Playing is essential for baby’s growth, learning, and development, so as a good quality rest. It is especially contributory to promoting physical health for them. While playing provides fun and excitement that is an excellent way for them to be healthy emotionally. Sleep, on the other hand, enhances their mood. But, parents sometimes do not have the liberty of time to spend with their babies to play or have enough time to put them to sleep, sadly even at home. However, there are convenient ways of doing so, and one of which is to buy them a swing. Here are the best baby swings on the market parents can consider:

1. Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper

A door jumper is one of the most convenient choices for parents if they plan to simultaneously take on tasks of cleaning and playing with their babies at the same time. Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper, with a kangaroo design, fits any standard doorways and has framed seats for comprehensive child support. It also comes with adjustable straps that can cater to babies fast growing phase. Babies will sure enjoy jumping, without them realizing that is indeed a good exercise for them.

My daughter loves this jumper! It was super easy to assemble, and the fabric is machine washable, so it’s easy to clean. I was a little concerned about the strength of the clamp you put on the door frame, and how secure it really was. However, once the jumper arrived, all that concern was put to rest. The clamp is so strong I can hardly put it on the door frame, and my husband has to take it down. With most things, I would consider that a negative, but with this item, that is a HUGE plus. My daughter is a little small, so we put a little pillow behind her back, and she sits in it just fine. She’s also teething, and the fabric on this can easily be wiped down, so that’s also a plus. Overall this is a great little product, and a great way to keep her occupied while I’m doing laundry or cleaning. She’s safe, secure and has a great time.


Customer, Amazon

2. Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

Active play for babies has never been this fun, with this two-way swing by Fisher-Price. It can move from side to side or head to toe directions with comfortable and adjustable recline positions. It also has sounds and music that baby will surely enjoy! It has a complete back, body and head support securing the baby’s safety. Plus, the sixteen swing speeds will guarantee baby’s relaxation and enjoyment.

Should have listened when everyone said get a swing. We got a Mammaroo instead and he HATES IT! This thing is gold! We have a possibly Colic 3 month old who cries and cries when we put him down. We broke down and ordered this last week. It came Friday and he’s been a heavenly baby ever since. He’s taken two two hour naps each day in this thing!! He’s been in such a pleasant mood I think because he’s been napping! Also last night he was in here for 4 hours then I fed him and transferred him to bed without him waking up!!

Also we’re snobs and and love that it’s sleek looking! Its super soft and snuggly and BONUS the mobile moves!!!!


Customer, Amazon

3. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing, Abbington

This unique baby swing has a plug-in option when used indoors, can also switch to battery operation for outdoor use. It also has a compact design that is perfect for small house units, rooms for starting families. It promotes relaxation and comfort with its side-to-side swaying motions that have two-speed options. The seat is also cozy and soft, with total body support. It ensures better sleep quality for the baby.

This swing saved my life! I couldnt put my baby anywhere or in anything without him waking up 10 mins later. I was getting so tired and couldnt get anything done around the house… until I bought this swing! He loves being in it if hes asleep or awake. I also like that it plugs into the wall so you dont ever have to worry about batteries going dead. Ive had it for about a month now and its still going strong. I highly recommend this swing!

Amazon Customer

Customer, Amazon

4. Portable Swing – Cozy Kingdom

The product declares itself as an extra pair of hands for busy parents. Because it lets them finish a task or two at hand while attending to their babies. It is a foldable and compact swing that is a ready carry-on for travel, and convenience for storage. It has six swing speed options, giving babies the most comfortable speed that relaxes them to sleep. It also plays melodies and has hanging plushies for babies to enjoy playing.

I was a little hesitant before buying the swing because of some of the negative reviews but I must say that I am pleased with this purchase. The fabric is soft, it doesn’t take up much room and folds flat in half. The volume of the music is adjustable and few swinging speeds. No tools are required to build the swing as everything just clicks into place. The only negative I would say is that I can’t lock the swing so that it should stay still which is sometimes necessary when older siblings feel like leaning in to kiss the baby ☺️

mani S.

Customer, Amazon

5. Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing

This product is a space-saver because not all exceptional things have to be massive. It has adjustable legs that are customizable in height, perfect for parents-babies interaction. It also has a convenient handle that lets the parents quickly move this product anywhere in the house. It also provides comfort for the babies with its soft seat cushion. It is simple yet undoubtedly a magnificent choice for parents.

We spent literally HUNDREDS on overpriced rockers like the mamaroo and rock n play and all that racket. My mom finally said “I used to just put you in a swing” and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t gotten one. My baby is ACTUALLY napping without being held during the day. Great quality. Easy to set up. Varying speeds. Has high and low height settings. Easy to store. Compact. Quiet. Everything the mamaRoo was NOT. My baby absolutely loves it. I put him in it after he eats and he’s happy as a clam.

Do yourself a favor and just buy this. It’s less than a dinner out with your husband, and it’ll allow you the freedom to maybe do some laundry or eat lunch with both hands instead of one 🙂

Edit: my son is now 4 months old and takes every nap in this and loves to play in it before bed. He’s a PERFECT napper and it’s been amazing.

