Best Action Cameras: Adventure is Fun When Recorded!

Best Action Cameras: Adventure is Fun When Recorded!

If you want to buy an action camera from the top-listed best action cameras to capture your summer adventures, you’re likely to get a GoPro. They’re widely publicized and seen in pop culture.

The incredible camera specs on the GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition make it also the perfect tool for filmmakers. For example, “Hardcore Henry” was entirely shot with a GoPro.

While GoPro dominates the market, there are other excellent and cheaper options for action cameras. Some GoPros on the market are also overkilling for many of us who want to capture and upload our holidays to Youtube or social media. So we’ve sorted you for those who want a cheaper alternative to the GoPro or just want to try a new kind of action camera.

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Here are the best action cameras, specially selected by Mom Bureau, on the market that can be attached to yourself or your car, motorcycle, dog, skateboard, etc.

Don’t you want to go through the trouble of uploading your photos manually or paying for a cloud service? AKASO has your EK7000 action camera covered. It connects to your iOS or Android mobile device via Wi- Fi with its dedicated app that allows you to capture photos and videos.

The AKASO EK7000 is a 12-megapixel 4 K Ultra HD action camera. It can shoot up to 25 fps and 50 fps at 1080p at a 4 K resolution. The 2.4 G wireless wrist remote control is a unique feature that allows you to capture videos or images by pressing a button. The EK7000 also sports two 1050mAh rechargeable batteries, which can be recorded at a constant speed of 90 minutes.

This action camera is generally a great choice for its low cost and waterproofing capacities of up to 30 metres.

Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition

Although Polaroid has been relatively quiet in recent years, the company’s best- selling action camera is definitely a great comeback. For those who want a budget- friendly cam, it’s for you. It’s obviously not going to compete with the other big names on this list, but it’s easy to use and if you’re ready to live with its limitation( which consists mainly of shakiness and a Jell- O effect when underwater), you’re going to love it.

Overall, it’s a great camera at the entrance level you can do a lot of things with. Polaroid also sweets the deal by adding an easy clip system for the 1/4- 20 tripod mount. It also comes with Wi- Fi( although without it), so that you can stream your videos.

This camera allows slow movement and movies up to 1080p. Basically this camera is perfect for most needs unless you are a professional or serious about your videos.

The YI 4 K is the most stylish and sexy action camera in the list. It features a lovely 2.19 “LCD touchscreen with a high resolution 640x 360 display for easy preview and shooting. The YI 4 K is a high-end 12-megapixel action camera capable of shooting at 30 fps with 4 K resolution; 1080p at 120 fps; and 720p at 240 fps. The best feature, the touchscreen, is a glass retina made of Gorilla that resists scratches and teeth. The YI 4 K also features Bluetooth and 5Ghz/2.4Ghz Wi- Fi support, so that you can connect and upload your images wirelessly with the dedicated camera app.

The APEMAN Camera is no to Amazon. 1 SLR Film Cameras best seller and the most affordable initial action camera on the list. The accessories included are a mount for the helmet, a mount for the bike handle and a waterproof case, so you are ready for any adventure.

The APEMAN Action Camera features a Full HD 1080p and 12-megapixel camera with an ultra-wide angle of 170 degrees. This means that you can capture high quality images and videos of any action you have in front of you. The APEMAN is also water resistant up to 30 meters and can support a microSD card with a memory expansion of up to 32 GB. Its back features a 1.5-inch LCD screen with a variety of languages and a HDMI output to show your clips on a TV.

All in all, APEMAN benefits from its high- resolution image and video quality and multiple accessories that can be adapted to the most demanding activities. Its disadvantages include poor audio pickup and relatively cheap material for the body.

The SJCAM SJ6 features an intuitive touchscreen interface that is ideal for beginners. Although the SJCAM offers user- friendly controls, it does not sacrifice video quality, enabling aspiring videographers to capture film 4 K visuals with a bit rate of 25Mbps and 24fps. Other features include digital stabilization, slow motion, time- lapse capture( available in HD and low resolution output options), and microcompatibility if you are shooting a concert or some other event for which you would like to have a clear audio. The SJCAM model certainly does not have the absolute best video quality, but it is still pretty good, given its affordable price tag.

