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Hello, my name is Helen. The idea to put up this blog site didn’t begin with only a desire to make one. The inspiration behind is shaped by experience and refined by motherhood – the toughest, usually underrated, yet the most admirable job in the world. Generally, Mom Bureau offers recommendations on parenting hacks, personal motherhood guides, and promotes healthy and well-rounded living for moms. Furthermore, it advocates self-care, being aware of how mothers could care less about themselves while putting everyone else as a priority.

Mom Bureau’s main idea is to Help Moms Be Moms. Although, I, personally do not consider myself a perfect mom. Nevertheless, I came up with the concept of deriving inspiration from those imperfections and turn them into share-worthy experiences which the other moms can learn from, and apply in their real-life situations. Mom Bureau is here to make parenting more fun, and aims to give a whole new perspective to the term “motherhood.”

Every article is a sweet little treat for all the moms, to-be moms, or even “dad-moms” out there!

If you want to get in touch you can reach me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or by email:

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