Best Razors for Bikini Area

Best Razors for Bikini Area

When it comes to unwanted hair down there, there are plenty of options on the market that can shave the problem!

The issue is that there are so many bikini razor products on the market, from cheap to ridiculously expensive. It can be challenging to pick which is the most suitable for you!

This guide will answer “what are the best razors for bikini area”. Every product is slightly different and will achieve different results depending on your intention of use!

When you think of hair removal, the top two solutions that come to mind are likely waxing and shaving. To give you a brief run-down on the two, see below for a comparison of each.

Most Common Hair Removal Methods: Waxing vs. Shaving


Hair waxing is one of the best, if not the best, hair removal methods, especially on the sensitive part of the body, it basically uproots the hairs living smooth finish. it is also the most painful way.

Waxing procedure includes making sure the best temperature, applying the wax in little strips, letting it harden a bit and pulling them in the opposite directions of hair growth with one swift movement with no doubts whatsoever. Then the painful scream follows, ouch!


If waxing is not your calling then shaving using bikini razor is your way to go. Getting the perfect shave for the job can be achieved by this tips; find the right razor for the job, start by trimming your hair down, prep the hair and skin using warm water for 5-10 mins, apply a good amount of shaving cream of your choice and start shaving – slow and steady.

Conventional Razors are not Bikini Razors or Trimmers

Conventional razors are just not created to work best with the delicate skin in the bikini area. They are built to cut through the coarse hair on the face and legs and with firm skin.

The bikini area will always be a problem and little bit tricky area to shave, and luckily we got the list of the best bikini razors and trimmers. They aren’t very expensive, and you’ll be happy for having bought one, your shaving experience will change!

Best Razors for Bikini Area

Mom Bureau compiled a list of the top 5 products currently out on the market and how they might solve your hair removal needs.

So if you in search for the right bikini shaver, look no further because we have shaved the long list and put together this guide on selecting the best bikini razors.

1. Panasonic Close Curves Electronic Shaver ES2207P

This bikini hair trimmer is more than just a simple trimmer. The bikini trimmer attachment is pop-up, so you use a slide button on the size of the shaver to get it to go into position. It is powered electrically through an outlet, so there are no disposable batteries that need to be replaced.

2. Braun Silk-épil Bikini Trimmer Electric Shaver

This incredible product is risk-free, as you can use the trimmer cap in sensitive areas like your bikini line and underarms. What’s incredible about this product is that the shaver head of this epilator makes it possible to shave different areas of your body. One of the best tiny bikini razors currently available on the market.

3. Philips Hp6378/10 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer

This incredible tool comes with a total of 6 attachments which are all designed for removing hair from the bikini area. This is because since everyone’s body is different, some people respond better to specific tools than others. Regardless, with these 6 options, you are sure to find a suitable solution for your hair removal needs.

4. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women with Bikini Trimmer

Wow is one word to describe this incredible innovation! The guard comb has four adjustable settings for the trimmer so you can choose what length you want your hair to be. Not to mention it is waterproof! The sleek design also means that this particular option is super portable and pain-free.

5. Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver

If you want it all, then this is the option for you! This kit is all inclusive and comprises of everything you need for a silky finish. This is the ultimate go-to product for your hair removal needs that we would highly recommend.

Prepare Before Shaving

When it pertains to the intimate part of the body, the more preparation that you can do on the skin, the much better shave.

Make sure you soak or wet the hair and skin for several minutes, that’s why taking a bath first is ideal.

A good amount of shaving cream or gel to make shaving easier.

If the hair is long, you should cut/trim before shaving. Shaver’s will tug and pull long hair strands instead of cutting it.

What to do if you get razor bumps?

Some things that you can do to relieve the pain of razor bumps and speed up their recovery include;

  • Moisturize the area. After shaving, pat your legs dry with a towel and apply a moisturizer.
  •  Apply a cool compress.
  • Give it time. Razor burn and razor bumps on your legs should go away with time.
  • Use a topical cream.


If you find the process of pubic hair removal to be too time-consuming or painful for your liking, laser hair removal might be a consideration you would like to make.

How to Date Again: Advice for Single Moms

How to Date Again: Advice for Single Moms

Is it healthy for a Single Mother to Date again? Here is How to Approach the Situation.