The SJCAM also includes a number of accessories, including a variety of mounting arms, tripod adapters and a waterproof case with a depth of 10 metres. The battery is also quite powerful, allowing filming at 4 K resolution for about 75 minutes.

GoPro HERO7 Black

Few action cameras can deal with all- weather conditions such as the GoPro Hero7 Black when it comes to adventure. The rough hardware is waterproof up to 33 feet, making it the perfect companion to capture footage in smartphones.

The latest GoPro model features the same 12-megapixel sensor and wide-angle lens as the previous model, but adds something new. Say SuperPhoto Hi. Instead of selecting HDR photos separately when shooting scenes, it is done automatically for you. The camera detects low light and reduces the frame noise for the best photograph possible.

The HERO7 Black captures 4 K video footage at 60fps and receives an enormous boost from at least one new HyperSmooth technology. HyperSmooth is a combination of both hardware and software that reduces the shaky movement of your recorded video.

The fact that the whole action can be streamed through Facebook Live to show family and friends is just an adventure cake.

Ricoh Theta V 4k 360

VR and 360-degree video technology are still at such an early stage of development, but the consumer market has fortunately just reached a happy medium between quality and price. The Ricoh Theta V is an easy-to-use model that still delivers top visual quality at 3840x 1920 pixels with 30fps. Pictures still have a resolution of 14MP. Ricoh has made several improvements to its latest model, including a considerably longer battery life of 80 minutes and a more sophisticated quality of audio capture. The Theta has a 4-channel microphone that supports spatial sound recording of 360 degrees. There is also a 3.5 mm jack on the camera bottom where you can attach an additional microphone if needed. The Theta V records up to 40 minutes of recording or 4,800 still high resolution photos with 19 GB of memory.

The Theta also offers user- friendly controls through its mobile app and the first wireless remote playback for a 360 camera in the industry. Basically, this technological advancement allows users to replay their recorded footage on a larger screen.

If you are looking for excellent 4 K video and 120 fps full 1080 video, this is your best bet. The Sony FDR- X1000V impresses with premium video quality and image stabilization in SteadyShot.

The Sony FDR-X1000V is a splashproof action camera that shoots in an ultra-wide field of view (up to 170 degrees) using its top-notch ZEISS lens. It can be controlled by its included LiveView remote or dedicated app and has a built-in stereo for quality sound pickup (there’s even a wind noise reduction feature). Video formatting is one of the most common problems with action cameras, but this action camera solves this dilemma by saving files in MP4 format, which is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid file conversion when editing the line.

One of the characteristics of this action camera is its ability to stream video live. You can transmit your action- packed life to the world live with the Ustream app. Of course you have to be close to a good Wi- Fi connection for the best quality of video upload.

The MATECam is a waterproof (up to 30 meters) 16-megapixel action camera capable of shooting 4 K video resolutions at 24 fps and a full HD 1080P at 60 fps, weighing no more than 0.11 pounds and measuring 1x 1.6x 1.6 “inches. You can shoot single photos, burst photos, and have a time lapse mode that allows you to automatically shoot photos. You can add up to 128 GB on a Class 10 MicroSD card with its expandable memory slot.

Like other action cameras on the list, it can capture a wide- angle perspective of 160 degrees, so that you get a wide field of view with every shot. With the integrated Wi- Fi, you can upload your videos and photos via mobile devices and computers. Many MATECAM owners use it as a dash cam for their car because of its motion detector sensors, which automatically shoot and record continuous loops, so that you always get footage.

Is your child an adventurer? Are you trying to make tricks on your skateboard or on your bike? You can get them to capture all their rad moments with the VTech Kidizoom Action Camera for less than $ 40. It is especially designed for children between the ages of four and nine.

The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam is a long-lasting action camera that handles drops and drops. There are three mounts attached to bikes, helmets and skateboards. The kidizoom also includes a wrist strap, so that the camera stays attached to the arm of your child when they play. And it comes with a waterproof case which protects it in water of up to six feet.

