Diaper bags are like the donkey of parents, carrying the essentials of babies and just whatever they deem needed wherever they go. It has to be spacious and has distinct partitions for better organization. These bags should also be fitting for the needs through birth up to toddler years. Because who wouldn’t love to have something that will be useful for years? Parents may be after the convenience and purpose at most, but it should not get to the point of setting aside the personal style. Having stated all that, here are the 10 Best Diaper Bags that parents may consider choosing.

1. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps

It is “worry no more” diaper bag, offering a lifetime warranty and 14-supply pockets, that enables parents to bring more than just diapers. Another thing is that this product is water resistant. Therefore all things inside are safe and secure from getting drench. Plus, the fact that the materials used are not just any ordinary cloth, but a twill polyester, which is highly durable. It also comes with stroller straps, a changing pad, and a sundry bag. Isn’t mentioned earlier that it is a “worry no more” diaper bag?

If you are anything like me, you have searched all over for the perfect backpack diaper bag and even bought and returned a few. Look no further. I have 2 kids (1 month and 2.5 yo) and it fits everything I need. I PROMISE!! This thing is like the go-go gadget of diaper bags. Even has pockets for us Moms. I am very impressed that I was able to merge two diaper bags into this one and I still have pockets that are empty. It’s packed and I don’t think it’s too too bulky. And the side wipes pocket is the best. Side pocket in the picture is the only insulated pocket, but personally I don’t need an insulated pocket. Definitely excited to use this thing!!


Customer, Amazon

2. HaloVa Diaper Bag

Now, this one’s a game-changer in the diaper bags category. It has up its game, for being not just water resistant, but waterproof! It offers a large room with its 10.6″ x 8.3″ x 16.5″ dimensions. The bag capacity enables to bring just about anything the baby needs. It is also perfect for stylish moms or dads because it can function as a regular handbag for a backpack fit for shopping or travel. It is a type of diaper bag where style and performance meet.

So far it’s holding a packed to the max diaper bag! Has every compartment you need, the front zipper part doesn’t hold full size bottles but that’s ok I just threw them in the mail compartment. We have Irish twins so we have a lot to hold. I’m curious to see how long the bag holds up the quality is questionable not sure if it’s canvas but it feels like canvas . We love it so far perfect for our jam packed summer outings.

Lori G

Customer, Amazon

3. HapTim Multi-function Baby Diaper Bag

HapTim Multi-function Baby Diaper Bag is not a conventional one. It comes with fifteen compartments, that can house more than just a blanket, diapers, or baby bottles, but also things for moms and dads to use. It has a changing pad, for baby’s unpredictable potty emergencies, and stroller straps for the convenience of carrying. What makes it a stand out is the comfort it offers with its ergonomic design and unique theft proof pocket for security. With style, comfort and safety, arguably this is one of the best!

Well I loved this bag!! Unfortunately I’ve only used it about 3 months and the back pack straps are ripping out. Not stoked on this as I seriously love this bag. The back pack feature has been a tremendous help and now it’s about to fall apart rendering this bag almost useless for me. It’s not exactly falling apart in an easy to repair place.

UPDATE: Customer service from Hap Tim sent me a new bag and it’s working great. These bags have a ton of room and are so easy to tore around. The Back pack straps make for easy hands free carrying, the stroller straps are great and support the bag no problem. Getting things in and out if this bag is a breeze.


Customer, Amazon

I am a third time mom. I wanted a diaper bag that was stylish but didn’t scream baby. I also wanted one that I could carry crossbody since i have 3 children. I did LOTS of research and watched countless youtube videos trying to decide what diaper bag I wanted. I ordered this one and the Skip Hop messenger. I LOVE this bag. I will actually be sad when my children are out of diaper bag age and I no longer get to carry it. I’m not one of those people that carry a TON of stuff. I carry what we need and that’s it. This bag holds everything I need and has room for more. I also don’t like when my bags look over stuffed and I have to pull everything out trying to find what I need. I don’t have that problem with this bag.

A Williams

Customer, Amazon

5. KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack

One of the dilemmas for traveling moms or dads who carry their babies along is to keep their milk or other beverages at a desirable temperature. KiddyCare offers a solution through its insulated pockets, not only one but three. Moreover, although this product allows a large quantity of space, it does not look all bulky outside. Keeping the parents look cool and stylish. It is comfortable and versatile, and also comes with a budget-friendly price.

Woow, I really like it! It is very light, spacious, has enough pockets and good quality. One of the most important thing it looks also really good. I love the design! Definitely recommend it!

