rich smell and preserves the skin barrier protecting and reinforcing it. It is defined with high resilience, with a smooth surface that encompasses and ensures the baby’s skin. I place it in the tub with water and shake it, so it is diluted, you can feel the smell of it.

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The back rub oil has a smooth surface, make the application in my grasp, rub between the hands to warm it up, and afterward, I do the back rub, the baby loves, particularly in the feet and legs, grins and remains delectable. The skin is saturated, aromatic, delicate however does not get sleek which is something I despise. The oil warms up with the back rub, and it is relaxed and ready to wear the pajamas and go to bed.

It is proven that back rub to the baby has physiological advantages. Babies sleep more quietly and that the connection between mother and child limits, the back rub is as I would like to think quality time with our children and an indispensable moment.


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