Does a high chair only necessary when the baby starts taking solid foods? It may be one of its primary functions, however, putting it that way is similar to stating that, a computer is a calculator. The baby high chair should not be limited when it comes to purpose. Instead, there should be variations on how you are able to use it. How about a high chair that can be a rocker, bassinet, or a bouncer? Here are the most innovative and best baby high chairs that are available on the market today.

1. Graco Duo Diner LX Baby High Chair

Graco DuoDiner LX Baby High Chair

A classic highchair which is a great way to introduce a baby to family mealtimes. One of the praiseworthy features is that it is ideal for fast-growing babies. There is need to worry about the extra space. It has a built-in space saving booster that practically provides comfort for the babies. The adjustable seat enables three comfortable positions, ensuring enough support for the infant’s head and body.

Purchased this high chair when my son turned 5 months. We’ve been using it for 3 months and it’s absolutely amazing. My son is so drained at times that after a feeding he instantly falls asleep. I don’t have to pick him up I can just recline the chair back and he looks comfy while sleeping. Love the fact that it has wheels which makes it easy to move around. A big plus is the trays separate and easy to clean. Easy to store . Folds right up.

Paula Calles

Customer, Amazon

2. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

One common challenge for baby highchair is the storage. Especially, for the new and starting families with no spacious homes yet. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair offers a no “nonsense” design that flawlessly solves any space problem. It is a compact fold that is the easiest to set up and to keep. And, it is also an easy-carry during the move. Indeed, it is a convenient choice.

This has been an excellent compact high chair. Although it is cheaper it is well made. The only thing that I did not find helpful was that it does not come with a shoulder belt. There is only a lap belt. In saying this if you are sitting with your child at all times feeding them it should never be an issue. If you intend on walking away even for a moment you’re going to want to think twice. For an older child it’s not so much of a problem and it is giving us no trouble at all since we are always right there during the feeding process. Well made though and we are happy with the purchase


Customer, Amazon

3. Evenflo Convertible High Chair

Evenflo Convertible High Chair

Another thing that makes a high-chair ideal is the wide variety of uses it can offer. Like this one from Everflo, it is a convertible type which has parts that have individual functions. A removable tabletop, which enables interactive feeding. And, by the time that the baby can eat, removing it allows more independence in feeding. It also has a detachable chair that can stand on the ground and offers a comfortable seating position for the baby. It is a steal for its very affordable price!

I just got this delivered a few hours ago and got to use it with both kiddos. Might just have to buy another! Love it already!!! Son is almost 2.5 and daughter just turned 1 and absolutely love how I can use this highchair in multiple positions!!(Also have a Fisher Price one that attaches to a chair.) This one is a great replacement for the massive Graco one we have and I am very happy with my purchase! Seems super easy to clean and is very easy to change from highchair to chair and table.

Sidenote…..why the heck is the pink one like $20 more than the green one???? Geeeeeez :\

Melissa B

Customer, Amazon

4. Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Several parents still resort to buying classic-designed baby highchair due to budget restriction. However, it would not hurt to go a little over the budget if this means comfort and quality. Not to mention it guarantees an impeccable performance. This baby highchair from Graco Blossom is a game-changer with its 6-in-1 functionality. It can be a reclining highchair, a traditional one, an infant booster, toddler booster, a usual chair and a seat for two kids! It has anything a parent would look for a highchair.

This high chair is so great. I like how sturdy it is. I like that it has wheels and I can roll it around our dining room/kitchen. I love that the top of it comes off to clean it and I can even put it in the dishwasher. I like that it has a cup holder as well. We use the booster seat now and LO really likes it. My only complaint is from when LO was 6-7 months old, the straps would dig into this neck and cause red marks and would rub his skin raw. I finally removed the top straps and haven’t had a problem since.

Jenae J.

Customer, Amazon

5. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair

Baby highchair does not have to be complicated. As long as it caters to its primary purpose plus it is affordable and of good quality, then it already a satisfying buy. Ingenuity high chair offers all that, and it is one the most hygienic in the market today. With its easy wipe and washable materials. It is perfect for parents who are too busy to attend to cleaning

Exactly as described. Really like that it comes apart. We often take the top part to family gathers, etc, as it is easy to haul and our little one has a place to sit. The only thing I wish I would have looked more closely at is the height. It seems shorter than other high chairs. I’m guessing that’s because of the chair used last (for toddlers) at table height. Nothing to do with the product, but I wish I would have looked more closely at the measurements. Even though it is shorter, I would still have bought it. We really like the 3-in-1 feature. Easy to remove the padding for washing. The wheels are the best, but they roll across our floor decently. If, for some reason, you had carpet, it probably wouldn’t roll well or at all. Overall, very satisfied with this product.

