Whether you want to find out the sex of your baby for certain or not, you’ll no doubt spend the next nine months trying to guess.

And friends and family will no doubt be putting bets down on whether it’s a boy or girl, many of who will be depending on a number of old wives’ tales (OWT) to figure it out!

So, for a bit of fun, we decided to share this OWT – just don’t rely on them too much if you really do want to know what you’re having!

1. Lack of morning sickness

If you haven’t been rushing to the toilet every morning in the early weeks (lucky you), then you may very well be expecting a little boy!

2. Pregnancy acne

If your skin has been leaving a lot to be desired, you could very well blame it on your baby! Yes, apparently, acne and spots during pregnancy are a sign that you are expecting a boy.

3. Where’s your bump at? 

Carrying high, it’s a girl; carrying low, yup you got it, it’s a boy!

4. What are you craving? 

Keep reaching for the crisps and salty chips? Or has your pregnancy given you more of a sweet tooth?  If you’re more of a savory kind of pregnant mama then a little boy may be growing in your belly.

5. How fast is Baby’s heart beating? 

If your baby’s heart rate is under 140 beats per minute then it’s a clue that you could be having a boy. Over and it’s a girl.

6. Dark urine = boy

If your wee is a little darker than normal it could be an indication that you’re growing a boy. However, the color of your urine also depends on how much water you’re drinking…

7. Cold hands

Constantly trying to warm up your hands (even though it’s roasting out)? Well, it could be another sign that a little boy is on his way. Apparently, mums who are expecting boys have colder hands than those who are having a girl – although we’re not quite sure what this means if you’re hands are constantly cold anyway…

Remember, these old wives’ tales are just for fun, and in no way, 100% confirm if you are having a boy or girl – you’ll have to have a scan at around 18 weeks for that!

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