Although the photo quality and mounting gear are subpar, the easy- to- use controls of this camera make it a suitable choice for children.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements! Top-Rated!

Best Bodybuilding Supplements! Top-Rated!

You might want to look for these best bodybuilding supplement that is top-rated! Good for bodybuilder partners of yours!  A large number of supplements were presented and tried to lift weights. Some have been shown to work while others are just misusing valuable cash.


These are stimulant-containing drinks, such as ephedra, guarana or caffeine. This supplement helps bodybuilders previously or in the midst of an exercise with their vitality levels. Pre-exercises contain starch, protein, nutrients, minerals, creatine and amino acids in general.


Formulas and powders for weight gain have constantly taken on an important job in lifting weights. These are especially designed for students who are excessively thin and have problems with adequate nutritional expenditure.


The workouts main supplement that has been logically explored and shown to improve execution in general. It’s all regular and can be found in many foods such as salmon, fish, herring and meat.


Big microbes such as acidopilus and bifidus are used to produce probiotics. They help to work legitimately in the stomach- related framework. Manufactured products containing probiotics contain exceptional powders, yogurts, probiotic drinks and cases of supplements. Probiotics are vital for weight lifters because they help lower levels of cholesterol. This also encourage the body to create alpha- interferon that directs the invulnerable reaction.


They usually come in a powdered structure containing unadulterated monohydrate creatine, starch dextrose and sodium. Studies show that most muscle heads pick this improvement because they get amazing because they spend this kind of improvement.


Glucose Polymer Powder or Multidextrose are other terms for this. People associated with games to meet the vitality needs of exceptional exercise currently uses this produced polysaccharide. It is also a substance added to the sustenance, which is mainly made from cornstarch. This tends to be ingested immediately into the circulatory system like glucose, which speeds up the weighting of the jock.


Most muscle heads are strongly dependent on protein powders in order to obtain the basic measure of protein to weigh. Protein powder does not only allow muscle heads to get the body they want. But it also causes them to assemble a safer and more beneficial skin. It also helps to produce muscle quality and bulk. Protein powders are made from soy, rice, eggs and whey. This improvement is generally acquired in a powdered structure that can be effectively transformed into a shake of protein. This can be done by simply adding water or mixing it with milk or organic juice. 


This supplment is an extraordinary substitute for smaller soups that muscle heads have to eat for the day. Festival replacements are exceptional in reducing weight and rapidly expanding slender bulk. Nutrients, well-disposed fats, minerals and careful measurement of sugars and proteins are pressed.


Nutritional bars are valuable for bodybuilders who don’t plan to eat 3 meals a day or have just lived. There are distinctive types of bars for support. Some bars for nutrition are high protein bars, thinning bars and vitality bars. Because they typically contain fats and different added substances, nutritional bars are not exceptionally suggested. They can also be extravagant once a day to buy.


A vital supplement for jocks, as it increases the ability of the weight lifter to discharge the development hormone. Hormone hat supports the development of muscle and the use of muscle versus fat. Jocks use this improvement to take shape without giving their muscle estimate in the middle of a cut.

Top-listed Pens of All Times: Let’s Write It Right!

Top-listed Pens of All Times: Let’s Write It Right!

Looking for top-listed pens of all times? Want it as a gift, either casual or special? Well, let us review these pens that are on the top of the lists being praised as the best ones.

Admit it, everyone writes. Though technology is reigning, we can’t deny the fact that we still write even with the presence of noting gadgets. It is already our nature to write. Even those who do not learn writing strives to write something. Maybe not a text but a presentation that they wanted to sketch something, a text or a drawing perhaps.

So let’s have it roll over the BEST PENS and see which one is your bet!

OHTO Needle Point Knock Ballpoint Pen

If you’re most open to composing with a mechanical pencil of 0.5 mm, you’ll feel comfortable using this Japanese needlepoint pen. Notwithstanding, the ink confesses everything, giving the slimmest, smoothest line. There is no smirking or skipping. You’ll be amazed at how little you can compose. The pen feels tough, but not overwhelming. It looks like holding it would be dangerous in one way or another, but that wasn’t a problem.