Whenever you think about single moms in the world of dating, the visions of many of them may not be able to balance the guilty that runs into their mind.

Getting back into a relationship after divorce does not only intimidate one logically but also, the emotions are affected. There is a lot to be anticipated after a single mother gets into a relationship.

For example, the reaction of your kids, how a single mother should dress? It is uncharted territory, although it could be highly beneficial to get out of the comfort zone.

Being a single mother itself is already difficult much more so if you, a single mother, tries to be in a relationship again. This time it will be a whole lot different than you are just single and don’t have kids. Here is how to date again if you are single mom.

Recommended Product: The Kickass Single Mom: Be Financially Independent, Discover Your Sexiest Self, and Raise Fabulous, Happy Children

11 Good Advice for Single Mothers on How to Date Again

1.What you’re entitled to’ in life

You realize every person will have an opinion on whether you need a relationship or not. So you need to understand that life is yours, and no one else will live it for you other than you. If children are very young, try to imagine the number of years you will stay from away from the industry of dating before they mature and leave home. Therefore, if you are ready to date, nothing should bar you from undertaking the decision.

2. Expect Resistance from Your Kids

You should not expect your young children to be happy when you start to date. You realize, they have all along had you, and now you have to be shared. Therefore, engage them and recognize their feeling. Let them know how much love you have for them. Note, getting into a relationship out of guilty’ will only make you a love martyr.’ As a grown mother, you should make decisions on your own and not your children.

3. Kids do not need to meet’ each man that comes on your way

Most of the children become very uncomfortable whenever there is a chain of men going out with their mom. It is advisable to keep the dates very private until a time when things will get serious. If otherwise done, you are likely to make your children get angry and jealous. When the right time comes for the children to meet your man, carry out a meeting away from home for a proper introduction.

4. Consider the finances

Money is not an excellent solution to everything, but the financial situation of a potential date should be considered. The financial stability’ of a prospective partner is a clear indication that his life is generally reasonable. You have had enough’ doing everything for yourself, you shouldn’t fall for someone who will struggle to take care of himself and your family. Serious men’ should be able to strike a balance between saving and earning before you decide to move forward romantically. Therefore, you should look for someone who is financially’ stable and who can at least take care of himself without depending on you.

5. Solve any Issue you had with the father of your kids

If you have a kid with someone whom you separated with, learn how to co-parent to make things work to avoid drama with the new man getting into your life. This is the foremost housekeeping’ chore you should put in order before stepping out of date. This is, meant to assure you a healthy’ future relationship and good coexistence with your kids.

6. Avoid getting intimacy very soon

DO NOT get intimate to soon! It is very natural to have a natural feeling like those of teen girls who have raging’ hormones once you embark on dating. It should be noted that the bedroom should not be the appropriate place where you should begin dating.

The Passion can easily be confused’ by love’ and can be carried away by a relationship which might not work in your favor. If the new man is ready to wait, he is going to wait for anything’ that will come later. A good gentleman should not push hard for intimacy, but also he should be able to respect one’s feelings.

7.Approach it slowly

The new relationship feels like a ‘breath of fresh’ air, and you might be compelled to develop it faster. Therefore, you need to give yourself, sufficient time to have a clear understanding of the new gentleman. If at all, this relationship has some long term goals, then it will not hurt if you take it slow. It will allow your kids to adapt to the new man and he will also be able to recognize you as their’ good mother.

8. Embrace lot of discretion

When you find yourself in excitement because of the perceived relationship, you may not know that kissing and cuddling is not healthy when done openly. If you hear your kids telling you to ‘to go to the bedroom’ just know that you have taken it very far. Think of behaviors you want your kids to emulate from you. Therefore, you should behave similarly to how you would want your children to lead themselves once they become of age.

9. Responsibilities of parenting are yours as their mother

You should not be tempted at any time to allow your man to take the roles of parenting until a time when you will feel it is the right time. It may sound weird to enable him to pick your children. Wait until he becomes a fixture into your life. Ensure he does not discipline your kids. Your kids may not like it, and they are likely to hold grudges against him.

10.Ensure your priorities are well balanced

Well even if you find that your children’s town game gives you a chance to spend time together with your man, you should try to reason it out. If presenting yourself at the games means best for your kids avail yourself and create an alternative moment for your boyfriend

11. When you go for a date, focus on it

Being a single mother, your life is likely to be all about your kids. They should not dominate your conversation during your date time. Therefore, take your time to know more about this new man: his work, interests, and hobbies. Well, it is good to talk about your kids, but let it be very minimal.

