Our haircut is pretty much our most important accessory. After the proper nourishment, hairstyle comes next – There’s nothing that can quite accentuate our flaws and tasty sides like the proper (or misjudged) haircut.

With that in mind, we’re going to go over some of the ways to pick the best possible hairstyle for short curly hair! This is one of the more specific hairstyle types, so we’ll give you the tips you need to pick the right cut — and then we’ll recommend some of the ‘cuts available to you!

Consider The Shape of Your Face

Regardless of what hair aficionado you ask, they’re bound to tell you one thing — there isn’t one definitive “great cut.” After all, people have different face shapes and features. Some people just don’t have the right face for curly hair.

For instance — people with oval faces have it great because they’re able to pull off pretty much any kind of hairstyles. However, even within that niche, there are specific rules — layered bobs, waves at the length of your shoulder, and longer layers are your best friend with this face shape.

On the other hand, individuals with square shapes should try to make the edges of their jawlines and forehead softer. With that in mind, side bangs work wonders — as do wavy shags or fringe work combined with long layers. Pretty much anything that will help you create the illusion of softer angles on your face will work just fine.

A round face is excellent for those who’d like to have a long bob.

That kind of haircut makes the eyes of someone who’s watching your face go up and down, creating the illusion of a lengthier face. Indeed, elongating cuts are definitely a great combination for people with round faces.

If someone has a heart-shaped face, they can quickly get away with a bob at chin length or wavy layers. Also, any kind of bangs is a great idea here as well. What you want to do is to create a balance between your forehead and the rest of your face; if you generate softer visual angles in your front, that will help keep things more symmetrical and even. The only thing to remember here is that your bangs need to be narrow in order to pull off the illusion.

Hair Types

It’s not all about the shape of your face, of course — an equally decisive factor is the type of hair that you’ve got as well. For instance, those with fine, thin hair need to keep their layering to a minimum; just keep it short and blunt. Considering that, some sort of blunt bob without too much layering and texturing is not a bad idea.

Those whose hair is medium-thick basically have the most options — you can use all kinds of lengths and style variations. Curly or straight, or straightened the right way – Plus, you can play around with the texture and layers. In fact, selecting the right ones among these will provide you with the most significant possible freedom of movement and remove some excess weight off your head.

Finally, people with thick hair still have choices, though less so. Basically, your most stylish options include a lot of layers. This will make your daily styling easier, reduce your density, and help you handle the weight of your hair more proportionally.

Bottom-Heavy Bob

Short bobs are definitely all the rage this year, particularly among those who have curly hair and want a short hairstyle.

bottom heavy bob modern hairtstyle

Heavier ends provide you with quite a lot of volume and a unique texture. If you want this haircut to be more evened out, evened-out bangs will do the trick.

modern bottom heavy bob straight and curly

Boyish Pixie

There are plenty of women who have larger, thick curls, and sometimes struggle with finding the proper haircut that will accentuate all of their best features. In that case, we recommend trying out a boyish pixie.

boyish pixie modern hair style

This is a hairstyle that will make you positively sparkle with energy, though it does require the regular use of a hydrating mousse. Such products aid you in giving your hair the right level of volume. Plus, this isn’t something you can pull off without the proper levels of moisture.

Modern Shag

The traditional shag is one of the go-to haircuts for people with curly hair — plus, it’s so low-maintenance that you don’t have to spend a lot of time fixing it up. One of the best things about the modern variation of the shag is that it provides a sleeker edge and a modern look, while still preserving the elements that made the original so great.

modern shag hair style

Now a bit of more general advice – Any type of hair won’t look nice without proper hydration, enough protein, vitamin B12, zinc, and much more. Control your iron to keep all your hairs in the right place as iron deficiency occurs mainly in women and is a leading cause of hair loss. Luckily, it is usually easily reversible but it’s hard to grow lots of hair in no time so it’s best to constantly keep iron levels at their optimal levels.

We hope this guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new. Stay safe, guys!

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