The configuration of the cerulean blue, hexagonal tube is rich. But retroactively -it is anything but difficult to imagine a few ’60s-time individuals, such as IBM or NASA, tucking them into a shirt stash. Moreover, the side-click-unload is both careful and incredibly fulfilling.

Simone Kitchens, senior editor —

Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers

Outstanding pen! It feels the closest to an increase in my common hand signals of the considerable number of pens I tried. And it makes my penmanship look nice and readable. I also love the quality of the line -dim, but not very thick, and subject to my control (as opposed to my control). It’s not smirking. Zero filtering through.

This pen feels like hardly anything that is flawless in my grasp. For me, looks are less critical than execution, but this pen is less attractive than many others. This may be because it is sparkling in contrast to matte and the clasp is somewhat weak.

Liza Corsillo, writer/editor —

Aurora Ipsilon

The Aurora Ipsilon is pretty much great. He’s a smooth essayist, although he didn’t skip when he first contacted the paper. Through most of our tests, its ink – stream was predictable and consistent. It’s very light and easy to move, and the size is perfect: Not very large and not very small. Smearing was not a problem for most of the imagination, but our nonsense “smirch test” turned out to be some light smearing.

No sighting through. It’s usually a very pleasant and easy to use wellspring pen. With a striking tar body and gold accents, it has an exquisite and unassuming appearance. Two or three small rewards: The Aurora ink cartridges are super – sized, which is useful, and the top taps are very safe. It’s the kind of reliable pen you’re going to end up following.

It barely pushes out the Kaweco in terms of looks, as it is bound to interest a more extensive collection of people.

David Notis, writer —

Schneider Slider Memo XB Medium

The Schneider Slider Memo XB is extremely noteworthy to the extent that expensive ballpoints go. This pen is soft. As if, really smooth. Extremely smooth. It really skims easily and requires little weight. It’s basically free from smirch. (If you make a decent attempt to smirk soon after composition, you can get the scarcest smear, but under typical conditions there should be no smirking). In addition, there is no sickness. The XB has a very thick line, so that’s something to know about.

It is most likely best suited to write down snappy notes and may show problems if there are scarce differences or perfect penmanship. Its extensive size and the top connected to the back make the pen somewhat difficult to move. It’s like a big, nice Cadillac. I gave him a look of 4, which I know is conceivably controversial. Is it a fairly attractive pen? No, for sure not.

It looks proudly orthopedic and has a bulbous shape, and the metal clasp at the top is disarmingly wide, but this is all in its capacity management. It is also enveloped by a pleasant covering treated with rubber.

David Notis, writer —

Parker Jotter

The Parker Jotter is very smooth, but its ink is darker than normal, making it a work pen and a correspondence pen to a lesser extent, as I would see it. I like the weight you use to control the thickness and haziness of your lines-this is the sign of an increasingly mind-boggling device. This pen doesn’t smirk in the midst of usual notes or doodling. I motivated him to smear a modest piece, but after a decent attempt to create smirch conditions.

There’s zero filtration. This pen’s heaviness is very fulfilling. I like how cool it is to touch and step by step, because of the metal packaging, warms up in your grasp. My favorite thing about this pen is the sound when you click on the best catch – ka – lump. It’s very springy. Due to its super-attractive brushed metal body and bolt formed clasp, this is an exemplary look pen.

It won’t really blow any pen braggarts into the minds of some people, but it’s a couple of ventures over a standard BIC.

Liza Corsillo, writer/editor —

Retro 1951 Tornado

This is a complete “signature” pen – ideal for check marking, if you often do it. This rollerball carries a super – perfect, medium line ; you won’t find a ton of irregularities. The deep feel and the fat, torpedo-moldedbody co-ordinate well with its super-inky and dim rollerball line to the extent that the pen itself goes. It’s not the kind of pen you need for extended composition times, but you really feel the heaviness of it when you lift it up and put it down.

However, the perfect, consistent line and considerable feel generally make for a charming knowledge. Structure astute, if you have an identity pen, you may particularly welcome the slate theme “E = mc².” (A crossword framework plan, a herringbone – designed metal and a decorated bumble bee honeycomb structure can also be accessed in – among many different styles.)