How To Start Dating Again

As a single mother, it might sound a bit challenging to get into a relationship after divorce. The reason is that one has to factor in her children and their relationship with the new man. Therefore, this detailed information should guide any single mother out there on how to approach a new relationship after facing divorce.

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15 Best LEGOs for Boys

15 Best LEGOs for Boys

Are you looking for the best LEGOS for boys this year? If you have boys on your Christmas list, LEGOs make the perfect present! There are so many different LEGO choices for boys that you might be lost as to which one to choose; a classic building set is always a treat, but if you want to find something more special, we have a list of LEGO gifts that will make your kids jump up and down with joy. You will find something for all ages—we all love LEGOS!

lego characters

1. LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle


This is a very unique LEGO set which is perfect for the boy who loves adventure. It features an elegant ship that includes a captain’s quarters, cannons, masts, and crow’s nest. Creator Jake Sadovich was influenced by an actual ship in a bottle he had built a few years earlier, which inspired him to create a replica LEGO brick version. This intricate LEGO set will definitely make a great Christmas gift for adults or older boys with a keen eye for detail and a desire to explore the ocean blue.

2. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle


It is difficult to find merchandise that hasn’t been touched by the expansive Star Wars brand, and for a good reason— the space age epic is adored by almost everyone. This 2019 LEGO Star Wars set is based off the Star Wars VR experience, “Secrets of the Empire” This set is a great LEGO kit for boys, but can really be the perfect gift for any Star War fan. Believe it or not, it is EXCLUSIVELY offered on

3. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Building and Coding Kit


This is by far the best teaching kit for very young programmers; kids can manage to build most of it with minimal adult help, and they will spend hours learning to code and program. The LEGO kid is accompanied by a fabulous mobile app a good-sized robot to control. Once completed, the finished item has lots of options for long-term play, rather than remaining a shelf display, as often happens with Lego creations.

4. LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean Silent Mary 71042 Building Kit Ship


Bring the magic of Disney to your home with this impressive replica of the Silent Mary ghost ship from Pirates of the Caribbean. This impressive detailed Lego model is best for older boys and adults, with over 2,200 pieces included in the kit. The Silent Mary LEGO pack features: a hinged bow section; opening skeleton hull with decay and destruction detailing; a movable rudder; collapsible mainmast and two further masts; a long bowsprit with crow’s nest and mast; tattered sails: a detailed quarterdeck; a rowboat with two oars; and an array of weapons and accessory elements. The Pirates of the Caribbean model provides an extraordinary build and play experience!

5. Make your own LEGO MUG


While most everyone has seen the classical LEGO logo stamped onto a traditional mug, it is actually possible to BUILD a useable mug with LEGOS themselves! Everyone in the family will have fun designing a new mug each day with this LEGO kit, which functions as an actual coffee. Also, fun to give with a classic creative building set. This gift is a much better alternative than a ceramic cup with the LEGO brand o it.

6. Protect your cell phone with LEGO!


The LEGO Builder Case offers protection for your phone or iPod, while also allowing kids to build with LEGO bricks. The phone fits snugly inside the case, with easy access to all the buttons and the camera. If you’ve got some spare LEGO bricks, you can have a lot of building fun; the boy in your life will get a chance to design something unique and useful for you with this LEGO gift.

7. Porg LEGO


This is a great set made with the quality and design we have all come to expect of LEGO. Keep the Porg dream alive with this 19cm(17 ½ “)-high kit, complete with an opening mouth, flapping wings, and huge eyes. This LEGO kit is a little challenging to construct, and due to the number of small similar looking pieces, it might test the patience of some. But isn’t that part of what LEGO building is all about? Giving a complex LEGO gift such as the Porg set means not only will you get your money’s worth, but you will keep kids busy for hours on end

8. London Bus LEGO


Hop on board the 109 in London, which will take you one on of the most riveting rides of the city. The traditional bus’ route traverses one of the city’s most picturesque parts of town, Croydon Library to Brixton Station, and this LEGO set will make you feel as if you’re actually on it! The London Bus LEGO kit includes a myriad if intricate pieces which imitate every detail of the real coaches trundling through London daily. Your boys will like this LEGO gift so much they’ll be sure to want more!

10. LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator 42055 Construction Toy


What kid doesn’t want a giant marble-munching machine that they can build by themselves? The Technic Bucket Wheelset is just that! This kit features a true LEGO Power Functions motor, allowing the builder to drive the excavator in forward and reverse, rotate the bucket wheel, movie conveyor belts, and rotating superstructure, and utilize a working bucket wheel boom. This LEGO set will make a great Christmas gift for any kid that loves building and construction.



Kids will definitely be impressed with the Hogwarts Express LEGO set on Christmas day. This set will give them the opportunity to live the beloved magical world of Harry Potter and feel like actual witches and wizards. Perfect for kids who love Lego and Harry Potter, the kit comes with 10 story-based figurines, including the lovable Hagrid and everyone’s favorite Dumbledore. They will also get iconic creatures such as Basilisk, Fawkes the Phoenix, Hedwig and Scabbers. The completeness of this set makes it an ideal LEGO gift for the Harry Potter fans in your life.

12. Lego Star Wars AT-AT Set


Star Wars returns with yet another kit which fans of the series will love. The AT-AT set allows builders to create their own interactive armored snow vehicle, complete with weapons and snow troopers. This is a perfect toy to build, play with and then put on the mantelpiece! This LEGO kit is a great way to bring out the inner Jenni in kids and grown-ups alike who enjoy LEGO models such as this.

13. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit with Remote Control


This is a splendid kit with countless hours of fun and hard work ahead. The LEGO Mindstorms Robot Kit enables kids to build their own robots and program them using a system based on real industrial software (LabVIEW). The MindCub3r Robot is a further step up and can be built with the original Mindstorms EV3 set. It is a fully functioning robot and acts as a sort of AI (artificial intelligence). Made from plastic pieces, toy motors, sensors, and a microcomputer, this LEGO gift is not for the faint of heart or those easily discouraged. Kids get a real buzz seeing the completed robot complete tasks they themselves can’t, and often try to make the cube as difficult as possible in attempts to “outsmart” it.

14. NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Building Kit


This LEGO Apollo Saturn V is the biggest, and arguably the best, Ideas set to date. The elaborate set has terrific attention to detail, and the completed rocket is over 3 feet tall! The finished product can be displayed upright or horizontally on stands and is a great LEGO gift for boys as it will keep them ensconced for days on end.



15. LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Walker 75153

Star Wars? Boys? No need to ask that’s a very good combination!

View Product Price and More Reviews on Amazon

Star Wars based LEGOs for boys has proven very popular specially to the fans of the popular series. The AT-ST Walker set contains; an AT-ST Driver, Baze Malbus, a Rebel Trooper and, a fully-loaded and fully-functional AT-ST Walker. A very good set to start with Star Wars LEGOs and also a very good addition set if your boy already have Star Wars LEGO Collection.

legos for boys

There are dozens of LEGO kits designed for people of all different tastes— fans can become everything from pirates to wizards, to Jedis, to astronauts as they immerse themselves in the creation of a LEGO world. Regardless of which or what lego set you to choose to buy, legos for boys as a gift will surely bring joy!

Our Shortlist of The Best Teeth Whitening Products

Our Shortlist of The Best Teeth Whitening Products

Who doesn’t want a whiter and brighter smile?

Whiter teeth equate to more confidence, its that simple, that’s why many, if not all people, wants it.

While it is often said that a dentist can provide the safest, and surely they can recommend certain procedures and most effective treatment, there are several products on the market today, easily available, that can achieve the same results!

In this article, we’re going to be running you through the latest and best teeth whitening products out on the market!

With pastes, gels, and charcoals among many of other methods available to us, selecting our ideal teeth whitening product can be difficult.

All of these options can confuse, so we have compiled a list of some of the absolute best options on the market that we would recommend, the will surely give you a boost of confidence!

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What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Before we dive in the products that you are looking for to make your teeth whiter, let’s talk first what’s causing the discoloration.

Teeth discoloration occurs when staining particles, such as pigmented residue from food or drinks builds-up in the film of protein that covers the tooth enamel.

teeth discoloration

Additionally, extreme tooth stains are typically caused by tobacco use or by regularly drinking coffee and tea, wine or cola drinks.