Toma Gabriel

Customer, Amazon

6. Abear Diaper Bag Backpack

This product is the jack of all trades of diaper bags. It is waterproof, and offers multiple functions and can be a backpack, shoulder bag, a tote or a messenger type, and attachable to strollers. It has a large capacity as well, so there is no need to choose among the items to carry or not to carry. It also ensures comfort with its padded straps. It is a product that parents can never go wrong in buying.

I am extremely impressed with the overall look and design of this bag. There are so many different places to put things from inside to outside. Several slots for bottles or other baby essentials. There even seems to be a wet pouch area enclosed with a zipper on the inside that could possibly keep actual wipes moist. The overall look has a designer style to it. Can’t wait to use this soon. The other thing I like about it is that it is very neutral and daddy safe if you know what I mean. I would even say that you can use this for camping or hiking. So this is a multi usr bag. I selected the grey and black design. Very nice.

Kelly A

Customer, Amazon

7. Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System – Baby Diaper Bag

Highly innovative and smart diaper bag, is that even existing? Apparently, yes! Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System perfectly fits the above descriptions. It has an accurate organizing technology, which places pockets in according to their functions. The pockets are all in their right location for the ease of access. Not only that, the purchase will include interchangeable and easy to wipe pads. Talking about versatility, this one’s should be on top of the list.

Absolutley Love this bag…..It most definitely fits everything we need. Here is a suggestion for anyone looking to buy this…..Watch the price….Place it in your save for later and monitor it. I watched the price fluctuate between $46.99 and $24.99 and everywhere in between for several weeks. Once it dropped to that $24.99 mark i snatched it up.

B Dubya

Customer, Amazon

8. Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag

A convertible and compact diaper bag is ideal for daily use. The important thing is, it can carry the essential baby things such as diapers, milk bottles, blankets or a set of clothes for changing. This product is perfect to attend the usual everyday needs, in keeping baby things organized. Ju-Ju-Be Legacy diaper bag is also unique with its combination of polyester and Teflon treated fabric, and that makes it more durable, and can be conveniently washed through a machine. The materials also allow for it to be more hygienic and odor-free.

True story. My husband and I traveled to Disney with a 3.5 and a 1.5 year old last week. Not only was this bag super functional, holding everything I needed for 12 hour days at magic kingdom (yep, 12 hours) plus plane rides, bus rides, and enough snacks to deal with a 3.5 hour flight delay, it is also super cute. I received tons of compliments. Even when full it didn’t hurt my back – did I mention I’m 6 months prego to boot? I never before believed in spending a lot on a diaper bag but this baby is worth every penny. I’d also recommend pairing it with the sugar snap files (also available on amazon) to help keep everything organized.

Heather Austin

Customer, Amazon

9. Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack Diaper Bag Backpack

Some parents prefer diaper bags that do not look like one at all. The one that they can conveniently carry around fashionably, but still serves its purpose. And, this diaper bag entirely fits that category, with its elegant and chic style but at the same time provides a spacious room for baby things. It has seventeen pockets in total, meaning more pockets as compared with the others. This diaper bag truly delivers style and multi-function in one.

I wish I would have found this bag sooner – I’m already obsessed with it! This bag has everything I wanted – tons of pockets and storage space, insulated pockets to store any Breastmilk I have to pump on the go, a felt-lined pocket at the top for my sunglasses and phone, stroller clips, nice plush changing pad, and easy access to everything in the main compartment. It is so stylish and classy looking yet the most practical bag I’ve tried. I’ve already banished my other diaper bags to our basement storage bins – this is the best bag I’ve seen! Worth every penny!


Customer, Amazon

10. Maman Diaper Bag

For moms, a stylish tote is one of the must-haves to complete their fashion statement. However, this is now a secondary priority for those who just gave birth. The great news is Diaper Bag, Nappy Bag by Maman intelligently ensures that no mom will ever get out of style. They made this classic edition with ten pockets, and with highly durable and waterproof materials. It also allows quick access to pockets, which gives the ordinary every day hand carry bag feels.

I wanted to replace my previous bag because it screamed “diaper bag” and, if at first I enjoyed it, now I wanted a simple yet fashionable bag. I searched online for a week. I’m a picky buyer. This bag caught my attention because of the way it looks and the material it’s made of. You don’t want your diaper bag to be heavy without anything in it. That’s why it should be made of a lightweight material. This bag has extra changing pad, plus different outside and inside pockets where you can put your bottles, toys, extra clothes. I really like it. The bag looks fashionable! I would definitely recommend it.


Customer, Amazon

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