Simone Kitchens, senior editor —

BIC 4-Color

I’ve cherished the look of the BIC 4-Color Ballpoint for a long time. It’s blue and white, with each of its four shade choices spoken to by minimal sliding stripes on the best (you press the shade you want to use, and the pen changes to the ink). That said: The ink turns out to be incredibly black, so you have to push hard to make sure you can see your own notes.

Smudginess and sickness are obviously not a problem with this pen-and it is not particularly fun to doodle with it, because it is not enough ink to fill illustrations.  I want to use this for agendas – you can make the rundown with blue or dark ink, put small stars in red ink by the terrible things. Do I seem crazy?

Katy Schneider, associate editor —

Schneider Slider Rave XB

This pen transmits an extraordinarily smooth gel feeling that makes the composition experience fun and practically fun. The harder you press it, the darker the ink and the more chunky the line. However, when I composed more delicately, I found it rare to avoid and showed a little unevenness in spots.

You’ll see the intermittent lines between grabbing the pen and putting it back on the paper. The overall experience of composition felt smooth and has a coasting effect in any case. The ergonomic elastic grip feels incredible in your grip and no investment is required to get comfortable.

Simone Kitchens, senior editor —

Pelikan Stola III

This is one of the smoothest pens I tried. It almost feels like a rollerball here and there: You don’t get any of the input obstacles you get with a wellspring pen from time to time. It doesn’t skip any stretch of imagination, and immediately begins to compose -no compelling reason to write to get the ink streaming at first. There’s hardly any smearing through, which is amazing for a wellspring pen. The metal body has a decent finish and gives a pleasant weight to the pen.

The only problem I found was that the top didn’t actually secure the back of the pen. This won’t be a problem if you’re someone who uses “unposted” wellspring pens.  (In the dialect of the wellspring pen, stating “unposted” means composing the top expelled from the pen body; expressing “posted” means sliding the top to the back of the pen to compose).

If you like to compose posted, it tends to be a touch of a problem to verify the top at the back of the pen -you really need to restrict it.  This is the main blemish here, if you can even call it one ; it’s a very strong wellspring pen in general.

David Notis, writer —

Pilot Precise V5

My old high school craftsmanship instructor had to buy them by the boxy, since we would take them every shot we received (grieved, Mr. Rapone!). This one’s excellence lies in his other fine tip. The accuracy is the name and the diversion. In addition, this child is really floating over the paper. To put it plainly, it’s the perfect doodling pen (and the perfect ordinary pen). On the off chance you have to feel like an irritated understudy of workmanship in the midst of your morning meeting, this one is for you.

Dominique Pariso, Strategist intern —

How Fast Children are Growing

How Fast Children are Growing

Small children, big obligations – all parents will agree with this. Life with young children is chaotic, unpredictable, stressful,  full of sleepless nights …

How Fast Children are Growing - Nights are long

Nights are long.

When you finally return home, with the hospital bracelet on your wrist, and your sweet newborn cries all night. When you try everything you know to calm down, and nothing works, and at the end, the expected tears of joy will turn into tears of frustration and exhaustion.

When you sway, you calm down and sing lullabies, and everything is in vain, and the cradle that you chose with so much attention is empty, while you walk through the house, rustling, and drenching, praying that the dream will come.

When the temperature is high, his eyes that always dance with pleasure are tired and lifeless. When his little body is overwhelmed by illness, and you do not know what is wrong. When you call for emergency medical help, or you search for symptoms online, you will be scared.

When we lie awake at night and wonder if our little ones have friends at school, our bodies have been exhausted since the day, but questions still stir our mind: did they adapt, are they happy, have we learned enough things to deal with these new experiences?

When those who once filled our back seat with more questions and songs than our ears could bear, now, a few years later, browsing in their phone silently. When their eyes that were once full of excitement and laughter are now turning up more often than we want, and we are wondering if everything is fine in their world. We try, but sometimes we feel unable to find a way to the essence of things.