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Kristina Eyre

Customer, Amazon

6. 2015 MamaRoo Infant Seat

This one’s an innovative version of a baby swing. With its dish-like design, no one would have an idea that it has different motion options making playtime more fun and interactive. It can be a kangaroo, a car, a tree swing, a rocking chair, or a wave motion. Talking about the best baby playtime experience, this one’s for the book! It is also high-tech with Bluetooth enabled controls.

Was very good for about 4 months. (As expected) Once he could sit-up he really didn’t want to be in this. Even with it in the upright position. It was a life-safer for those first months and would recommend it to anyone. Was super easy to set-up and had no problems. It’s not that heavy either, so we where able to bring it up and down the stairs as needed. Like all baby stuff, it’s run it’s course and you’re stuck with baby gear. At least this one has pretty good resell value or a happy friend donation, like in our case. Hope this helps!


Customer, Amazon

7. Ergonomic Baby Bouncer Chair

Parents are sometimes looking for a different baby seat apart from jumper or swing. This baby bouncer chair from BabyBjörn is a perfect alternative option for those. It has a soft and portable bouncer seat that has an ergonomic for babies comfort. It can transform into different positions convenient for play, rest, sleep and even for travel. It also has an intelligent device that promotes the development of babies sense of balance and active motor skills. The unique form is one praiseworthy thing for this baby bouncer, and its functionality is another.

Absolutely the best bouncer ever made ( saying this as a father of 4 kids from newborn to a 16 year old). We’ve seen them all, now we have the only one we’ll ever need. This is perfect for traveling too. We bought a “gate checkin” red bag here in Amazon that is made for umbrella strollers, fits perfectly. The absolute best features of the BabyJorn bouncer, is the mesh seat with contour body shape that gives the perfect hammock with ideal ventilation. The actual wind even helps the bouncer keep bouncing. It’s genius and no batteries needed.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who is having a baby, look no more, this is it. They will love you for it. Don’t take my word for it, just look at our relaxed baby

Ignacio Hernandez Jr.

Customer, Amazon

8. Graco Soothing System Baby Glider

A baby glider is an inventive swing that is as exceptional as any other swings in the market. It is a swing and a bassinet in one, and can custom motion to a gliding swing, or a gliding bassinet. It has a vibration that comes in two-speed settings, perfect for forming the mood of relaxation for the babies. It is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, with an option to either plug-in or operates with batteries. It also has a timer that can set the duration of swinging. It is indeed a convenient choice.

I never thought about taking the plunge to get a really nice baby rocking seat. But when my mother-in-law suggested that she buy one for me for my shower, I decided to take a chance and look for something nice. It was the best decision that I’ve ever made. This rocker is not only adorable but it filled its purpose perfectly. Sometimes it was the only thing that would rock my son to sleep, so I could get 10 minutes to eat something, or sit down. I also love the feature that allows it to be plugged into the wall instead of using batteries and draining them really fast like every other rocker does. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s a little bit nervous about taking the plunge to buy a rocker for their baby. It definitely comes in handy when you need 5 minutes to do something else.

Stacey C.

Customer, Amazon

9. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

This toddler rocker offers a useful and comfortable place to feed and rest the baby. It has calming vibrations that can relax and enhance the babies’ mood. It also has a toy bar for baby’s playtime and is also removable when it is time for feeding. When the baby grows up, this rocker can also transform to a soft and pleasant-feel chair. When it comes to longevity, this one is definitely a winner.

I like this better than my Mamaroo that I paid over $200 for. My 5 and 3 year olds love it too! I especially like that there is no hard plastic backing behind the cushion like there is in the Fisher Price Rock N’ Play. This won’t deform your baby’s head. I was constantly stubbing my toes on my other bouncer, but I don’t have that issue with this one. Perfect little rocker.

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10. InLighten Cradling Swing & Rocker

The InLighten Cradling Swing & Rocker, from the name itself, offers a rocker two functions, a swing, and a rocker. It has six-speed options convenient for baby’s needs for comfort. For the techy parents, it can connect to mobile application to enable entertainment for the babies. It can play videos or music and lights up the toy dangles. It is indeed a fun and interactive way to take care of the babies.

Beautiful, easy to put together, everything on it works very well. The speaker is clear on all volumes, all swing speeds are quiet, the light and rotation on the mobile work well, love how it folds up to store away. And, of course, the bunny insert with the ears is just too adorable. I originally purchased the boutique smart size version of this swing and did not like it (it didn’t fold down for storage even though it is marketed to be smaller, it was really just shorter but still as bulky, the motor on the swing was broken and some parts looked like the swing had been used or assembled before). Not the case with this Twinkle tails swing/rocker, came very securely packaged, unopened pieces, all electronics work without issue.

The rocker is also easy to remove since there are handles on each side of it and it turns 360 degrees when mounted on the swing. There are also 2 recline adjustments for the head rest of the rocker. I haven’t tried the plug for personal music yet, but the window to hold your phone is large enough for my SNote.

Great swing!


Customer, Amazon

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