MA Greg

Customer, Amazon

6. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

Practical parents, or those who plan to have more children than one, would always look for baby things that are reusable. Therefore, excellent quality and durability are on top of the game for them. This wooden highchair perfectly qualifies to those categories. It is highly adjustable, and foldable for easy-keeping. The high-quality grade of wood materials offers the longevity of this product. Meaning, it can last for several years of use.

After hours of research on high chairs I finally decided on the Abiie wooden high chair. While it does not collapse, it has everything else that I was looking for in a high chair. As soon as I started assembling it I could tell that it was a quality chair. The tray table and seat cushions are so easy to clean! There are virtually no crevices where food can fall into. It doesn’t even take up that much room in the kitchen! My 6 month old loves the chair and he doesn’t fall to one side, which I was worried about. I was very hesitant to spend so much on a high chair because originally i didn’t want to spend more than $100 but I’m so happy that I did. I absolutely love the chair and it’s totally worth the $.


Customer, Amazon

7. Smart Clean Trio 3-in-1 High Chair

Parents are naturally concerned with cleanliness and hygiene to ensure babies safety and protection from germs or bacteria. This product considers those factors, and therefore create a highchair device for carefree cleaning. Aside from the usual baby highchair functions, this also lessens the cleaning time for busy parents. Also, it can tend to two children at once! Worry-free parenting is now possible, thanks for the help of this baby highchair.

Now onto my 2nd child I knew exactly what I wanted/needed in a high chair. I ditched the one I used with my son because I hated it. I needed a seat that’s easy to wipe down, easy to operate one handed, converts to a booster, and doesn’t have lots of small spaces for food to get smashed into. I LOVE this seat. You can take the foam-like padding out easily and just rinse it in the sink so clean up in a breeze — no waiting for the washer and dryer cycle to get it back on the chair. We’ve used the toddler seat portion (the gray part under the actual seat) with our 3 year old on occasion and it’s so easy to convert and works great. We don’t use the straps but they were easy to remove. Basically, it’s everything this second-time mom was looking for in a high chair. Highly recommend, big bang for your buck!

Rebecca P.

Customer, Amazon

8. Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

Minimalists parents always go for functionality and style when it comes to choosing a baby highchair. And, this is what the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Highchair is the inspiration for this highchair design. It has the overall functionality of a full-size high chair but in a smaller package. There are also size and height adjustments and has the superb support and security for the baby. It is perfect for parents on the go.

This thing is pretty awesome. It’s a great space saver if you’re limited in dining space. The straps come up over the shoulders and secure between the legs. That’s great if you have a little wiggle worm on your hands. The chair adjusts to 3 different settings which is great because after you feed your little you can pull a “lever” and put it in a resting position so baby can finish it’s bottle when transitioning from bottle feeds to solids. The slip can be wiped clean of messes or taken off tossed in the wash. Material is comfortable, soft and easy to clean. Oh also you can anchor it to a chair. It has a bar across the bottom back end to stabilize it. My daughter treats this as if it’s her throne. She drags it out just got the sake of hanging out. 10/10 would purchase again.


Customer, Amazon

9.Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

Portability and excellent quality are what this baby highchair provides. With its flexible folding design, babies are now ready for outdoor adventures. And, it comes with a carrying bag too, so it is convenient for transport. The durable metals ensure support and security for the babies, not to mention that it has a 5-point safety harness. The product has an affordable value as well, considering that it can support babies up to three years old.

This review is mainly for how awesome the manufacturer is! I purchased this chair last April for a baby shower in June. The baby just turned 6 mos old and they just attempted to use it for the first time on Sunday. When putting the chair up, she noticed a plastic screw had broke through the plastic where the leg connects to the seat. This caused the safety latch on the side of the chair to not latch properly. Now it’s been almost a year since I purchased this chair and she didn’t not fill out the warranty information, so I thought we wouldn’t get a replacement. (Which really upset me because this was a brand new chair still!) But, I contacted the manufacturer on Sunday afternoon and they replied that night! They shipped me a new chair on Monday and I had it at my house by Wednesday (and it was in perfect condition)! I could not believe it, by far the best customer service ever! I’m so glad I chose to buy the highchair from them!


Customer, Amazon

10. Joovy Nook High Chair

Foldable and easy to carry, parents can conveniently include this baby highchair in their travel bags. It has a wide swing-open tray, adjustable to four positions which helps babies’ foods in place. It also enables an easy cleaning technique for parents. It also offers the maximum comfort for the babies with its deluxe padded seat. Purchasing this product is, definitely worth it.

This is a great buy for the money you pay the tray is a little flimsy. Overall I did put it up very quickly no assembly required. The coral color is absolutely stunning I have a 4 month old and an 8 year old so I have been out of the baby Gadget scene for a while. I was originally going for the baby bloom but it was close to $500 and for what you use it it was really not worth it. I have now used it daily and the folding and putting away is so easy for me, I do not like clutter and this chair is easy to store out of sight. Also tray is easy to clean I love it.


Customer, Amazon

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