Poor dental hygiene is obviously the major cause of teeth discoloration, food stains, residue or whatnot won’t do anything as long as you have a strict dental hygiene practice.

Usually, whitening treatments are better at brightening teeth that are yellow than teeth that are grey, brown or black, extreme cases of teeth discoloration are beyond help by simple products… sadly.

The Shortlist of Best Teeth Whitening Products

1. Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

It’s no secret that toothpaste is one of the best options out there for keeping your smile healthy and bright. What we know is that it helps to remove surface stains and that is because toothpaste contains mild abrasives. In particular, whitening toothpaste contains gentle polishing or chemical agents and these active properties provide additional stain removal efficiency.

Toothpaste with whitening properties can dramatically assist in helping to remove surface stains – but they do not contain bleach. Instead, over-the-counter and professional whitening products contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide that helps lighten the color, deep in the tooth.

However, the results of this are quite limited where whitening toothpaste is shown lighten the tooth’s color by about one shade. Whereas, a prescription strength whitening conducted in your dentist’s office can make your teeth three to eight shades lighter which is a much more dramatic difference.

Recommended Product: Colgate Optic White High Impact White Whitening Toothpaste


2. Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

While some dental professionals have expressed concern over the practice, activated charcoal is an excellent option for teeth whitening. It is speculated to be too abrasive for teeth, so it advised that you do not brush or scrub the charcoal onto teeth, but dab instead.

Also, the whitening power of charcoal stops at superficial stains. If your teeth have always been darker (which could be genetic), you’ll need a stronger product.

How To Get White Teeth – Teeth Whitening With Activated Charcoal by James Welsh

Recommended Product: Laila London Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder

3. Crest 3D White Strips

This is an enamel-safe formula removes 14 years of stains to deliver professional-level teeth whitening results at home. The product itself has a guarantee and promises to;

– Deliver professional-level teeth whitening results at home
– Remove 14 years of stains for a whiter smile
– Give you results that last 12 months and beyond
– The strips mold to the shape of your teeth and come off cleanly
– Use the same enamel-safe whitening agent that dentists use
– Advanced Seal™ Technology’s no-slip grip stays put. No slipping, no sliding!
– Whitestrips are so easy to use: you can whiten while you walk, talk, work, even drink water

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Whitening Strips Kit

Crest 3D White Strips Demo and Review by Konnor J Gomes

4. Go Smile Super White Snap Packs

This is known as the best gel whitening treatment on the market so we couldn’t look past it when pulling together this guide! This is one of the tradition teeth whitening systems you will be used to seeing and incorporates the method of the tray system. Leaving the gel in for short periods at a time, it will gradually contribute to the whiteness of your teeth.

GO SMILE Super White Professional Teeth Whitening System

Teeth Whitening in the Dentist’s Office

You can also check with your dentist first about whitening products and teeth whitening treatments that they offer. Then you can decide for yourself what step to take.
Teeth whitening treatments offered by dentists usually are more effective and yields faster result, along with that is a much more expensive price tag too.

How many times should I whiten my teeth?

The basic recommendation for over-the-counter whitening products is up to two (period) times a year, or you can strictly follow the recommended frequency indicated on the specific product you are using.

Using teeth whitening products too often can result in increased tooth level of sensitivity. Extreme use of teeth whitening products can also make the damage your enamel.

Teeth whitening isn’t long-term, but the length of time the results last will depend on the kind of treatment you have, how often and how well you take care of your teeth later.

Prevention is better than cure, so take care of your teeth every day!

13 Ways to Encourage Your Big Kids to Read

13 Ways to Encourage Your Big Kids to Read

Big Kids are Different Readers

Before my kids hit their pre-teen years and dived headfirst into the world of technology, they loved to read.

I thought I’d successfully checked off “raise a reader” in the parenting handbook.

Then along came electronics, phones, middle school and suddenly reading lost all its intrigue.

Turns out encouraging your child to enjoy reading is a skill that must be tuned all through their life.

As I parent through the pre-teen and teen years, here are 13 tips that have encouraged reading to take a priority in my children’s lives.

encouraging your child to enjoy reading

13 Ways to Raise a Reader for Life

1. Read in the Car

Don’t allow phones or iPads or electronics in the car, especially for trips around town. Not only do these short 10-30 breaks allow you time to talk to your kids, but it’s also a great time to sneak in reading.