When she goes out to a loving meeting, and you are wondering if there will be enough everything she has learned and all the conversations you have had. When he comes out with his friends, and you will hope that he will be a leader, not a follower. When everything is packaged in the car, and your eyes meet once again with her through the window for the last time before she leaves home.

Yes, the nights are long.

How Fast Children are Growing - Years are Short

But the years?

Oh, the years are short.

When that little one that ever slept in the cradle is too long for her, and you put it in the crib.

When the smallest handle that ever tightens your finger, I will let your hand go quickly and leave on the first day in a kindergarten.

When our babies who ever jumped, hugged and filled their hands with our hair, they begin to bend, correct and stylize their hair.

When the one you thought he would never sleep, you would sleep until noon if you allowed him.

When the hand, which seems to you like yesterday to learn to wave while telling you to say: “PA-PA”, now you waving for goodbye and leaving the car.

When our little ones will become big; When our path becomes their way; When our love stretches to the extent of pain …

We will remember …

That the nights were very long, but the years are very short.

10 Best and Must Have Gifts on Love Holiday!

10 Best and Must Have Gifts on Love Holiday!

Shopping for the holiday is not stress-free. With mad dashes and all the last minute running around the city to different shops, you can take a toll when you just want to enjoy the season. Let’s do the shopping a little differently this year: relax and work with Amazon as we have selected the best and must have gifts for you. You’re going to be done before you know, and better yet, you never have to leave your house.

Whether it’s highly anticipated technology and gadgets, luxury candles or trendy beauty products, the mega-retailer has a wide range of items to check almost everything on your list, regardless of your budget. And with Amazon Prime, you can get all your gifts (and the essential household items while you are there) with free shipping for two days. Pretty nice, okay?

Prepare yourself to make this holiday season the simplest, easiest and most exciting ever. Here are the great products we have picked from Amazon, from a must-have hair set to a decoration that makes a home feel a little more like a spa.

Does anybody know who loves their Alexa device? Upgrade to the spot that has all the same capabilities and a beautiful screen. It can show you the news, display lyrics while listening to music, or even make free video calls to your family and friends.

In contrast to most robotic vacuums, mapping technology is used to follow an optimized path and avoid obstacles. It also has app controls, voice activation and works on every floor type. You could even look forward to the day.

This is not your average refrigerator. It can switch from cooling to heating in seconds, so you can carry your lunch in the same container and heat it. Power it through a wall outlet, carport or integrated battery and choose from six colors and designs.

Good hair should not be compromised by traveling. It should actually mean the opposite — you should expect better hair, particularly with this set of T3 mini hair dryer and straightener. These cute, compact devices make for everyone who always runs out of the door.

Whether at 6 a.m. you wake up Or this alarm clock in the afternoon will help you start your day more naturally. The clock light simulates the sunrise( and sunset) so that your circadian rhythm can be easily hacked. It also has a radio or, if you prefer, integrated natural bird music.

Accupressure taps are one of the hottest gifts this season, because thousands of reviewers swear they actually work when it comes to back pain, stress and trouble sleeping. Spoonk is one of the original brands (and one of the best) because the 6,120 acupressure spikes throughout the body are durable, well-designed and target pressure points. This one even comes with a free neck roll and foot-massaging ball.

There are nightlife, and then it’s. Due to its amber glow and the natural benefits of Himalayan salt, this salt crystal lamp promises a calming atmosphere wherever needed. There’s even a touch- dimmer.

A new pair of headphones is a perfect gift for everyone from a music fan to a podcaster. And this pair is so lovely, it almost looks like jewellery. It has a battery life of up to 40 hours and easy ear cups. In addition, you can call, control your music and activate Siri on- ear controls with multifunction.

For the lover of natural beauty, this gift is from a beloved brand. It includes a cocoa foot cream, a beeswax hand salve, a body lotion for milk and miel, a beeswax lip balm and a deep- cleaning cream, all for under $ 10.

Two of the top sellers of R+Co in a reusable canvas makeup bag— no wonder reviewers say, “Amazing deal.” This one comes with a voluminous dry shampoo and shine cream. Trust us— the gift of beautiful hair never goes unnoticed.

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