1. Babies (obviously) Sleeps in the Womb

The growing baby is sleeping most of the time. The brain needs high levels of energy to form. For that reason, they spend most of the day sleeping, but from the 26th week on, they begin the cycle of sleep and wakefulness. At most, they can be awake for about 20 minutes every hour.

2. Women Produce a Hefty Amount of Eggs

If you are a girl, at around week 20, you will have produced 7 million eggs. At birth, you will have around 2 million, and by puberty, you will have about 400,000 eggs. A woman ovulates about 400 times throughout her life, once each menstrual cycle.

3. Babies Swim with Open Eyes in the Amniotic Fluid

In weeks 12 to 14, the growing baby opens and closes their eyes. They are perfectly comfortable swimming in the amniotic fluid with their eyes wide open. Around the same time, the baby starts touching his face with his little hands and suck on his thumb.

4. Babies Taste Test Foods in the Womb

The growing baby develops taste buds at 13-15 weeks and can start sampling different flavors from your diet. The amniotic fluid swallowed can taste strongly of spices like curry or garlic or other pungent meals, which later can influence his food preference.

5.  Babies Swallow/Inhale bits of Amniotic Fluid

While in the womb, the growing baby starts to swallow and inhale the amniotic fluid. This practice helps the lungs to develop.

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