Keep books or magazines available in the car. When they complain of your music or boredom, invite them to read.

2. Family Book Club

When one of your kids is assigned a book to read for school, encourage others in the family read it along with them.

Reading the book as a family makes for great conversation and excites the child who is assigned the book.

Allow the child whose assignment it is at school, to lead the rest of the family in conversations. By doing this, you can promote leadership skills in your child and prepare them (unknowingly) for any class book report.

3. Books Turned into Movies

Encourage your kids to read books that are now movies or even TV shows by using the film as a reward.

You can find upcoming movies for the year by a simple google search of “upcoming movies from books” or why not watch some older movies? Check out this list here, I bet you didn’t realize most of these started out as books.

4. Devices off Before Bed

Turn off all devices before bed and gather in the same room and everyone grabs a book.

It’s no secret by now that reading a paper book before bed with phones and tablets turned off improves sleep. If you need a little enforcement, turn off the WiFi in the house.

5. Audiobooks While Driving

If you have a long car ride or a road trip as a family, find an audiobook you’ll all enjoy.

You may decide to start with an audiobook from a movie you’ve all seen so the characters are recognizable, and the plot is relatively easy to follow along to for your first audiobook together.

6. Your Child’s Library Card

Not only can your child check out books from the library but make sure to download the audio and eBook readers your library has available on your child’s tablet or phone.

Their library membership will allow them to download books from there as well.

Hoopla and Libby are two awesome apps available at my public library for checking out audiobooks and eBooks and are likely available at your library as well.

7. More Than One

Encourage your child to read more than one book at a time.

They can leave one at school to read, have one to read at home at bedtime and even one downloaded as an audiobook.

8. Listen While Working

If your child likes audiobooks, encourage them to listen to an audiobook while they do chores.

Explain it can be a fun way to make a dull chore more enticing.  listen while working out or walking the dog

9. Reading Challenge

Encourage your child to join a reading challenge over the summer. Most public libraries have them as well as schools. Join the challenge yourself as well as anyone else in your family, even if they are “too” old or young.

Cheering each other on throughout the challenge will make it more exciting for your child.

You can also find (or create) lots of different “reading bingo” to complete during the summer months.

10. Earn Time

Instead of giving your kids free time on the computer, phone, or TV, have them earn it.

For each minute they spend reading, they earn a minute of TV time or phone time.

Exchanging technology time for reading time works exceptionally well during the summer or on weekends when you’re more likely to hear “I’m bored” but when you suggest reading you receive eye rolls.

Instead, start the day with reading, no questions asked.

11.  Set Goals

Each family member should set their own daily reading goals based on their abilities.

It can be a page number (50 pages per day) or a time amount (20 minutes per day.)

When you gather in the evening, talk about if everyone has met their reading goal, you included, and who needs some quiet time to make their goal for the day.

Optionally, you can have a weekly celebration for those who make their daily goal every day of the week, such as ice cream on Sundays.

12. Be Caught Reading

We hear this bit of advice when our children are babies, but our children never stop watching us.

Our kids should see us reading every day and watch us as we pick reading books over electronics.

13. Unlikely Places

Go the extra mile to find books for your older child.

The best seller list won’t always impress them.

Search online for best teenager books or fantasy books, or whatever genre they’re into at the time.

Ask the librarian for suggestions.

I’ve had great success at book fairs. My kids enjoy spending time picking out books for themselves, and as a result, they will read them when we arrive home.

Another place I’ve found different series books I can’t find elsewhere is Usborne books. There’s usually someone inviting me to an Usborne party a couple of times per year, and I attend because I can’t find the same books even on Amazon.

If you find a book your child likes from a series, then all the better. Order or check out the whole series. Book series can keep kids excited about reading for months without trying to find a new book.

How to Read Out Loud With Your Pre-Teen

Laying the Foundation

Regardless of how hard you try to encourage reading; you’ll find it will ebb and flow. There will be seasons when you’re sure your child will never pick up a book again in their life, followed shortly by non-stop reading.

The best thing you can do is put nudges in all the right places and help lay the foundation as they grow up.

Guest Post by Jennifer at SunflowerMom. Jennifer writes to encourage single moms to live their fullest life with God’s grace and love. She lives in Kansas with her teenagers and German Shepard.

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